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Self-Powered Building Goes Up In NYC

April 17th, 2012 · No Comments

Self powered building goes up in NYC. Voltaic Solaire, the Brooklyn-based clean energy company, unveiled plans for the first ever self-powered brownstone rental building.

Self-powered building (the Delta) in New York City

Voltaic Solaire, the Brooklyn-based clean energy company, recently unveiled plans for the first-ever self-powered brownstone rental building in New York City.

The planned 4-story apartment complex in Park Slope, on Fifth Avenue and Fifth Street to be built from a retrofitted century-old brownstone building will be equipped with a 15,000-watt solar panel system and a wind turbine on the roof to generate all the electricity, heating, and hot water for the building.

Voltaic Solaire is also the developer responsible the sleek Delta building in Carroll Gardens — on Hamilton Avenue and Ninth Street. The state-of-the-art Delta building boasts of a shimmering glass facade, a solar roof, and 600w vertical axis wind turbine. Constructed partly from recycled materials, including recycled aggregate cement and bricks, the Delta generates its own electricity and sends excess power to the grid.

There might be some similarities in the two buildings when it comes to power generation but the future Slope building will maintain much of the 100-year old brownstone facade that urban conservationists and local enthusiasts in the area are keen on preserving. Brownstones are part of the historic character of this neighborhood and modernistic glass and steel structures like the Delta will be the odd building in this mix.

David Scott, a spokesperson for the company says there will be more self-powered (mostly solar) green buildings in this part of the city as the trend picks up steam. “We’re on the forefront of a movement that is long overdue in New York.”

The new Slope building will have 6 rental units and a proposed ground level bar, lounge, and restaurant on the ground floor. Rent will be between $1,600 to $2,600 a month, and all heat and electricity will be generated in the building itself from sun and wind.

Great job to the guys at Voltaic Solaire. We hope that this will blossom into a full-blown trend not just in New York City but in all other parts of the country as well. Alternative energy is the future.

via Brooklyn Paper
Photo: Voltaic Solaire

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