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76% of US Consumers Want E-Waste Recycling

November 20th, 2009 · No Comments

A recent study confirmed that 76% of US consumers want Ewaste recycling.

E-Waste Recycling

A recent study released by Pike Research, a market research and consulting firm, has confirmed that most American electronic consumers are aware of the burgeoning e-waste problem and believe the best course of action is recycling.

In a recent survey conducted among 1,000 electronic consumers in the US, 76% of respondents stated that “recycling is the most appropriate way to handle unused, broken, or obsolete electronics equipment at the end of its useful life.”

Pike Research managing director Clint Wheelock underscored the importance of gauging consumer sentiments, saying:

“In order for the industry to achieve its goals, consumer values, attitudes, and behavior will need to support responsible handling of end-of-life electronics equipment. Popular sentiment is also essential to support the political will of governments as they strive to mitigate e-waste issues through legislation and regulation.”

Who should pay for it?

According to the Pike Research’s study, the actual cost of collecting and recycling a piece of electronic equipment is $20, not $12 as most consumers believe. Who should pay for it?

37% of consumers believe that consumers shouldn’t pay for recycling, 35% think it should be part of the curbside recycling program, while 10% of those surveyed felt that e-waste recycling should be the “producer responsibility” where the maker of the electronic item pays the cost for end of life recycling. It is estimated that the average consumer in the US has 2.8 pieces of unused, broken, or obsolete electronic equipment at home.

For more information about the study by Pike Research, please visit their website at www.pikeresearch.com.

Watch: E-Waste-It’s Our Problem

The issue of cost has become more relevant in recent months as state legislatures across the country have begun enacting laws mandating manufacturers to collect and recycle used, broken, or obsolete electronic equipment. While manufacturers are supportive of the concept of “producer responsibility” for e-waste recycling, some industry trade groups have directly challenged laws ordering manufacturers to collect and recycle their own products.

In New York City, for example, the trade group Consumer Electronics Association and Information Technology Industry Council has filed a lawsuit against NYC’s recently passed law requiring manufacturers to collect and recycle e-waste directly from city residents. While the argument was that direct door-to-door collection would field thousands of trucks in city streets resulting in increased emissions, I can’t help but think that cost is a big issue among these electronic manufacturers.

What do you think? Who should shoulder the cost of e-waste recycling – the manufacturer or electronic consumers?

Your opinion counts, leave a comment below.

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