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Tech organizations with recycling programs in the United States

May 8th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you tech organizations with recycling programs in the United States.

In United States, the environmental protection Agency (EPA) takes care of rules and regulations which govern the management of used electronic goods. There are specific state and federal regulations to handle different types of E-waste like Used electronic items, whole circuit boards, CRT monitors, LCD TVs, laptops, handheld devices. The E-waste is categorized as solid waste and hazardous waste based on which they require specialized treatment and safe methods of practice. Some of the organizations which have recycling programs in US are:

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Blackberry is a popular handset manufacturer and they have recycling program which helps you recycle used Blackberry smart phones, Blackberry tablets and other accessories in a safe way so that it does not affect the environment. Once you signup and agree for the terms and conditions in Blackberry recycling program, you can download pre-paid mailing label that you can attach to the package of used Blackberry devices and then ship to the recycling facility without any shipping charges. Blackberry takes of recycling process and they will reuse possible items from these devices. Before sending the products for recycling, you are requested to erase all personal data.

Blackberry recycling program is applicable only for people living in US especially in states of Washington, Maine and Connecticut.


Apple, the most popular smart phone manufacture renowned for its iPhone and iPad has also some recycling programs for used electronic devices including Macbooks, Desktops, iPad, iPhone, Apple displays and other peripherals. They also allow you to obtain Gift card from Apple store based on your old device value.

First you should inform them about your product whether it’s iPad, iPhone or Mac and ensure that it’s qualified for recycling program. They have tied-up with PowerOn, who will analyze the market value of the product and will offer convenient option for shipping your device to their location in order to evaluate its market value. Usually you will be provided prepaid shipping labels for the same. Once it’s evaluated, you will receive an Apple store Gift card which you can use for purchasing any new product from Apple. Apple takes care of recycling of the used electronic goods.


Lexmark is a popular printer hardware manufacturing company which also has special recycling programs to help maintain a green and safer environment. Lexmark manufactures ink, toner and cartridges as a part of its printing solutions. Lexmark also introduces the Cartridge Collection program which helps customers to recycle used cartridges at free of cost. You can obtain prepaid shipping label by opting for Cartridge Collection and help recycle or reuse the empty cartridges from your office or home printers.


Dell is a popular American Multination company that offers products related to Computers and peripherals. As a technology company, they take care of E-waste recycling to help customers enjoy a greener and safe environment. As per EPA, more than 200 million tons of E-waste gets generated every year and only 18% of them are recycled. Dell offers hassle-free methods for recycling used Computers and other peripherals free of cost. Using the Dell Reconnect program, you can dispose any unwanted computer hardware of any brand at more than two thousand Good Will locations.

This program was introduced by Dell to resell or recycle used Computer hardware. There is also Asset resale and recycling service which was introduced specifically for businesses to resell their old Computer hardware. This also includes printer supplies, computers, hard drives, servers, laptops and other computer peripherals.

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