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Tips to Get Rid of Annoying Phone Ads

August 7th, 2012 · No Comments

Here in this article we will tell you some important tips to get rid of annoying phone ads.

The number of cell phone users in the world is increasing day by day and infamously, the number of annoying cell phone ads is increasing in tandem. Cell phone ads are aimed at generating knowledge on particular products or services and are received by the user in the form of calls or messages.

Annoying as they can get, users sometimes subscribe to alerts and notifications unknowingly, thereby making things even unpleasant. Especially with regard to the android market, application developers continuously send out ads of their products and services, which could be extremely irritating.

One thing that forms the crux of this problem is that application and web site developers use ads to promote the services offered by them. Times have seen mobile marketing firms becoming noteworthy because of the facilities they offer to application developers by promoting advertisements about a particular application or a website. Moreover, in some cases, these ad firms route millions of ads through applications that are already being used by users.

So, in a nutshell, the creation of add free platform is apocryphal. If you are someone who is haunted by these unwanted cell phone ads or smart phone ads, here are a few tips that will help you preclude them from provoking you and interfering with your normal activities:

Block Applications That Are a Nuisance

As mentioned earlier, add firms use applications to display advertisements. When you realize that a particular application is associated with too many ads, the best thing to do is to block the applications. Blocking the applications is the only possible way to get rid of ads that are too much of botheration. This can be achieved by using ad-blocking applications. They are many applications that can be downloaded for this purpose. Particularly because, the android platform is vulnerable to so many ads, there are applications in the android market itself that take care of these problems.

The most popular applications include Adfree android, Andaway and Adfreeplus. These are extremely commonly used applications. The applications work in a way as to avoid ads from entering your phone by ensuring that ads that come from an embedded application do not appear to your phone. This way, all ads that are at times rooted through a particular application are prevented from entering your phone, thereby, while accessing the android market; you are not provoked by unwanted advertisements. There are many paid applications, as well. Applications that are installed on rooted android phones are the most effective in comparison to other types of ad blocking applications.

Applications that Help while Browsing

Many applications make use of extremely effective ad filters that are activated when you connect to the internet. These applications prohibit useless advertisements from entering your phone and thus help in promoting healthy browsing of the internet. The Adblock application is the most common application in this regard.

Switch off the Internet When Not Needed

Especially when you are using core cell phone applications, it is highly recommended switching off the internet. The internet is the main source of unwanted ads and these can be eliminated if your internet is off when you are using the core applications on your phone.

Read Reviews before Installing Apps

You will usually see that the pesky notifications popping up for blocking ads, but as you do not want to expose your android phone you should consider other options. Always read reviews before installing the android apps. Addons Detector and AirPush Detector are the apps, which allow you to find ad-friendly apps for your android phone.


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