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Top 10 Recycling and Environmental Stories of the Week (Nov.23-29)

November 29th, 2009 · No Comments

Pacebutler Choice: Here are the top 10 recycling and environment stories Nov23-29.

Cuyahoga River

Here are our choices for the most interesting and relevant articles on recycling, the environment, and renewable energy submitted to the Environment section over at Green Options, this past week:

Giving Thanks for Cleaner Lakes and Rivers (Even the Cuyahoga)

While those who work in freshwater conservation frequently (and understandably) emphasize the daunting array of threats to aquatic ecosystems, Thanksgiving seems a good time to reflect on reasons for optimism and, well, gratitude. I live near Cleveland, a city that since the 1960s has been known primarily for sports heartbreaks and the rather incongruous event of a river catching fire.

via: Cool Green Science

California Solar Power Transmission Line Approved at Thanksgiving

On Friday the California Public Utilities Commission approved a new 500 Kilovolt transmission line from desert areas deep in southeastern California where numerous solar projects have been signed, to urban centers on the coast.

via: Clean Technica

The Midwest Is Going Off The Grid … One Turbine At A Time

The Midwest and Great Plains states have some of the best wind currents in the world. The Rust Belt is getting a make-over as the Wind Belt, and not just because it is windy. States like Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan are quietly becoming hot beds of activity for the global wind industry across the entire wind turbine supply chain and a critical source of growth for local economic revitalization.

via: The Huffington Post

Recovery Act Spurs $4 Billion in Wind Power Projects

In February the Obama administration not only extended the ITC till 2012, but also allowed wind developers to also benefit from a 30% production tax credit available to homeowners and businesses that encourages development of any form of renewable energy. That measure is now fueling the growth of the renewables industry, particularly windpower projects.

via: Eco Chamber

Scientists Make Fuel from CO2 Emissions and Sunlight

Scientists from Sandia National Labs have successfully field-tested a machine that uses solar energy to convert CO2 waste from power plants into fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

via: Gas 2.0

Watch: Converting CO2 to Fuel

Cutting greenhouse pollutants could directly save millions of lives worldwide

Tackling climate change by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions will have major direct health benefits in addition to reducing the risk of climate change, especially in low-income countries, according to a series of six papers appearing today (Wed., Nov. 25) in the British journal The Lancet.

via: Eureka Alert

The Copenhagen Diagnosis: Sobering Update on the Science

On the eve of the Copenhagen conference, a group of scientists has issued an update on the 2007 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Their conclusions? Ice at both poles is melting faster than predicted, the claims of recent global cooling are wrong, and world leaders must act fast if steep temperature rises are to be avoided.

via: Yale Environment 360

Carbon offset schemes not working, says holiday firm

Consumer carbon offset schemes do not lead people to change their behaviour, the first holiday firm to run such a scheme has argued. Responsible Travel said they were a “distraction” from climate change’s real urgency and is ending its scheme.

via: BBC News

UK and France propose climate fund for poor

UK PM Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have proposed a multi-billion-dollar fund to help developing nations deal with climate change.

via: BBC News

Climate deniers, hold your fire!

Andree Salezka, speaking for scientists and climate activists: “There is nothing we want more than to be wrong—to go home, forget it all happened, and retreat, shamefaced, to live out our ordinary lives. Every climate activist I have ever met is being eaten up from within: Every fiber of our being tells us that this shouldn’t happen, that it’s inconsistent with a loving God, or with a theory of evolution that states that a species wants above all to survive, or just with the basic horse-sense that people will never do anything to endanger themselves and their children.”

via: Grist

Image courtesy Jeff Opperman/The Nature Conservancy

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