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Top Browsers for Android

November 9th, 2012 · No Comments

Android is the most popular smart phone operating system and it has plenty of free applications. Here are top browsers for Android in this article.


Android is the most popular smart phone operating system and it has plenty of free applications which can be downloaded from Google Play.

There are myriad varieties of browsers available for download ranging from traditional browsers to more glamorous and elegant browsers. We will discuss about the most popular browsers in this article.

Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin is the best free browser for Android with super cool features. It has various interesting options like multi-touch zoom, tabbed browsing; catching data to SD card, design themes etc. It has a feature called Sonar which listens to your voice input and searches for relevant information on search engine.

It can also share your voice input on social networks, navigate across websites etc. There is also Gesture support which allows you to create personal gesture for accessing desktop and mobile websites.

You can also install more than sixty add-ons like Dolphin Translate, PDF Viewer, Dolphin brightness, Web to PDF, Password manager etc. which will make your tasks simpler. The feature called Webzine allows you read web pages easily by removing the advertisements and helps in quick loading of web pages.

The Speed dial option allows you to launch web pages quickly with just single touch. You can use gestures as shortcuts to access your favorite pages. The user-interface is very good with interactive sidebar, tabbed browsing and many interesting features.

Opera Mini 5

If you are looking for light-weight and fast browser, then you should definitely download Opera Mini for Android. Even if you are using 2G connection which is very slow, the page gets downloaded faster while using Opera Mini. It will reduce the usage of data and helps in faster page loading which makes it the best choice while using slow connection. If you have limited data plan you can prefer this browser, as it will compress the web pages and reduce data usage to bare minimum. Though Opera is popular desktop browser, it lacks some features in Android version. This browser is also free and can be downloaded from Google Play without any cost. It has other normal features like tabbed browsing, zooming, bookmarks etc.

Mobile FireFox (Fennec)

Firefox is the most secure and powerful browser and the Android version is much faster with cool features. It has an interesting feature called Firefox sync which can download all the stored passwords and bookmarks from the Firefox installed in your desktop.

It will support various Personas and add-ons through there are not much of them. The start screen will display recently visited pages and helps you navigate through favorite pages easily.

You can change color themes and install add-ons with various features as you wish. It consumes high memory and is supported only from Android 2.0 onwards. It combines the search bar with address bar similar to Chrome browser.


Skyfire 4.0 is the latest version of this Android browser which can be downloaded for free from Google Play. This mobile browser has a new feature called Skybar which allows you access embedded videos with single touch and also capacity to share contents along with social networks.

It has pop-up player which supports dynamic streaming of flash videos and one-click access to related content. You can explore suggestions based on Trends, Twitter buzz etc. You can view both Desktop and mobile version of the website as per your wish. You can share your favorite contents in social networking platforms like Twitter or Facebook instantly. The customizable Skybar User-interface is very intuitive and user-friendly.


Chrome is the light-weight browser which is now available for Android as well. You can sign in and create your own customized user-interface and themes for your browser.

It supports faster loading of pages, zooming, scrolling and tabbed browsing. You can switch between tabs easily, bookmark favorite pages and synchronize the data between your tablet, Desktop and phone. The search results will appear instantly in same window and you can use your voice input for search. The mobile version of chrome is also free and can be downloaded from Google Play.

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