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Reasons why Blackberry Cell Phones have Dark Future

October 9th, 2012 · No Comments

The main reason why blackberry cell phones have dark future is the big shift  which is taking place to Android and Apple from BlackBerry.

Today’s Mobile Market can be aptly described as a race of three horses, which is extremely competitive and largely focus around these three. Apple, Android, and BlackBerry are the names of these three horses, are the operating systems on which most of the mobile phones run nowadays. Out of which Apple is an operating system that is fully established and has its own elite group at mercy. Android has become mostly popular and is clearly leading in these three types of phones.

What remains is BlackBerry, another equally popular and leading name in the world of Smart Phones, mainly known for devices that are perfectly suited for the business use. BlackBerry and business phones were an inseparable equation and had grabbed broad market share today but is losing its dominance in the near future.

Blackberry Cell Phones

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BlackBerry is a Smartphone manufactured and distributed by well-known Canadian firm Research in Motion (RIM). Behind Apple and Samsung, it is the third highest Mobile Smart Phones producer in the world today.

It is widespread and appealing product among the leading business elites. Topic of this discussion; however, is not about the popularity or usefulness of this product but is about its increasingly problematic potential, significant reduction in popularity and bleak future that beckons.

BlackBerry – Today and tomorrow

 There is simply no denying that BlackBerry is one of the most widely used and preferred business smart phone and has the lion’s share in these types of customers. What is a matter of concern is the fact that there is an increasing fuss being observed on the overall performance of these BlackBerry devices and it is being noticed that big shift is taking place to Android and Apple from BlackBerry.

Real and honest cause of this current decline can be traced back to 2007 when there was a real fight between Apple and Android to grab the market with innovative and new products.

Content with its own business share BlackBerry has never truly felt it necessary to take a further move and have now found them miles behind in the current race.

Blackberry was originally meant for the executives, but in the past few years it has not evolved itself as far as technology is concerned. Later on, Blackberry was turned to the mass-market device and due to lack of technological upgrades; it failed to create the magic.

Where is BlackBerry Failing Now

 Having talked about a turning point in 2007 it remains the topic of discussion that where exactly Research in Motion (RIM) lags behind. It can be safely said that it is an area of prolific production and hardcore innovation that have become a necessity of an age in this increasingly tough competition of smart phones.

Since 2007, Research in Motion (RIM)’s BlackBerry has come up with about 26,000 new applications as compared to million applications from Apple and Android each.

In addition, it should be noticed that there are hardly any pleasing and striking changes in looks and hardware part of the BlackBerry. Software changes, though some are there, are common and ordinary ones.

It can be mentioned that most of customers and buyers of these BlackBerry smart phones belong to business class; it remains a sad fact that innovation is a need of this part of smart phones, irrespective of its users’ class. Push Mails and E-mail alerts, once Blackberry’s unique features, are now available on both Apple and Android and hence BlackBerry seems to have a strong and critical period of future ahead.

Remedies and Conclusion

Though BlackBerry is facing a serious issue of a bleak future, not all is lost. There are still some actions which if taken can create a revolutionary change and can result in a significant change. Reducing the number of total products offered is a place where action can be taken by reducing the number of Smartphones and focusing on rare but elegant products.

Another aspect of improvement is bringing touch screen concept all together which will attract more number of young users. Finally, yet importantly is the point of simplicity and user friendliness, an aspect that certainly has done wonders for Apple and Android users.

Though the future seems shocking today, BlackBerry can certainly make it bright and shining, as well!

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