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Top Environmentally Friendly Companies

January 30th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you some of the top environmentally friendly companies. Here’s the list of some: 

Ever since Global Warming became global phenomena, multinational companies & corporations have been widely accused of being major contributors of carbon emission into environment. In fact nowadays it has become fad to blame multinational corporations for all the environmental hazards and problems that society is confronting. So we thought of breaking this social perception by bringing you world’s top eco friendly corporations.

These multinational corporations are striving hard to preserve and conserve our environment. These companies have made major changes into their day to day operations so that they are more considerate & kinder to our planet and to make this world a better place to live.

Munich Reinsurance Group

This German multinational company became a major crusader against global warming when it commenced its own research into the effects of climate change way back in 1974, long before when the world hadn’t even heard about this phrase. Since then the company has achieved major milestones in its go green policy. For instance, in 2009 the company achieved complete carbon neutrality at its German headquarters. The company has also won accolades for its policy of recycling up to 75% of its waste paper.



This American multinational giant has made immense contribution for a greener world. As per its go green policy IBM successfully cut its electricity consumption by 5.1 billion kilowatt between 1990 and 2000 – an achievement that was applauded by environmentalists across the world.  And as of today IBM is working very hard to reduce traffic congestion to bring down carbon emissions across the major cities in the world.

British Telecom


British Telecom (BT) is one of the few British multinational companies which made go green policy an integral part of company’s mission & objective. And so it’s not surprising that company has already managed to contribute immensely towards preservation & conservation of environment. Buoyed by its success, the company now aims to cut carbon emissions by up to 80% by 2016 and reduce carbon intensity also by 80% by 2023. In other areas, BT is also planning to invest immensely in wind farm technology and is also encouraging video conferencing practice to reduce employee travel.

Philips Electronics

This Dutch based electronic manufacturer has taken some huge stride to make this world a greener place. In 2006, as per company’s report 15% of its products were developed from green products and promised to increase that figure by twice to 30% by the end of 2012. Philips has also announced an in-house policy known as EcoVision4, wherein it has set some really ambitious goals. As per this policy the company intends to increase its investment in green innovations by 100% and enhance operational energy efficiency by 25%.



For years this American sport giant has been perseveringly following environmentally friendly practices in its production supply chain. And thanks to these perseverant efforts, Nike has successfully cut down on carbon emission and chemical toxicity.

National Australian Bank (NAB)

NAB holds the distinction of being the second most eco friendly company outside US. The first place is occupied by Munich Reinsurance Group. NAB has earned this distinction as it has successfully accomplished carbon neutrality in 2011 and now obtains its energy from the country’s wind farms. It is also equally laudable that the company recently invested $20 million on energy efficient products and operations and eventually saved around 59,200 tons of greenhouse gases.


This is another American giant who is working very hard for sustainable growth & preservation of our environment. In the financial year 2008 the company committed that it would reduce its total carbon emissions by 40% at the end of 2015 and going by company’s track record till now it seems certain to achieve that goal.

Dell is also helping the environment by using recycled plastic in their production process.

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