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Small Tips to Prolong Cell Phone Battery Power

August 16th, 2012 · No Comments

This article enlists some of the small tips to prolong cell phone battery power.


There is nothing more annoying than remembering to keep your battery with enough juice until the next time you have the chance to plug it in. Moreover, on some days, your cell phone switches off in the middle of the time, and you have left your charger or USB cable at home- how pathetic! If that is not what you need to find, follow these easy steps to use your battery power in the best way possible:

Something about Batteries

Mobile phone batteries come in two forms- lithium based and nickel based batteries. Nickel based batteries have to be ‘primed’ before use charging up to 10 hours before using it initially. The Nickel batteries easily overheat if you leave it plugged in to the charger overnight. Other issue is the battery ‘memory’ if they are charged randomly without waiting to be fully discharged them; these may have less juice even after full charge. This is due to the change in the internal crystal cell structure.

Lithium based batteries are different; they don’t need any priming and you can leave it for charging overnight or even up to a week without any disadvantages whatsoever. Moreover, there are no battery memory issues over actually; it is an excellent practice while using lithium batteries to charge it before being fully discharged.

Protect your Battery

Most of the cell phones and smartphones use lithium batteries now, so do not let the battery running down and charge it regularly. However, if you are getting the feeling that the phone is not displaying the correct amount of battery let it go drained before charging again.

Overheating, as always is the main enemy of a battery. Don’t leave it out in the sun or place your near the car radiator or even near your freezer because overheating can damage the battery permanently. A lithium battery last for over 500 charges that normally stretches out to two years after which you need to replace it. Having a spare is of little help because a lithium battery will go out even if it is not used.

Learn Where the Battery Consumption is more

It is particularly crucial to realize that where your battery power is consumed most and to follow the easy steps to prevent the battery power draining out.

  • The battery draining maniacs usually are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or even the GPS. Switch off Bluetooth unless you are not sending/receiving files or using your wireless headset. Also, switch off the Wi-Fi if you are not connected to a hotspot or LAN.
  • Screen brightness is another area. Some phones automatically adjust the brightness according to external light conditions but most do not. Therefore, you have to do it manually. Set the brightness from your settings to as low a value as possible and also set the minimum time your backlight stays on if you have that option.
  • Other than that, you can do things like turning down the volume of your ringtone and turn off vibrate mode if not necessary and turn off moving/dynamic wallpapers and screensavers that eat up battery charge.
  • Smartphone users should watch what apps you are running because most of the apps once switched on, stays on in the background. Switching off some apps especially those using 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS or bluetooth when, not in use are extremely useful.
  • Stop playing games in your phone rather play your games on your computer. There are some apps out there, which will help you, JuiceDefender, Advanced Task Killer, and Extended Controls for Android and myBatteryLife for iPhones.

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