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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for September 2010 - Total Books Read: 151Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
100 ways to strengthen &unify our country  Jenniffer Lee  Nathaniel  
13 laps to victory  stormie omartian  Nick  
A Better Way To Live  Og Mandino  Thomas  
a time trap  richard neil  Lamar  
A woman for gods glory  Anna-mary Byler  Vickie  
Always Looking UP  Michael J. Fox  Danise  
An Angel By Yourside  Publications International  Chandra'  
analyzing the market  rachell mitchell  Dwight  
Angels over oklahoma city  Ramona Mcdonald  Shawnda  
Another Day Another Challenge  Marjorie Strebe  Etta  
Art of War  Sun Ztu  Craig  
As we Remember  anonymous  Mary  
Aunt Erma's Cope Book  Erma Bombeck  Danise  
Avoiding Shipwreck in you Relationships  Cathy Corle  Elizabeth  
Battle field of the mind  Joyce meyers  Vickie  
be prepared a practical handbook for new dads  gary greenberg  Jonathan  
becoming a leader  Dr. Miles Moroe  David  
becoming a leader  Dr. Miles Monroe  David  
believe in a miricale  micheal truss  Lamar  
bob barker  digby diehl  Etta  
build a powerful brand to achieve career success  dan schawbell  Jonathan  
Called to Serve  Richard A Burpee  Steve  
came to believe  A A lit  Etta  
Cancer: 50 essential things to do   Greg Anderson  Catherine  
Cesar's Rules  Cesar Millan  Catherine  
Chasing Roses  Judy Frazier  Michael  
Chicken Soup For The Prisoners Soul  Jack Canfield  Kimberly  
Church Shopping  Barbara Stanson  Linda  
churchill's speeches  ian goldstein  Billy  
Cover Girls  Bishop T.D. Jakes  Chandra'  
Crazy Love  Francis Chan  Danise  
Deep Water  E.M. Kahn  Tempest  
Disasters  Brenda Z. Guiberson  Lester  
Dogs 101 Adorable Breeds  Rachael Hale  Catherine  
Dont Dread  Joyce Meyers  Vickie  
Dreaming  Greg Fields  Dwight  
Dressed to Kill  Rick Renner  Chadnra'  
Earning Success  Bill Lisowski  Michael  
Euler's Gem  David S. Richeson  Roger  
Every Day Counts  Maria Sirois  Linda  
Faith To Faith  Kenneth and Gloria Copeland  Michael  
Finding Peace Within-A book for people in need  EG White,L Munilla,CE Wheeling  Lugenia  
Forty days of seeking God   Gregory Reed Frizzell  Shawnda  
free money they dont want you to know about  kevin trudeau  Jessica  
Give Yourself the Answers  Dr. Dlugokinski  Patrick  
God Isn't temporary  Jim Clouse  Michael  
God Uses Cracked Pots  Patsy Clairmont  Beth  
God's Little Instruction Book Original  David C.Cook  Nathaniel  
God,s Answers To Life,s Difficult Questions  Rick Warren  Mary  
Gods Leading Lady  T.D. Jakes  Chandra  
Going All The Way  Craig Groeschel  Steve  
Happy for no Reason  Marci Shimoff  Beth  
heart f Darkness & The Secret Sharer  Joseph Conrad  Tempest  
Home Where I Belong   BJ Thomas and Jerry B Jenkins  Danise  
HOPE  Joel Rothschild  Mary  
How full is your bucket?  Tom Rath&Don Clifton  Shawnda  
How To Get Your Point Across  Milo O Frank  Linda  
How To Pay For College With Money Left To Retire  Scott Kramer  Tracy  
How To Pay For College With Money Left To Retire  Scott L. Kramer, SPHR Sandra  
how to win friends and influence people  daale carngie  Etta  
Hugs for friends  LeAnn Weiss  Tempest  
hugs from Heaven  G.A Myers  Mary  
Keeping Faith  Jodi Picoult  Tempest  
Life is real  Gill Nelson  Michael  
Living a meaningful Life  Sherry Boettcher  Linda  
Living Life Without Limits  TD Jakes  Tracy  
London Under Bombardment  liv jacobson  Billy  
MENTOR  Tom Pace  Kimiko  
mentor and the kid  tom pace  Etta  
Mentor-The Kid and the Ceo  Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins  Lugenia  
More Than Make up  Pat Fortberry  Linda  
Moses: The Revelation and the Covenant  Martin Buber  Craig  
nobody's perfect  willard hill  Lamar  
one less thing to worry about  jerrilyn ross  Etta  
oscars red carpet photos  various  Billy  
Parent Power  Logan Wright Ph.D  Sandra  
Photos from the first washington conference  frank jacobs  Billy  
Please Make Me Cry  Cookie Rodriguez  Kimberly  
Pody Poe  Pody Poe w/ co-author  Jay  
Power for Living  S. Demoss Foundation  Lugenia  
Power Play  Mike Brock  Elizabeth  
Princess Within  Serita Jakes  Chandra  
Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks  The Beatty Boys   
Pulling weeds to Picking Stocks  The Beatty Boys  Thomas  
Rescuing Black America  Albert Bimper  Sandra  
Rich Toward God  Dr Kregg Hood  Steve  
Rights of Man  Thomas Paine  Craig  
Rights of Man  Thomas Paine  Craig  
Rights of Man  Thomas Paine  Craig  
Rookie Dad  Susan Fox  Sandra  
Rows of Sharon  Sharon Rose  Julie  
Ruby  Laurainne Snelling  Kimberly  
scream free Parenting  Hal Runkel  Shawnda  
Secrets Of America's Richest Investors  Adrian Day  Suzanne  
Sex,sacrifice,shame & smiting  Donald Kraus  Lester  
Signs and Wonders  Albert Gaulden  Tempest  
Spin Selling  Neil Rackham  Danise  
Stewardship  Steven Demme  Joe  
Stewardship  Steven Demme  Joe  
Stewardship Of Talent  Stan Toler  Linda  
Stupid ways, Smart Ways to Think About God  Michael Shevack & Jack Bemporad  Craig  
Tea time stories for women  linda shepherd  Vickie  
teaching hope  erin gruwell  Tom  
The 4-Hour Workweek  Timothy Ferriss  Jorge  
the bait of satan  john bevere  Nick  
The Captivity Of Activity  Beth Moore  Nick  
The Cross and the Switchblade  David Wilkerson  Kimberly  
the edge of the devine  sandi patti  Jessica  
The fear of losing  John Mansy  Michael  
the freedom writers diary  erin gruwell and the freedom …  Tom  
The Greatest Discovery Of My Life  Max Lucado  Nick  
The Greatest Miracle In The World  Og Mandino  Rebecca  
The Kid and The CEO  Tom Pace  Roshawna  
The Lady the Lord is Looking For....  Cathy Corle  Elizabeth  
The Last Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their …  Jim Gorurt  Catherine  
the last song  nicolas sparks  Beth  
the life you long for  beth moore  Nick  
the magic of why  lynne hardin  Tom  
The Myth of Multitasking  Dave Crenshaw  Vickie  
The Nazi Officer's Wife  Edith H. Beer  Shawnda  
The Path  Laurie Beth Jones  Vickie  
The Power of a Prying Woman  Stormie O'Martan  Chandra'  
The Prophets  Abraham Heschel  Craig  
the race  james monroe  Dwight  
the race   james monroe  Dwight  
the real good book  Greg Fields  Dwight  
The Richest Man in Babylon  George S. Clason  Thomas  
the sales leaders playbook  nathan jamail  Jason  
the sandler rules  david mattson  Jessica  
The Secret  Rhonda Byrne  Nathaniel  
THE SHACK  William Paul Young  Kimiko  
The Traveler's Gift  Andy Andrews  Craig  
The Volunteer Revolution   Bill Hybels  Brandy  
Therefore I Am  Frederick Covington  Nathaniel  
they walked with him  donna vanliere  Beth  
Though None Go With Me  Jerry B Jenkins  Beth  
Time Power  Brian Tracy  Beth  
Victorious love  Larry Burd  Shawnda  
What Does your Doctor Look Like Naked? Your …  J Warren Willey II  Elizabeth  
Where we got the Bible   Henry Graham  Tracy  
Who is GOD?  CS Cowles  Danise  
Whose Best Interest  Rene Howitt  Tempest  
Why Can't You Read My Mind  Jeffrey Bernstein & Susan  Tracy  
winston churchill  douglas reed  Billy  
Women who love too much  Robin Norwood  Mary  
Women's Secrets  Dr. LaJoyce Martin  Suzanne  
wright brothers first filght  jason andrews  Billy  
your best life now...for moms  joel osteen  Nick  
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