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THE Samsung vs Apple Patent Conflict

August 13th, 2012 · No Comments

Here’s all the details about the Samsung vs Apple patent conflict.

Samsung and Apple, both are considered the pioneers of the global technology and electronics industry. There have been all sorts of rumors that Samsung has been copying designs from Apple but never was there any proof. Subsequently Apple filed a case against Samsung which has been in the limelight recently.

The case was resumed on Friday and was a hell of a fight. Apparently Samsung released some excluded evidences to the press which the Judge Lucy Koh was not presented with for the trial. So Apple asked the Judge to consider that as contempt. Later Samsung’s lead counsel, John Quinn said that the evidences were already a part of the public records and that they have not done anything unlawful in releasing them to the press.

Ultimately Judge Koh ruled out the Apple’s appeal of easy victory and instead considered interviewing each juror and then come to a decision. All the jurors except one agreed that they have not been influenced by any press releases. So the Judge warned both the brands to not perform any more “Theatrics or Sideshows” for they would not be tolerated anymore. She also added that she was really annoyed by the objections from both the parties and advised them to make all these objections in front of the jury directly in their own time that has been allotted to them (which is 25 hours to make the case).

Samsung vs Apple

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Samsung was given the permission to use Apple’s Surveys and sales numbers during the research while cross questioning Phil Shiller.

As far as the claims are considered, some of them are really worthless, viz, some patents that Apple claims to have been violated by Samsung include unlocking the phone by swiping!

While Apple had accused Samsung of using their iPhone and iPad designs for their own devices, Samsung on the other hand said that Apple has been using 3G wireless data transfer technology patented by three other companies and should pay for it. Apparently Apple is ready to pay but Samsung is not.

This is the kind of evidence released by Samsung to the press:

An Apple attorney has also produced a report titled ‘Galaxy S1 Vs iPhone’ from March 2010, when Samsung was in developing stages of Samsung Galaxy S. Though, he agreed that it was just a detailed comparison between the two by saying that it was not related to copying features of iPhone to Galaxy S.

Scott Forstall, Senior VP Apple, supported their notion by saying that Apple too went through the comparison of their products with then recently launched Galaxy S but that was only done to benchmark the designs of other companies which may be potential rivals, and that Apple doesn’t simply copy the designs unlike Samsung.

Shiller, while cross examining, acknowledged to an e-mail from Apple advertising executives complaining about the difficulties faced by the company regarding the uniqueness of the product design as several brands had already launched their own products in the markets years ahead of Apple’s own product.

Apple also accused Samsung to copy their iPad designs for their own product, which was Samsung Galaxy Tab. The case is still undecided and both have been given 25 hours for the case. We can just wait and watch what happens after the case is over.

One may support Samsung, as it has already released a press document, justifying that their designs are authentic but the documents were not presented to the jury, which is another valid point by Apple and Apple loyalists do support that fact. Let us wait till the final decision by the court and see what effect does this have on either of the brands.


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