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Top 10 Call Blocker Apps on iPhone

September 5th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you top 10 Call blocker apps on iPhone. Here’s the complete details about them:

Ever wondered how many spam, Tele-marketing calls you answer during the entire day during your personal time or even during meetings. Quite obviously you wouldn’t know simply by looking at the digits that it is a spam call. Unless you have a caller id or call blocker app installed. Today, we are going to talk about some of the most popular call blocker apps for iPhone. Spam, Tele-marketing calls have touched a greater magnitude over past couple of years. And then you must not forget about the bursa escort touts or the unwanted individuals in your phonebook whom you would tend to avoid most of the times. You just can’t live without a call blocker app today!

So here goes your must have list of call blocker apps:

  • Call block –Stop Telemarketers

Most users are always worried about calls from the telemarketing guys as they keep bugging for some or the other promotional stuff. When you are really waiting for a crucial call and end up receiving some XYZ marketing guy trying to sell you a Credit Card or Broadband connection it gets annoying to say the least. With the help of this application you can block the unwanted calls you don’t wish to attend.

  • Do Not Call

It helps you in registering yourself for blocking the unwanted calls with the United States Government.  It initiates a report of violators or spammers. In this list you should select all the telemarketers whom you wish to block momentarily or forever!

  • Hide the Caller

It allows an individual to hide the numbers you don’t wish to keep on your mobile device. It allows individuals in creating the aliases for those numbers which they wish to keep as secret numbers. Application also gives you the leverage to rename callers to something of your wish.

  • The Bad Decision blocker

It blocks you from initiating the call. It’s an age where ankara escort the people are more often attached with their social networking sites, emails, and text messages and of course calls. Have you ever come across a scenario where you feel like initiating a call to someone?  But you don’t wish to call, so with this application you can block by setting a limitation over the call.

  • IBlack list

With the help of this application you can select those people from whom you don’t wish to receive calls and also can hide or screen the messages which you wish to keep as secret. It also provides you with a parental guidance feature which is going to block the outgoing.  With this application you can set an auto-reply for all the text messages.

  • True Caller

It is a phone directory which keeps the records of all the calls and numbers from across the globe. They have both mobile and landline numbers in this directory. It does have the feature of warning you from attending to any unwanted calls and also it maintains a directory which has the list of all the unwanted callers.

  • Call Bliss

It is well known for enabling the user with the feature of DND. It is quite effective and also easy to handle. As its going to silent all the users whose calls are not to be attended. They also ensure that some of the important callers can still make calls. You can also send the calls on voice mails by suppressing the caller.

  • CIA

It is developed for checking the caller who is calling you. Also it can reveal the identity of the unknown numbers. It shows the name, other information with regards to the callers and the address on the screen. It is also beneficial adana escort in searching the numbers via the interface provided.

  • Fake Call Advanced : Get a Call Anytime

With help of this application, you will be able to track the spammer right at the spot and don’t need to fix or add any setting beforehand. You can also set a proper timer for the caller and can check the fake call of the rescuer. You can decide based on the situation at hand.

Mr. Number Block Calls

This application helps the user in blocking the number of any caller whether it’s initiated from the landline or the mobile set. In this you can also block the specific area code of the incoming calls.



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