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Recycle Cell Phones For Charity

August 6th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will discuss on recycling of cell phones for charity purpose. Here’s the complete discussion.

Cell phones are made up of materials like metals and plastic. The primary metal that is used in making cell phones is lead and it goes without saying that lead is not good for our environment. Millions of cell phones are discarded every year resulting in electronic waste or e-waste equivalent to more than 50,000 tons. Cell phones mostly end up in the landfills or are burned in incinerators after they are disposed and since they contain harmful metals, plastics and hazardous chemicals, we should always recycle our old phones to conserve energy and other valuable resources. It is also important to use rechargeable batteries in cell phones as they reduce the amount of toxic wastes created by the disposable ones. The rechargeable batteries if recycled can also be used to make new batteries and stainless steel products. We should use the cell phones as long as it works and not replace them without any reason. We can also extend the life of the cell phones by taking care of it by following charging instructions as given by the company, by not dropping it, keeping it away from extreme hot and cold and water or any other liquids.

Cell phones are usually made up of lead as said earlier it can cause serious health problems if exposed to high levels. The circuit board of the cell phones comprise of metals like copper, tantalum, beryllium, gold, zinc, mercury etc  which if recycled can save many precious metals which otherwise would be needed to be mined or manufactured.  E-waste, these days have become a global problem and we very often get to see these wastes not being properly burned or disposed resulting in the emission of toxic gases that are poisonous for any living beings. If they are disposed in the seas, the marine life gets seriously affected. Lead and mercury if not disposed off properly can lead to biomagnifications i.e. these metals can enter our food chain through contaminated food or water and cause serious health hazards. The least you can do for your society is, give your phone to recycling centres and they will do the rest.

Recycle Cell Phones For Charity

Once you have recycled your cell phones, many of its accessories can be re-used. Also the precious and semi precious metals are extracted and used elsewhere. The recovered plastics are used to make moulds. Parts like battery connectors; printed circuit boards (PCBs), LCD screens, microphones, lenses, integrated circuits (ICs), screws, speakers and many such things are re-used. An investigation has revealed that about 308 pounds of copper, 7 pounds of silver and half pound of gold is recovered from one metric tons of old cell phones without batteries.

Mostly all mobile phone providers have drop-bins for your old cell phones. Also there are a few charitable organisations that collect old cell phones. Organisation like the Cell Phone Soldiers collects old phones and are sold or recycled and for each phones overseas soldiers get one hour of calling their families. Other non-profit organisations use the money to raise funds for charitable events. Also you get paid if you want the money or the organisations donate the money to your favourite NGO.  So be a responsible citizen and recycle your phone.



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