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Five Effective Tips to Recycle Household e-Waste

September 7th, 2012 · No Comments

This article enlists some important tips to recycle household e waste. Here’s the list of 5 effective tips.

Have you ever wondered, after the electronic gadgets we dump in our Waste Bins, where does this e-Waste go ? Do we know that what we are doing with our precious ecosystem due to this one wrong habit of ours? We are fascinated to buy the latest technology and new products so frequently that because of this demand, we throw away old gadgets which contain so many hazardous chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and various toxic materials like plastic etc which pollutes our ecosystem and leads us to many health problems.

Many of us don’t even know that we should not dump our E-waste in bins. Sellers should guide their customers about the right way of dumping their electronics after use. Manufacturers should mention on the labels about the hazardous substances used in the gadgets and for the correct way of dumping the e-waste. They should add a guide to their gadgets which explains the customers to refrain from putting the e-waste in the Waste Bins.

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You will be surprised to know that 75% of the wastes dumped in the landfills are our household E- waste, which contains non-renewable resources like zinc, copper, tin etc. That cannot be destroyed after land filling also. In fact by filling such waste into land pits erode our soil and ground water which is very dangerous for our ecosystem.

  • Refurbishing e-Waste

e-Cycling is the best method of recycling your household E-waste and protecting our environment. Every household waste like television, mobile phones, printer, scanner, tablets, microwaves, oven, refrigerators, Washing machines, vacuum cleaner etc can be recycled. Dumped parts of these wastes are separated from the useful parts and these useful parts are gathered as refurbished goods. These options exist, but people are not willing to do any efforts of saving our environment through E-cycling.

Just like in many developed countries. Many companies deal with E- waste online. To make the task of dumping the E-waste like mobile phone, televisions etc of customers easier, they have made websites where you can submit the information and making of your mobile phones.

And on receiving that, the company send you a paid box through post so that the customer can send their mobile phone and its accessories to the company. On receiving the mobile phone they check the condition of the mobile phone and send a cheque to the customer as per the physical condition of the product.

This way the customer will earn money without any hassles that too through an E- waste. Companies also earn profits through refurbishing such products and trading them to the developing economies. Not just mobile phones, you can earn money through your other household E-Waste too like television, refrigerators, tablets, through registering with such websites which deals with old consumer durable goods.

  • Buy Back Offers

Many companies give buyback offers, where you can change your existing gadget with the latest versions, without dumping it into landfills. Here you will also be able to save money while getting the advantage of using the newer versions.

  • Certified E-waste recycler

Are you worried about recycling your gadgets in a safe manner? Then you can find a certified E- Waste recycler nearby your area through BAN i.e. Basel Action Network. BAN is a company which recycles E- waste responsibly in the correct and safe manner. Now you don’t have to worry about your gadgets. They will not harm anybody’s life and pollute other’s nation.

  • Donate them to needy people

Many people are unable to buy gadgets and electronic goods. You can give your old gadgets to those needy people. Through this you will be able to save the E-waste getting into those landfills, and helps in saving the environment.

  • Get Them Repaired

If you don’t want to do anything amongst above all, just give your gadgets to any local repair shop. The repairer will dismantle the gadgets and use the useful components in some other gadgets, which will leads to innovation of new products and save our Ecosystem.

Save your Ecosystem! It’s yours.

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