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Secret Life Of Cell Phones Revisited And New Blog Directions

September 14th, 2009 · No Comments

Here’s the video of secret life of cell phones revisited new direction. This article is all about cell phone recycling.

We’re changing a few things here at Pacebutler blog, but lest you think we’re abandoning our cause of cell phone recycling, we’re not. Hence, the video “Secret Life Of Cell Phones” above.

We originally featured this video by INFORM on a post last year, and we’re showing it again today, to remind all of us that out of 100 million cell phones discarded every year here in the US, there’s still a huge number of these phones that end up being stashed in our drawers to collect dust or dumped in our landfills.

Please recycle your cell phones, it’s the right thing to do.

Now, to the changes we’re about to implement. First off, we’re definitely changing the WordPress theme on this blog. I, for one, think it’s ugly – we were in a hurry to put up the blog last year, and weren’t really particular on the theme that we were using. If you’re a designer or WP theme connoisseur, feel free to drop some suggestions by leaving a comment below.

The other thing is content, we will no longer be posting, unless absolutely necessary, those 2,000-word articles. We’ll be showing you snippets of everything – mostly on mobile technology, alternative energy sources, environmental issues, and new the new friends we encounter in our journey through the social media space. We’ll still tackle recycling, but just as one of the environmental issues we’re planning to feature here.

The articles will range from one-liner description of videos and interesting articles to 500-word posts and we will be posting quite FREQUENTLY. If you want to keep up with this new pace, I strongly suggest that you subscribe to our RSS feed (see the humongous orange button on the left side?).

One last thing, I’m tired of doing monologues, so do leave your comments below. Could be suggestions on topics we should feature here, reactions, reviews, etc. And, we still do-follow your comments. Thanks and hope to hear from you, soon.

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