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Is Windows Phone Slowly Becoming Serious Threat to Android ?

September 19th, 2012 · No Comments

Here you will find out whether Windows Phone is becoming Threat to Android phones or not. Here’s the comparison between Windows phone vs Android ecosystem.

Those who are planning to buy a smart phone in the coming days, must come across a very difficult question- Which Operating System to go for? At present, there are mainly three mobile Operating Systems that are ruling the market, iOS, Windows and Android. Out of these three, an immense battle has been set out between Google’s Android and Windows phone by Microsoft. Here is a brief comparison between the two.

Basic Features

In the past recent years, Google’s Android has really changed the way of using mobile phones. At present it is one of the leading mobile phone Operating System with its great features. One of the greatest advantages of Android is that it is an Open Source OS. This highly user friendly OS is available in phones of different ranges. This is why it has accumulated fans in various price segments.

On the other hand, although Windows OS operates in a closed ended environment, it has its own benefits within this limitation too. Despite of being a closed ended OS, it offers you the rewarding features which save a lot of your precious time.

Number of Apps

There are the various useful applications that give the smart phones a unique edge over the common phones. When, it comes to apps, Android definitely stays much ahead of Windows phones. Android has at least ten times more free apps than the Windows phones have. Windows phones, as a comparatively new entrant in this field are doing pretty well, however it needs to progress a lot to come to the competition in terms of apps.


In terms of Network used, Android is still leading the race. It was the first OS to bring the 4G network into the market. At present, Android has hundreds of phones that provides 4G network. On the other hand, Windows has currently only three devices that support 4G network. However, the scene will definitely get changed with more phones coming into the picture.

Cloud Service

Being a hot topic in the recent days, Cloud Service is another point of comparison where these Operating System providers are working hard these days. A cloud lets you store your data on a remote server and keeps more than one of your devices in sync with each other. Although Google is a smart player of cloud integration, amazingly Android doesn’t provide direct cloud integration services. To an Android phone, you can access this service with the help of third party apps like Dropbox, Box. Net.

On the other hand, Windows provides its own cloud service and named it as SkyDrive. The interesting fact is that, this service doesn’t come preinstalled in the Windows phones. You will have to install it from a marketplace.

Navigation System

In this segment, Android goes far ahead of Windows phones, all because of its Google Maps navigation system. Windows phones, on the other hand provides the same service with the help of various 3rd party apps, which all fall much behind of Google maps present in the Android phones.

Summing up the comparison, it can be said that, as of now, Android OS is leading the race against Windows phones. However, it will be really interesting to view how Microsoft will tackle this challenge and what are they going to introduce in the coming days. No matter what happens, due to this immense competition, the only winner will definitely be the customers.

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