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Tips on how to sell old blackberry phone to get a good value

July 28th, 2012 · No Comments

Here are some important tips on how to sell old Blackberry phone to get a good value.

Blackberry phones have their own brand value which makes it easier to sell the used phones at reasonable rates online. Though the models might be obsolete, it’s not necessary that you need to throw it in trash but you can make cash out of it by selling it online. Blackberry phones usually have good messaging features and used mostly by professionals and business people. There are various ways to sell old blackberry phones and online portals are the easiest way.

Selling through Online portals and classifieds:

There are many websites which allow you to sell used gadgets and devices. Some of the popular ones are ebay.com, olx.com and quickr.com. First you have to register and create an account on any of the websites before you can post an ad about your used blackberry phone. Once you have created an account, you can post an advertisement with some recent images of your phone and other essential details like model number, brand name, reason for selling, purchase date, accessories given along with phone, expected price etc.  You can post similar advertisements with all online portals like mobilexchange.in, quicr.com, olx.in and ebay.in etc. Also there are websites like Pacebutler which are dedicated for this purpose only.

Just posting an online advertisement in these portals does not guarantee that you can get a good deal for your old blackberry phone. Though you can get buyers through such portals, they might demand to view the phone before sending the payment. Suppose if the buyer belongs to different city, then it might not be easy for you to show him/her the phone before selling it to them. Also, some buyers might have concerns regarding whether the phone was purchased genuinely or a stolen one. You should be able to prove that your phone is original and authentic to them before you can convince them to buy it.

Selling through Social Network:

Another easy way to sell your old blackberry phone is through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Social media has become very popular nowadays and there are many ways to advertise your used phone in platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google +. Since these advertisements are displayed only to your friends, colleagues and acquaintances, there are greater chances of your phone getting sold for a good value as this is a trusted network. You can ask your friends to repost or retweet the advertisement to get more viewers and increase chances of selling. Also, some friends might know how you handled the Blackberry and might know that you maintained the phone well. Hence, they might be interested in buying it without worrying about the originality or condition of the phone.

Selling it through Local Retail Stores:

Another easy way to sell your used Blackberry is through a mobile shop in your locality. You can either go to the Blackberry showroom directly and ask for exchange to new phone or local retailer who might sell it to his regular customers. You can negotiate the price of the phone with the buyer if you are allowed to interact with him directly. You might however need to pay a certain amount as commission to the retailer for having facilitated the transaction. You might have plenty of mobile shops in your locality and if one shop does not accept to sell your phone, you can try others. This is easier and quicker way to sell of your used blackberry for cash without having to wait long time for buyers like online selling.

You should clean your phone and service it before you take it to the retailer. If the phone looks dirty and has some minor issues, you might not get a nice deal for your phone as they might bargain for cheaper rates.

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