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Top 10 Recycling and Environmental Stories Of The Week (Nov.16-22) At Green Options

November 23rd, 2009 · 1 Comment

Pacebutler Top 10: Here’s our pick for the top 10 recycling and environmental stories Nov16-22 submitted at Green Options.

Flooded Times Square
Gondolas navigate a flooded Times Square in this concept image by Studio Lindfors

Our top 10 pick of the most interesting and informative recycling and environmental stories at Green Options Environment:

Studio Lindfors’ Haunting Visual Prediction of Our Flooded Future World

The phrases “melting polar ice caps” and “rising water lines” are so ubiquitous now that they’ve almost lost their meaning. It’s all too easy to think “it will happen to that city, not mine.” Well to give us a bit more perspective, Studio Lindfors has presented us with these hauntingly realistic post-flood visions of New York and Tokyo.

via: Inhabitat

Are U.S. solar jobs here to stay? Senators fight for a yes

A trio of U.S. senators this week introduced a bill to spur solar manufacturing jobs in the United States. Through additional tax credits, the legislation aims to encourage more U.S. companies to make solar equipment, creating jobs and building up the country’s clean energy economy.

Via: Reuters

Building bright green cities: that’s the great moral and political challenge of our day. That is our generation’s Abolition, our era’s World War Two. If we can achieve this, we’ll provide component innovations, new mental models and more time for billions of people around the world to blaze their own trails to their own new models of prosperity.

via: World Changing

Solar’s rapid evolution makes energy planners rethink the grid

The rapidly evolving solar photovoltaic market may moot the need for some of those expensive and contentious transmission lines, requiring transmission planners to rethink their long-term plans, according to Black & Veatch, the giant consulting and engineering firm. In short, solar panel prices have plummeted so much as to make viable the prospect of generating gigawatts of electricity from rooftops and photovoltaic farms built near cities.

via: Grist

Wind Power Could be Stored as Ice

A perfect way of storing electricity generated by wind turbines has been elusive so far. Ideas like super-sized batteries, compressed air and hydroelectric storage have all been floated. One company though thinks the answer could be as simple as making ice.

via: Eco Geek

Everything You Know About Going Green Is Wrong

Why driving the most fuel efficient car and buying the most energy efficient appliance matter much less than we think. (Hint: It’s all about stuff.)

via: The Daily Green

How to Achieve a Global Climate Change Agreement

What will a successful global climate change agreement look like? That question is only more important to ask in the wake of this weekend’s agreement by President Obama to a plan that will ask world leaders to reach a political agreement at this December’s UN climate talks in Copenhagen, ahead of a more binding agreement some time in 2010.

via: Nature

Tidal Power Turbines Producing More Energy Than Expected

Speaking recently at the Lisbon International Ocean Power Conference, Peter Fraenkel, Technical Director and co-founder of Marine Current Turbines (MCT), the UK-based company that designed and developed SeaGen, the world’s only commercial scale tidal stream turbine, told delegates that “We are delighted with SeaGen’s performance. It is running reliably and delivering more energy than originally expected in an extremely aggressive environment.”

via: Eco Chamber

The State of Wildlife in the Midst of a Mass Extinction (Now)

“The Earth is in the midst of a mass extinction event, the likes of which has been seen before, but not during humanity’s tenure on the planet, and never before caused by single species. Past extinction events are thought to have been triggered by meteor strikes, volcanic eruptions and climactic changes. This one is all our’s.”

via: The Daily Green

Oceans’ Uptake of Manmade Carbon May be Slowing

The oceans play a key role in regulating climate, absorbing more than a quarter of the carbon dioxide that humans put into the air. Now, the first year-by-year accounting of this mechanism during the industrial era suggests the oceans are struggling to keep up with rising emissions—a finding with potentially wide implications for future climate.

Watch video: Oceans filling with CO2

Anthropogenic Carbon Animation from Earth Institute on Vimeo.

via: The Earth Institute

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  • 1 מתכון לסופגניות // Nov 28, 2009 at 7:31 am

    Storing wind power energy as ice is a genius idea! It shows how we can utilize everything around us to make our planet greener, and there are simple solutions if we just put our mind to it and allow ourselves to be creative and think “outside” the box.