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Things made from Recycled Electronics

August 11th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will discuss about some things which is made from Recycled Electronics. Here’s the complete discussion:

Many people feel that there is a certain touch of art in the circuit boards! Wearing accessories made form e-waste are a la mode and in vogue. There is yet another twist in the tale-it doesn’t give you opportunity to support the cause of stopping pollution caused by e-waste. Discarded electronic item is a nuisance and proper handling is essential so that the effects of electronic pollution must not boomerang on us. People have come up with innovative ideas to use the electronic spares into more productive material of daily use and the best example of such a drive are depicted below.

Let us see some exquisite things made out of electronic waste.

Eco-Fashion necklaces and earrings

Let us begin with innovative fashion jewelry made out of electronic waste. Jewelry like necklaces made from RoHS circuit boards are studded with precious metals like copper silver and gold. They are the best use of electronic waste and the best way to attract people’s attention. Similarly, some of them are coupled with innovative earrings. The dangling ear pieces look extremely elegant.


Why not try some new designs on your sneakers? You can try the work of junk metal artist Gabriel Dishaw who uses bits of metal, scrap, wires, old Intel chips, and parts of circuit boards to create some awesome pair of shoes. Now this is what we call perfect pieces of art! The so called hardwired sneaker can fit perfectly till size 9.


You must have seen a lot of brooches ranging from studded diamonds to precious metals. But have you ever seen the brooches made from circuit boards! These brooches have been made by cutting floral patterns on the circuit boards by David Casella and paired with anodized aluminum and brass. Indeed electronic waste can be given a pretty turn!

Pieces of Art

The concept of modern design has touched the right chord in many hearts and for all those people Robotic Sculptures are indeed pieces of exquisite modern art. Just imagine the body of the robotic figure has been created out of the camera lens, other parts of the body are made from different electronics parts and then polished for shine. This has been done by Italian born artist Andrea Petrachi who has given various shapes and designs to the electronic wastes that ultimately land up in landfills.


Recycling may provide some easy and cool options of furniture. Benjamin Rollins Caldwell designs in furniture like Binary Low Table. The base of the furniture has been created from bent computer cases, and mother boards, chips, hard drives and LED display for adorning it. Even the glass on the top of the table is from waste sheets of glass. For Binary Chairs BRC has used old printers serving industrial purposes covered with collages of computers. It is not only visually appealing but also very functional.

Bill Boards

Best Buy has lately taken a green initiative. It has used recycled electronic parts for creating neat bill boards and will be spreading the message of e-waste recycling to us!

Bio Grow Devices

The students at the University of Illinois have created a device, that uses Apple G4 CPU, PVC pipes, High density foam, acrylic panels Dell Latitude CPX laptops and iMAC CRT to create light spectrum to adjust temperature and hence create algae at lower costs. This will one day supply the bio-fuel demand in America!

Cufflinks and Pins

Cufflinks and pins created out of the circuit board circles and then joined to pins and cuffs are simply impressive. Try them this season!

Hope this article about things made from recycled Electronics helped you.


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