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Top Ten Recycling and Environmental Stories Of The Week (Nov.9-15) at Green Options

November 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Pacebutler Top 10: Here are our pick for the top recycling stories Nov9-15 at Green Options Environment.

community urban garden
Community urban garden in Philadelphia

Here are the our top 10 pick of the most interesting and informative recycling and environmental stories at Green Options Environment:

The new wave of urban farming (and fresh food from small spaces!)

Do you dream of an organic garden, but don’t have a yard? A flock of chicks, perhaps, but don’t have a yard? Home-grown food, and lower grocery bills (but, alas, no yard!)? Dream no more, because you can have it, and without quitting your job, trading your bus pass for a pickup, or moving to the rural north.

via: Grist

Finally! A Recycling Plant for Dirty Diapers

Disposable diapers clog landfills for hundreds of years…an overwhelming majority of parents choose disposables and approximately 27.4 billion diapers make their way to American landfills every year. Companies Versus Energy and Knowaste are partnering up to build a diaper recycling plant in the UK.

via: Ecogeek

Trash-Powered Street Lamp!

Think about how much trash goes into a bin in, say, New York City’s Times Square on a daily basis. What if all that garbage could be used to generate energy? That’s the thinking behind designer Haneum Lee’s Gaon Street Light – a lamppost powered by garbage!

via: Inhabitat

Closing the Waste Management Loop: Creating Fuel From Landfill Gas

Each day each person throws out about 4.7 pounds of garbage that is often taken to a landfill to be processed where it eventually decomposes. But what many people don’t know is that the waste process doesn’t necessarily end there. When organic waste decomposes through natural means, it emits gases that can be collected and used to generate renewable energy and fuels.

via: TreeHugger

U.S. EPA sticks Energy Star label on millionth home

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Most U.S. consumers recognize the Environmental Protection Agency‘s blue Energy Star label when it is posted on an energy-saving refrigerator, water heater or other appliance. But the program reached a major milestone on Tuesday when the agency marked the one millionth home to be built with the Energy Star label.

via: Reuters

The US stimulus and “green jobs” for wind energy

Recently, there have been worried or angry or outraged articles in the blogosphere about the stimulus money going to help create jobs in Canada, China, or going into the pockets of foreign multinational companies. The reality is – you get what you want. You cannot have the creation of large scale manufacturing employment without, again, an industrial policy.

via: The Oil Drum

Harmful Levels of Mercury Are Found

About half of American lakes and reservoirs contain fish with potentially harmful levels of the toxic metal mercury, a federal study said. The Environmental Protection Agency found mercury, which is primarily released from coal-fired power plants, in all fish samples it collected from 500 lakes and reservoirs from 2000 to 2003.

via: New York Times

Every Year of Delaying Legislation on Climate Change Adds $500 Billion a Year Says IEA

The normally conservative International Energy Agency is now saying that we must act faster to prevent climate change. Not only to prevent catastrophe, but also because the longer we wait, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to achieve the greater and greater cuts that are necessary to keep worldwide temperature rise to 2 degrees Centigrade or a 3.8 degrees Fahrenheit global average.

via: CleanTechnica

An Intimate Look at the Monstrous Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Have you heard the latest news out of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? The word on the pollution (it’s growing) and impact on wildlife (it’s poisoning them) is not good. But a silver lining is that budding environmental reporter Lindsey Hoshaw completed her impressive fact-finding mission, in part supported by the groundbreaking crowd-sourced site Spot.Us.

via: The Daily Green

Biofuels Breakthrough: Making Fuel From Air With Engineered Microbes

In what could be a major breakthrough, Joule Biotechnologies announced that it has directly produced fuel from the plentiful carbon dioxide in the air around us using highly engineered photosynthetic microbes.

via: Gas 2.0

These stories were chosen and voted on by our writers and researchers. As always, your comments and feedback are welcome. Which of these articles did you like best?

Photo Credit: Tony the Misfit on Flickr

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