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Top WhatsApp Alternatives For Your Smartphone

February 27th, 2013 · No Comments

In this tutorial we will be telling you top WhatsApp alternatives for your Smartphone. Here’s the list of some:

There are many WhatsApp alternatives available for the smartphone users of today. By going through the features of the many such applications available, you can choose one that suits you best. Here are some of the more important applications that might be useful to you.



LINE saves a phone number within its database from where you are able to connect to your own smartphone contacts who happen to be LINE users. LINE lets you reply to all messages simply by means of installing either a MacOS or PC program, as long as your number remains registered with anyone of the various email accounts. Apart from text messaging, it is possible for you to call all your LINE contacts using the app through a high speed Internet connection.

2. Viber


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Viber is almost the same as WhatsApp because it makes use of the contact numbers on your smarphone so that you can identify users. You will receive a simple access code messaged to your cell phone as a SMS. Then it will access the address book stored on your mobile to find out whether your contacts remain connected to the Viber; then you are instantly connected with all of your contacts. Viber lets you call users, as long as your mobile stays connected with the Internet.

3. Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger app has been with us for some time and is intended to be used with Android as well as iOS. As you remain connected with most of your friends, Facebook Messenger tends to be an excellent WhatsApp alternative. However, there is a disadvantage: you cannot make use of it to interact with a friend of yours who is not logged in to Facebook.

4. KakaoTalk Messenger


KakaoTalk Messenger utilizes your smarphone number in order to send you a verification code as you register yourself for a KakaoTalk account. Then it scans all your contacts to see if there are other users of this app. With KakaoTalk, you can also begin group chats, send audio notes or pictures, as also share contact and calendar information. Kakaotalk lets you make calls too when connected to the Internet.

5. LiveProfile

LiveProfile requires you to have a valid email account first. Then you can add your own smartphone phone number so that other users are able to find as well as contact you. Every LifeProfile account is provided with a LiveProfile PIN, allowing you to share this PIN with others with no need to inform them as to your mobile phone number. It lacks in calling features, although it has standard messaging characteristics so that you get into a group chat as also send videos or pictures.

6. Skype


Skype has contacts with Hotmail accounts as also its contacts, letting you connect with your longtime pals. Apart from the nostalgia this invokes, Skype is also a fine app to make free calls, and permit messaging text with all your contacts. However, you require approved contacts prior to start sending off messages, although its stability and reliability makes this unique app a good alternative.

With all these wide choice of Whatapp alternatives, all smartphone users can have a better time messaging and calling all their friends and contacts.

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