Cell Phones 4 Churches needs used cell phones.
Help your Church and make some money.

Sell Your Phone

Cell Phones 4 Churches is committed to helping churches continue or expand their ministries.

Simply put, when you sell your cell phones, you will get paid up to $300 for each phone and your church will receive cash up to $50 per phone.

When we receive a phone that has no market value, we responsibly recycle it according to EPA standards.

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2 Easy Steps to Sell Your Phone and Support Your Church

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CellPhones4Churches.org helps people in need. Our goal is to help churches expand their ministries and to provide cell phones to those who need them. Communication is key in every relationship and can rapidly improve quality of life. Cell phones we receive go to pastors, low-income families, chaplains, missionaries and other people who are in need of cell phones.

Please send your cell phones as soon as possible.

A trip to Rwanda - made possible by the sale of used cell phones

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Email: info@cellphones4churches.org

Phone: 1-877-554-0007

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