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Top iphone tricks that will make your life better

May 29th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you some top iphone tricks that will make your life better. Here’s the list of some.

All your social media activity can be brought into your iPhone device. You can continue playing with your social accounts using your iPhone. There are few tricks you need to follow to get the most out of this awesome device.

Click the perfect photos

You can expect to get good pictures on your iPhone, and Apple brings the best camera with every version. If you want to get professional photos, you need to rely on your DSLR not on your iPhone unless you have Olloclip apps. You can get the perfect professional looking photos this way.

Play with Siri

Siri has a mechanized voice, which you can actually change. You can choose from the settings, the language options for Siri. You can make Siri speak German, French and even decide what dialect Siri should speak. There are options of Australian English, and British. You can also make Siri recognize who is who. For instance, if you have stored your father’s name, make Siri recognize it is your dad. You can say dad and locate the number even if you have stored it under his name and not as dad.

Most of iMessage

You can send messages to all the places across the globe for free. iMessages is free for national and international messages. You can easily choose between SMS and iMessage. Go to settings and turn off the option, send text messages.

Save your text messages

You can also save your text messages easily with a cancel tap. The message gets stored in the drafts folder. Even if, there is no drafts folder, the phone asks for the location to be saved.

Combo of power and home button

You can press the power button and the home button and get the screen shot of the iPhone screen. You need to remember to press them briefly, and if you press them for too long, anything may happen, and even what you do not want to happen is included.

Keep off the suggestions

It is a bit irksome to get spellings suggestions off when you try to send an SMS or when you need to send a mail. You can simply tap anywhere on the screen to make the suggestion box disappear.

Get access to the music library faster

If you have hundreds of music tracks, which is common for people who love music, you would often find it annoying to reach the top. Just tap the clock on the top of the music list to reach the beginning.

Extend the battery life

It is not advisable to open n number of apps at the same time. This consumes much of the battery life. You need to close the apps to extend the battery life. You need to double click on the home page, and this will bring you the opened apps. Cross (X) out the apps you intend to close, and they still stay on your phone but are not opened, and they do not consume battery life.

Customize the settings

All you need to do to gain access to controls easily, is to go to settings, choose general option, and select the home button. Then start customizing by double clicking on the options, which you have chosen. This makes it easy to control the controls easily.

Ways to scroll

You can scroll through three ways in your iPhone

  1. Using the usual finger scroll.
  2. The alphabetical list also lets you scroll, and you need to tap on the desired option.
  3. You can also press on the list you want to scroll.

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