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Top 5 Android Cell Phone Browsers for Best Internet Experience

September 18th, 2012 · No Comments

Here in this article you have a list of top android phone browsers at the moment for best internet experience.

Are you still stuck with the old classic browsers for your Android or you are fond of the latest glamorous style browsers. Android Browser comes with smart designs, light – weight, fast speed with multifunctional features, well promoted, extraordinary fan following and marketing. here we will tell you the Top 5 Android Browsers.

Opera Mini web browser

It’s Current version is 7.0.3, It requires Android version of 1.5 and above. Its size is 858 kb and its free of cost.
Opera Mini web browser has very fast speed and efficient controls. It has a speed dial feature in it, which shows all the sites at glimpse of an eye. It has multiple Tabs option in it where you don’t have to open the web pages separately, and can switch between the tabs. It has adjustable pages due to that reading online is easy with better page sizes, address bars.
Skyfire Web Browser 4.0

It’s Current version is 4.1.0, It requires Android version of 2.0 and above. Its size is 1.6MB and its free of cost.
Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 is fun to use. It gives you an ultimate smart and social mobile browsing experience. It can play flash enabled videos unlike other mobile web browsers. You can have a easy Quick View of Facebook’s news, feed, inbox, events etc, just on one touch. It has a Facebook “Feed Reader” tool in it, where those feeds will be separated out which contains the browsable links in it. You can search from Skyfire OneTouch Search where you will get the search results from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Videosurf and many more. You can click the facebook’s like button present on every internet page instantly without even scrolling.

It’s Current version is 15.0.1. It requires Android version of 2.2 and above. Its size is 18MB and its free of cost.
Mozilla’s Firefox brings the best of desktop experience in Android phones. It is the most flexible and fast browser with customizable features. It brings you the best and latest security features.It controls your privacy. It gives you an amazing feature of browsing without or minimum word typing. The best thing about Firefox is that you can sync-in your browsing history, passwords and your favorite bookmarked list.

Dolphin Browser

It’s Current version is 8.8.1. It requires Android version of 2.0.1 and above. Its size is 4.0MB and its free of cost.
Dolphin Browser is the easiest, Mobile Browser which is fun to use. This amazing Web Browser has many exciting features in it like Sonar, Gestures, Sonar takes voice commands for Internet searches, to navigate, To share on social media and also to bookmark your favourites online pages. Gestures is a features where you can design your own (Gesture) symbol for watching the sites you access often. Dolphin Browser also supports speed dialing and tab browsing. It has Webzine feature which loads websites faster without any irritating poop ads. Dolphin Browser consists of sidebars which makes mobile interface, the most intuitive and easiest amongst all.

Maxthon Android Web Browser

It’s Current version is 2.7.32. It requires Android version of 1.6 and above. Its size is 2.5MB and its free of cost.
This feature loaded browser is fastest and the lightest, secure amongst all. Maxthon Android Web Browser Browses in full screen mode. It sync all you bookmarked desktop info into the mobile. it maintains the privacy i.e.it has an capability of not saving any browsing history. Its lightest as it doesn’t show advertisements at all. You have an option of add-ons here. Previous pages can be visited quickly with its amazing caching technology. It has customizable touch screen commands in it. You can also change your browsing screen skins,and themes. You can tab between WAP and WWW versions. You can sort out the links and schedule the Downloads to your convenience. You can Personalise your Avatars here. It also has tab switching feature in it. Maxthon Android Web Browser has an exciting text-wrap and text-flow feature in it where text is wrapped automatically adjusting around your mobile screen.


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