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The Best Android Apps for Preschoolers

October 14th, 2012 · 1 Comment

There are lots of applications developed for targeting different age groups. These are the best android apps for preschoolers for their knowledge.


With Android Smart phones becoming more affordable and increasingly popular nowadays, there are lots of applications developed targeting different age groups. And even for preschoolers, there are some interesting apps developed by Android Application developers in which some of the most popular ones are explained below:

Preschool Basics – Android App for Kids

Preschool Basics is one of the Android App designed by kcToolbox and it can be used by teachers and parents to effectively teach alphabets to children. It includes colorful flash cards suitable for kindergarten students. You can teach shapes, colors, numbers, vocabulary words and alphabets to your kids with this single application. You can view such cards in shuffled order for more challenge and when cards are tapped, the app will speak out the words for you. The various features of this app include,

1. Animated Flash cards for all 26 alphabets along with words, like “C for Cat”.
2. All basic shapes
3. Teach colors using a spinning color wheel
4. Animated Flash cards for numbers from 1-10 which is easy to teach for children.
5. There are different word decks with more than eighty five words in v1.7 suitable for small kids.

You can play the flash cards in shuffled manner using the options. Small children and kids will love the fun sounds, bright colors and beautiful images from this Android App.

Animal house

This is another cool app for kids which has lot of wild animal icons listed in a grid. The child can click any of the icons and the screen will change to list containing links related to that particular animal. When the child clicks these links, the sound of that particular animal is heard in different tones. The media volume can also be adjusted as your wish which makes this app very good. Kids really love to listen to sounds of different animals and enjoy it.

iStory Books

This free Android App from iMarvel can be downloaded from Google Play and contain free story books for your children along with audio, text and colorful images. The parents can download free interactive story books from the developer’s website and add them to library. All the media files can be saved in the phone’s SD card. New books are published once in every two weeks and kids enjoy such books. There are various categories of books including nursery school books, fairy tales, bed time stories, toddler books, kindergarten books, classis stories etc. along with text and audio.


It is another cool app that can keep your kids busy for hours. You can imagine an electronic Xylophone which creates amusing sounds whenever you tap on the touch screen with your fingers. This cool application is designed in that way, and the sounds produced depend on the area on the xylophone you touch. Also, the screen lights up and this makes it really attractive for kids. You might it useful, when your kid keeps whining in the Airport or while travelling in car and can keep them occupied for a while.

Kid Mode

Kid mode is super cool Android app developed by Zoodles which has diverse range of activities suitable for kids of age groups from 1-8. It includes art doodles, puzzles, story books, games, rhymes etc. There is also a cool Child lock feature which is to ensure that the child cannot exit the Kid Mode app and safeguards your phone from any damage.

There is an Art Studio which allows kids to draw, color and paint. The children can play Cut the Rope or Angry Birds within the Kid mode. There are illustrated story books with wonderful animation and accompanying audio for kids to enjoy. It also sends weekly emails regarding the activities of kids to parents.

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  • 1 Kensington Nursery Dubai // Nov 6, 2012 at 4:00 am

    Great !!
    This Android Application teach toddlers many things. Its like “Learn Through Play”.

    Good Android Apps for Preschoolers and Toddlers.

    Kensington Nursery