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December 18th, 2012 · No Comments

This post will provide you with some useful tips for starting a computer recycling company comfortably and easily. 

In today’s technologically dynamic economy, there is a huge demand of computer recycling businesses that are not only profitable but are also helping the community to avoid wastage and pollution. However, it is easier said than done. It is not that easy to establish a successful computer recycling business.

You need to consider various environmental laws and norms designated by the federal and state laws and many more seen and unseen aspects. This post will provide you with some useful tips that will help you in establishing your own computer recycling business comfortably and comparatively easily.


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Before you set up your business, it is rather mandatory that you conduct a proper market research and identify your potential clients and customers. Also keep track of your competitors as well as it is not that easy to survive in this rat race.


You need to decide that what computer components your company will be dealing with. For instance if you are focusing on monitors and printers, will you be focusing on reusing them as a part of your charitable donations to organizations or you will solely bank upon breaking  them into raw metals and them making profits by selling them.


Data safety is of prime importance especially when you are dealing with corporate clients. Before opting you as their recycling partner, your customers would definitely want to ensure that after you recycle their waste, it will not be possible for anyone to mine that waste for their personal and sensitive information.

You need to provide them with a proof that before recycling you have completely wiped off their confidential data or if you tend to reuse the components as it is, you must have formatted the components properly. In order to avoid any such hassles, in the beginning go with residential clients and then slowly extend your domain to officials.


You need to consider the costs that you would incur while transporting the equipment form the consumer premises to your plant. Always plan your load size according to your transportation resources. It will be less cumbersome to transport residential clients’ waste rather than corporate waste. You must compare costs incurred while renting vehicles, fuel expenses and the insurance costs with different available options and then opt for the most beneficial one.

It would be recommended that you limit your services in a particular area for the starters and then slowly expand your reach as your company establishes and grows.


Conduct a research on all the legal aspects of this business thoroughly. Look for all the environment protection acts and obligations that are related to computer recycling. Consider the federal laws and your respective state laws as well. Also there are some legal formalities with the local municipalities as well that need to be completed in order to avoid any misconduct later on. 


Before establishing any type of business, it is vital that you have an effective business model and a good business plan with you. You may research on the internet to learn the business plan writing techniques and you may even download some free business plan templates to start with. Also make arrangements for your capital sources as there is some money required in management, storage facilities and renting procedures for both land and transportation.

 If you keep in mind the above mentioned key points, you will face relatively less hassles in the process of setting up your own computer recycling business.

Best Wishes for your business and hope that you find these tips of some utilization!

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