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Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Phones

December 7th, 2012 · No Comments


Rooting enables  to bypass the manufacture defined settings on your Android device. In this article we have top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Phones.

We all know the efficacy  of “rooting” an android phone.However, if you are just getting acquainted to rooting, in a nutshell it is the trick to bypass the manufacture defined settings on the your Android device and overcome certain limitations to gain complete access over the way your phone works.

Rooting has just got better with time and eight Operating System releases from Android, thus opening a new horizon of possibilities and enhancements to “Droiders”. Rooting essentially gives you access to the root or kernel of the  phone, letting you do whatever you want with the phone!

Now, that you are ready to get empowered and break the shackles of your Android disability you might be curious to know if just another application from Google Play would let you master your phone. That’s where the difference is between a factory set Droid and a rooted Droid. Rooted applications are the only way to elevate your android experience to the next level. In this article we would hand-pick and review 5 most popular rooted applications which makes rooting worth!


 Less an application, more a tool! This is a must have in any Droider’s kitty. It re-generates the firmware of the phone and shades off bloatware. In simple terms gets rid off the pre-installed junk which how you wished to have removed and instills set of must have applications and functions.

That’s not where it stops. It also gives a whole new, trendy and uber cool graphical user interface which can be tweaked further by the end user. It offers a plethora of visual customization and performance enhancements transforming your Android phone to an  amply powered  equipment.

Root Call Blocker Pro

Off-late, there has been a spike in the number of  in-fraudulent, unwanted  or Advertisement calls which can be really aggravating. Root Call Blocker keeps them astray and works better than its contemporaries.  Your phone doesn’t ring even once and the call gets declined straightaway. You can create a list of exceptions for allowed calls. It also blocks SMS messages, also the ones with unknown network ids. It is by far the most advanced privacy manager for your Android phone.


SetCPU is the pacemaker for your android phone and boosts the performance of the processor. It can be used to optimize various settings to enhance the performance, flick-ability and competency of the phone. Over-clocking the CPU is one of its salient features if you are a multi-tasker and lets  you make use of the penultimate resource of your phone. It is also intelligent enough to cuttle power to save the battery life when the CPU usage is low. SetCPU is a must have for every rooted Android phone.


You thought capturing the screen was easy. Fact is, a lot goes into the making of a screen-capture tool and ScreenshotIT is one of the most promising applications available out there. It captures screens to store them in the jpeg or png format. It also gives the users to meter, cut and  selective or partial capture screen. It is light, easy to use and utilizes only a cent of the battery.


 A complete metamorphosis. Known to transform the phone, give it new themes, appearance. and change your complete android experience.Metamorph lets you replace components  within your theme as well as design your own.However using this application can be risky if you don’t know how to, So it is important you get a hang of it from tutorials on the web or from the Help section in the application.

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