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Windows Applications for Weather

April 1st, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you some of the best Windows applications for Weather.

Are you one of those Windows phone users who constantly seek to keep track of changing weather updates? The answer, I guess, is probably ‘yes’. Simply because, soaring mercury or torrential rains can very well lead to cancelling of an important appointment or wreck havoc on your much awaited date. There is no doubt that perfect weather forecast helps you to plan & schedule your appointments, personal meetings and pretty much everything you want to do throughout the week. So, here is list of really cool windows applications which will help you to keep track of weather updates in your local area.

Applications for Weather

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This application has all perquisite features. From real-time weather conditions to weather radar to weather alerts, this application brings-in all the best possible features under one umbrella. Apart from providing you accurate information on localized weather conditions, this application gets you daily forecast and severe weather alerts via free email service. This application also crams in ‘WeatherCyclopedia’. It is a digital encyclopedia that enlightens you about all weather concepts and meteorological phenomena in a brief and simple-to-understand language.

Weather Flow

We found this application a complete no no-sense application. What I mean is there is nothing jazzy or over-the-top about interface of this application. It takes help of simple and non-cluttered interface to provide you valuable information like current weather condition and ten day forecast. Via this application you can also keep track of temperatures of other renowned cities across the world. Although it is pretty much a basic weather application, it is still worth having for its simple yet informative interface.

Amazing Weather

Well, firstly you’re bound to ask what makes this application amazing or is it just another basic weather application. There are indeed some distinct features that make this application somewhat amazing. Apart from weather updates, it gives you radar and satellite imagery (non-animated) and hourly weather prediction breakdown. So, in a way it isn’t a merely basic weather application.

Weather Live

This is truly a feature rich application. Just check out the features it offers: weather trend graphs/charts, toast notifications on severe weather, astronomy information and animated radar & satellite images. In my view this is one application that tries to redefine weather applications. So, in case if you’re tired of basic weather applications then you should surely try this application on your windows phone. This application has surely set a new benchmark in weather applications.

Microsoft Weather


As it is pretty evident from name this application is specially designed by Microsoft inc. for windows phone. However, this is very much a basic application. You won’t find any add on or smart features in this application. Just like any other basic application, this also gives you info on current weather conditions, ten day weather forecast and temperature of top cities round the world.

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