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Top iPhone Applications for Designers

November 16th, 2012 · No Comments

There are plenty of iPhone applications available for designers and this article lists some of the top iPhone applications for designers.


There are plenty of iPhone applications available for designers and this article lists some of the popular ones.


This App developed by Imaginary Feet is available for free download from iTunes store in both US and UK. It is a tool to share the complete picture and not just a single photo or moment.

It provides a creative showcase to organize various important moments in your life that you captured with your iPhone. You can alter the images using different sets of color filters. This app is similar to Instagram but provides a better frame and structure to create a college of beautiful moments in your life.


This App developed by TouchAware Limited is a Precision 2D Vector drawing and design for iPhone and iPad.

You can create professional quality designs, technical drawings and illustrations on the go using just your fingers. It has various offset controls and unique features which permits you to accurately draw with your fingers without blocking the view. The new features include,

  1. Toolbar buttons that provides easier access to commonly used functions for quick work flow
  2. Quick Multi-touch zoom with clear and sharp images
  3. Ungroup and group shapes hierarchically using complex designs
  4. Different shapes including Rectangle, Line, Stars, Path tools, Stars, Square, Ellipse, Circle etc.
  5. Includes a design gallery where you can store the designs and preview thumbnails
  6. Support for multiple layers to separate various design components.
  7. Dimensioning tools with customizable settings for both length and angles.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop is a well- known graphic application used by designers around the world. Photoshop Express is a portable version which has some interesting tools for manipulation and editing of photos in your iPhone or iPad. The App can be downloaded for free while some expansion packages are available which costs from £1.49 to £2.99.

Photoshop Express can improve the look of your photos with variety of one-click effects by just dragging your finger through the screen to rotate, adjust or crop colors. You can add various artistic filters like Sketch or Soft Focus. You can always save the Photoshop copy of your file which allows you to redo or undo any changes.  The important editing features include,


Straighten Flip, Rotate and Crop.


Soft Black and White, Vintage, Vignette Blur, Border, Pop, Vibrant, Rainbow and more than forty five additional effects which could be purchased. You can add new effects with simple dragging motions and preview them.


Saturation, Temperature, Tint, Hue, Contrast, Brightness, Exposure etc.

The expansion package includes Adobe camera Pack which adds some photo editing features to your camera App. The features include,

Noise Reduction

Even good quality cameras can introduce certain amount of noise through grain and speckling. You can reduce the noise and improve the accuracy in your photos.

Auto Review

Auto review provides a quick look of the shot picture so that you can delete it if you don’t like it.


This can help you in taking a picture of yourself by using camera timer of 1-3 seconds.

Another Extension package is Adobe Border Pack which includes various looks of your photos with forty different frames and borders.


ColorToy is an interesting app created by David Lochhead to generate different shades depending on key color.  The App costs £1.99 and is a useful tool for any designer who generally works with Color schemes for illustration, web design or graphic design.

You can create multiple shades based on key color, choose your favorite colors from the photographs using color sampler tool. You can also manage and collate your favorite color palettes in scrapbooks which could be referred later.

Color Palette

There is another interesting App created by Richard Maddy for managing and create Color palettes which can be used effectively by Designers for their art work.

You could take color samples from websites, images or whatever you find and add them manually as well. This app is available for free download with minimum features and can be upgraded to Pro version for 5.99 dollars which has complete set of features.

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