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Why is Recycling Last hope to save our Earth?

August 16th, 2012 · No Comments

This article will tell you some recycling benefits for environment. Here are some reason why is recycling last hope to save our earth.


Recycling refers to reprocessing of used materials into new products. It is one of the important processes which can safeguard our Earth from pollution and depletion of valuable natural resources. Recycling can help in avoiding the wastage of valuable resources, minimize raw material consumption and also improve energy efficiency.

It also prevents the emission of greenhouse gases like CO2 which is harmful for earth’s atmosphere. Recycling involves less labor, transportation and energy costs when compared to production of new goods from fresh raw materials. Recycling has plenty of benefits and is of great value not just to human beings but is also last chance to save our planet which is getting depleted of natural resources.

Recycling involves the process of separation, collection and remanufacturing of used products into new materials. Lots of new products are manufactured in such a way that they can be recycled again to raw materials which can be used again for production. The recyclable materials known as “recyclates” or “recyclables” include paper, aluminum, plastics, textiles, iron, glass, asphalt etc.

Bio-degradable wastes like garden waste or consumables are also recyclable through anaerobic digestion with help of useful micro-organisms. Before recycling, the materials should be separated and classified based on the material types and then taken to the recycling facility for processing. This classification can improve the efficiency of recycling process and avoid wastage of materials.

One of the methods for collecting used products is known as curbside collection in which people leave used products which are resorted separately in boxes in front of their homes. The recycling vehicle will collect these products on regular basis and take them to recycling facility. Alternatively the consumers can take it to recycling sites themselves. Some manufacturing companies are bound to collect the used products from consumers and recycle them.

Recycling Saves Environment from Pollution:

Products like paper are manufactures from trees and in order to manufacture new paper products (disposable paper cups, printing paper, paper bags) lot of trees are cut every day. Trees are very important natural resources as they provide oxygen required for breathing, help in keeping our earth green and free from pollution by absorbing carbon-di-oxide. Hence, by recycling used paper products we can avoid cutting down of trees which are important for our environment.

Recycling Reduces consumption of Energy:

Fossil fuels like coal and petroleum are also getting depleted slowly and hence saving energy is very important to have a sustainable environment. Recycling used products involves less energy when compared to manufacturing fresh products by mining new raw materials. The energy and labor associated with mining and transportation of new raw materials can be saved through recycling used products. Recycling can also save money and improve the economy of the nation.

Recycling Helps Reducing Emission of Greenhouse gases and Global Warming:

Through recycling of used products, the amount of fuel resources and emission of gases from industrial production gets reduced. The industrial production of goods from raw materials results in emission of harmful greenhouse gases like CO2, Sulphur-di-Oxide and others. These gases penetrate the Ozone layer of earth’s atmosphere which prevents the harmful Ultra-violet radiations of sun from reaching our earth. Due to greenhouse gas emission, our planet suffers from increasing temperature and global warming which has lot of negative impacts. By recycling used products we can reduce emission of green houses and global warming.

Recycling can avoid Landfills and Soil Erosion:

If recycling is not done properly, all the used products will be dumped in remote places which result in erosion of soil. Electronic products like E-waste contain toxic chemicals which can erode the soil when dumped through landfills.

As the population of earth is increasing every day, recycling is very important for a sustainable future. It’s high time that we realize the threats to our environment caused by dumping of used products and focus our attention towards recycling them.


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