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Tips for Designing iPhone Apps

December 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

There are certain important tips which you need to remember which App to purchase from App store. Here are some tips for designing iPhone apps.

In recent years, mobile phones have become very popular and lots of mobile Applications are designed for various purposes. When it comes to designing an iPhone app, there are certain important tips which you need to remember since users decide which App to purchase from App store only based on the design and appearance of the App.

Users consider purchasing the app based on screenshots and initial trial, making design a very important factor. Since users cannot judge the quality of the App with code-quality or usability just by browsing different apps in the store, they consider only the design and screenshots when deciding whether to buy it or not.

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Create a Wire Frame for your App

When talking about the design of the App, you should consider 2 important components which include the User Interface design and User Experience design. The User experience design involves the features which you include and how users try to achieve their goals using the app.

The user interface design aims at the visual experience of the users which includes texture, colors and fonts which are used for designing the GUI of the app and the visual styles to be adopted. It is very important to consider both the User interface and User experience when designing an iPhone app.

For a good visual appearance, you should use a wireframe for creating a simple outline of the app where you can place the essential controls. You should plan how the features of the app will fit together in the screen and users will have to navigate inside the app.

Easier Finger Tapping of Controls

One of the important factors which improves the user experience and usability of your iPhone App is that every button or control should be easily accessible with single tap of a button. You should design a button for thumbs and fingers, not just cursors.

As per the recommendations from Apple, you should leave a space of 44 x 44 pixels for any element in your App so that users can interact with the elements easily.

It does not indicate that button should look big visually but the surrounding region should have enough area for users to tap and avoid them getting frustrated due to wrong reactions. You should also ensure that the tappable space does not overlap with other buttons.

Using Different Button Styles

You should not make use of default iPhone style buttons as this won’t match with the theme of your Application. You should customize the look and feel of the buttons in order to match your User interface and this will improve the overall design of your app.

You can either draw a new button style with your own code or design a custom button with background image. You can find lot of free resources and Tutorials on creating buttons. You can use such resources to create your own button style.

Use Vector Based Art Designs

Whenever you are designing the UI for an iPhone App, you should ensure that all artwork is based on Vector graphics. You should avoid using bitmaps and make use of various layer styles for adding shadows or gradients etc. The important reason behind this is that all UI elements can be easily adjusted or changed when you use Vector graphics rather than using bitmaps which cannot be altered.

 Make Use of UI Kit to Finish the Job

There are plenty of resources which can assist you in getting started with iPad and iPhone interfaces. If you are using just the default UI elements supplied by Apple, then you can make use of Teehan + Lax UI kits for iPad or iPhone. They provide accurate release or recent iOS versions (iOS 5 and iOS 4).

There are also plenty of custom UI kits available which allow you to create visual engaging and pleasing User interface designs. You should also go through the human interface guidelines for iOS which gives you some detailed instructions on the designing of iPhone Apps.

You should understand the Retina display and iOS framework in order to develop better UI for iPhone. Also design your App icon only once based on the correct dimensions as mentioned in the guidelines.

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