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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for February 2010 - Total Books Read: 201Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
Tried and True  westley Rannier  Dwight  
"Paige by Paige"  Paige Davis  Becky  
10 Simple Ways to Overcome Shyness  Martin M. Anthony, PH. D   Jonathan  
100 Ways To Simplify Your Life  Joyce Meyer  Sandra  
3 ways to improve your .life  Ron Slyter  Eugenia  
3 ways to improve your life  Ron Styler  Shawnda  
52 Ways To Keep Your Promises  Wayne & Judith Rolfs  Sandra  
90 Minutes in Heaven  Don Piper with Cecil Murphey  Penny  
A Hell of Mercy  Tim Farrington  Mark  
A Kick in the Seat of the Pants  Roger von Oech  Becky  
A Leap of Faith  Lenora Worth  Rebecca  
A New Earth-Awakening to Your Life's Purpose  Eckhart Tolle  Shannon  
A Walk In The Woods, Rediscovering America on …  Bill Bryson  Michael  
Alcoholics Anonymous  Bill  Johnny  
Almost Heaven  Jullian Hart  Rebecca  
amazed by the power of god  frank decenso  Billy  
Amazing Gracie, A Dog's Tale  Dan Dye  Michael  
An Introduction to Wesleyan Theology  William M. Greathouse/H. Ray …  Richard  
At Home with Jesus  Joslyn Wiechmann Moldstad  Karla  
Attitudes that attract Success   Wayne Cordeiro  Maranda  
Attitudes That Attract Success   Wayne Cordeiro  Jonathan  
Basic Christianity  John R.W. Scott  Pamla  
Basic Christianity  John R.W. Stott  Linda  
basic christianity  John Stott  Maranda  
Becoming A Women of Excellence  Cynthia Heard  Elizabeth  
Beyond Basic Dog Training  Diane Bauman  Michael  
Beyond The Mountain  Steve House  Michael  
Blessed Beyond Measure  Gloria Copeland  Phyllis  
Breaking Free  Beth Moore  Sandra  
Bringing Out The Best in People  Alan loy McGinns  Linda  
Bringing Out The Best in People  Aubrey Daniels  Jonathan  
Buy Ketchup In Maqy  Mark Di VCCincenzo  Sandra  
Captivating  John & Stasi Eldredge  Karla  
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life  Daniel G. Amen   Tracy  
Chicken Soup for the christian soul 2  Jack Canfield   
Chicken Soup for the Soul  Campbell's Select  Pamla  
Chicken Soup for the Soul  Canfield and Hanson  Sarina  
choices and consequences  dick schaefer  Nick  
Debt You're Fired Wealth You're Hired  Greg E. Petsch  Jorge  
Don't die a Caterpillar  Lance Johnson  Jessica  
Don't Give It Away!  Iyanla Vanzant  Tracy  
dont sweat guide for newly weds  Richard carlson  Dwight  
Dreams  David Doughty  Charles  
Eat Fat, Lose Weight  Ann Louise Gittleman   Jonathan  
Endangered  Joann Christopher Arnold  Shawnda  
Endangered  Johann Christoph Arnold  Eugenia  
Essentials of Discipline  Dr. James Dobson  Mark  
Experiments in Practical Spirituality  Mark A. Thurston,Ph.D  Eugenia  
fasting made easy   don colbert  Billy  
Fasting Madev Easy  Don Colbert,MD  Mark  
Fat Flush Plan  Ann Louise Gittleman  Karla  
Financial Peace  Dave Ramsey  Sandra  
Fish  Stephen Lundin  Sarina  
Fish  Stephen Lundin  Charles  
Food Rules, An Eaters Manual  Michael Pollan  Michael  
For Young Women Only: What You Need to Know …  Shaunti Feldhahn & Lisa Rice  Tracy  
Forget the 7 Habits and Break All the Rules  Trapper Woods and Mark Woods  Elizabeth  
Found-God's Will  John MacArthur  Shannon  
Freedom from Bondages  Marilyn Hicky  Gina  
Friends  Ellyn Sanna  Linda  
From Bad Beginnings to Happy Endings  Ed Young  Brandy  
From the Apostles to Wesley  William M. Greathouse  Richard  
Gesture of Balance  Tarthang Tulku  Gina  
God is in the Small Stuff  Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz  Robin  
God said it dont sweat it  Neil Clark Warren  Eugenia  
God's Best for a Father's Success  L Countryman  Pamla  
God's Bestform A father's Success  Thomas Nelson  Linda  
God's Inspirational Promises  Max Lucado  Becky  
God's Lost Children  Sister Mary Rose McGeady  Robin  
God's Lost Children  Mary Rose McGeady  Karla  
God's Psychiatry  Charles Allen  Jessica  
God's Psychiatry  Charles L. Allen  Gina  
greater works  smith wigglesworth  Nick  
Growing up firstborn  Dr. Kevin Leman  Elizabeth  
Growing up firstborn  Dr. Kevin Leman  Kaytra  
He-Motions  T.D. Jakes  Sandra  
Healing Anger  The Dalai Lama   Jonathan  
Healing Anger  The Dalai Lama  Gina  
Heaven Close Encounters of the God Kind  Jesse Duplantis  Michelle  
Hidden Prophecies in the Song of Moses  JR Church  Eugenia  
How To Become A Rainmaker  Jeffrey J. Fox  Phyllis  
How To Change Someone You Love  Brad LAMM  Sandra  
How to clean practically anything  consumer reports  Jessica  
Husband and Wifes The Best of Friends  Otis and Deigie Andrews  Elizabeth  
I'm Proud of You  Tim Madigan  Cindi  
if tomorrow never comes  marlo shalesky  Jessica  
In Defense Of Food, An Eater's Manifesto  Michael Pollan  Michael  
Intimacy with the Almighty  Charles Swindoll  Jessica  
It Starts With You!!  Julie Austin  Tracy  
It's Just A Thought  John Maxwell  Pamla  
Keep Yourselfs in Gods Love  Watch Tower Bible of PA  Sarina  
Killing time  LInda Howard  Rebecca  
Knowing the Heart of the Father  David Eckman  Karla  
Laughter is the Spice of Life  Patsy Clairmont  Michelle  
Left Behind  Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins  Rebecca  
Left Behind  TIm LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins  Elizabeth  
Life Lessons  Elizabeth Kubler Ross  Sarina  
Life's Interruptions-God's Opportunities  Larry Jones  Phyllis  
Little Girl Lost  Leisha Joseph  Shannon  
Love Comes Softly  Janette Oke  Elizabeth  
Love Comes Softly  Janette Oke  Kaytra  
Love Letters From God  Connie Witter  Elizabeth  
Love's Enduring Promise  Janette Oke  Elizabeth  
Love's Long Journey  Janette Oke  Elizabeth  
Made For Heaven  C.S. Lewis  Mark  
Managing your household like wall street  Benjiman Gantry  Dwight  
Meeting the Dawn at Jimmy's Egg  Randall Faulkner  Steve  
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus  John Gray   
Mentor  Tom Pace  John  
Minute Motivators For Leaders  Stan Toler  Rebecca  
More than a Hobby  David Green  Josiah  
My Brilliant Body  Guy MacDonald  Mark  
my budget organizer  Sandra Graves  Dwight  
My Father's Hand  Naomi Reed Rhode  Pamla  
My Little book About Jesus  Lynette Douglas  Linda  
My little Book about Jesus  Ltnette Douglas  Pamla  
Nicolae-3rd in series   Tim LaHaye & Jerry B Jenkins  Rebecca  
one magical sunday ( but winning isn't …  Phil Mickelson w/ Donald T. …  Jason  
One Person Multiple Careers  Marci Alboher  Jorge  
People Power(Life's Lessons on Relationships)  John Maxwell  Kaylynn  
Personhood  Leo Buscaglia  Shannon  
Pulling Weeds To Picking Stocks  The Beatty Boys  Phyllis  
Puppy Perfect, The User Friendly Guide To Puppy …  Sarah Hodgson  Michael  
putting away childish things  david seamands  Nick  
Recovering from Losses in Life  H.Norman Wright  Richard  
Recovery from Rescuing  Jaqueline Castine   Maranda  
Road to Heaven  Bill Porter  Eugenia  
Roaring Silence  Ngakpa Chogyam and Khandro Dechen  Gina  
Roaring Silence  Ngakpa Chogyam and Khandro Dechen  Gina  
Roses are Red  Rose Anne Daniels  Jessica  
Scientology  L. Ron Hubbard  Gina  
scion owners manual  toyota  Billy  
scion warrenty info  toyota  Billy  
Secrets of The Vine   Bruce Wilkinson  Pamla  
Self Analysis  L. Ron Hubbard  Gina  
Shepherding Horses  Kent Humphreys  Steve  
Sight Unseen  BUdd Hopkins & Carol Rainey  Lester  
Soul WinningNot What You Do, It's What You Are  Jack Exum  Elizabeth  
soul-winning made easy  c.s. lovett  Nick  
Stop Blaming, Start Loving!: A …  Patricia Hudson O'Hanlon & Bill …  Tracy  
Storm Warning  Nancy Mathis  Becky  
Stripped  Jud Wilhite  Shawnda  
Stripped  Jud Wilhite  Eugenia  
succeed and grow rich through persuasion  napoleon hill  Tom  
Surprisingly Simple:Independant contractor, …  Mike Piper  Cindi  
Taking Care of the Me in Mommy  Lisa Whelchel  Shannon  
The Anonymous Press Mini Addition of …  The Anonymous Press   
The Appearing  Shawn Boonstra  Elizabeth  
The Bible Incorporated - In Your Life, Job & …  Michael Q. Pink  Jorge  
The Christmas Shoes  Donna VaqnLiere  Tamika  
The Christmas Shoes  Donna VanLiere  Shawnda  
The Christmas Shoes  Donna VanLiere  Rebecca  
The Civil War in Photographs  William C. Davis  Becky  
The Complete Guide To Google Advertising  Bruce Brown  Michael  
The Essential Pasta Cookbook   Whitecap Books   Charles  
The Fat Flush Foods   Ann Louise Gittleman  Jonathan  
The Five Love Languages  Gary Chapman  Travis  
The Five Love Languages  Gary Chapman  Suzanne  
The Gentle Art of a Servent's Heart  Charles Swindoll  Charles  
The Gentle Art of a Servent's Heart  Charles Swindoll  Sarina  
The Gladiators  Fik Meijer  Lester  
The Good News about Heaven  Charles L. Allen  Karla  
The Great Game of Business  Jack Stack  Steve  
The Greatest Salesman in the World  Og Mandino  Shannon  
The Hiding Place  Corrie Ten Boon  Elizabeth  
The Love Game  Pattie Schultz  Dwight  
The Master Plan of Evangelism  Robert E. Coleman  Joe  
The Mentor(The Kid&The CEO)  Tom Pace w/ Walter Jenkins  Kaylynn  
The Money Answer Book  Dave Ramsey  Mark  
The Money Answer Book  Dave Ramsey  Deanna  
The only way to finicial freedom  Gary Hyatt  Dwight  
The Pearlmaker  Jim and Judson Cornwall  Pamla  
The Power Of Nice  Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval  Sandra  
The Prayer of Jabez  Bruce Wilkinson  Becky  
The problems of Work  L. Ron Hubbard  Eugenia  
The problems of work  L. Ron Hobbs  Shawnda  
the purpose driven life  rick warren  Nick  
The Real Warren Buffett  James O'Loughlin  Steve  
The Slight Edge  Jeff Olson  Jorge  
The Spellbinders Gift  Og Mandino  Josiah  
The Treasure Within  Lee Rollins  Eugenia  
They Must Be Stopped  Brigitte Gabrielle  Jack  
This Day is the Lord's  Corrrie Ten Boon  Becky  
This Functional Family  Jimmy Evans  Eugenia  
three ways to improve  ron slyteer  Kaytra  
Through The Blood and Through the flood  Kirk A Dubois  Elizabeth  
Tribulation Force  Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins  Rebecca  
True Believer  Nicholas Sparks  Rebecca  
Trusting God In A Twisted World  Elisabeth Elliot  Phyllis  
Victory is Mine!  Barbera Johnson  Jessica  
We're All Doing Time  Bo Lozoff  Karla  
what did i do wrong?what can i do now?  william backus  Nick  
When your world is coming apart.  Donald W   Rebecca  
Why They Hate  Briggette Gabriel  Jack  
Wisdom on Making Good Decisions  Mark Matlock  Mark  
Wo Am I In Jesus  Sarah Hornsby  Karla  
Women Who Love To Much  Robin Norwood  Tracy  
You Don't Have To Learn Everything The Hard Way  Laya Saul  Tracy  
You Don't Have To Learn Everything The Hard Way  Laya Saul  Tracy  
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