We are used or old cell phone brokers. ""Our goal is to make sure that every person who comes in contact with the PaceButler Corporation benefits in a positive way."" (Tom Pace, CEO)
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PaceButler Reading Program

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, child rearing, financial, and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

Because of a suggestion made by Elizabeth Krienke in our Personal Development Class (7:30–9:00 each Monday morning), we now post every book our employees are reading and allow them to share their insights – the knowledge and lessons they are learning, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

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Books Read for September 07 - Book Count: 161

Title Author Reader
Breakfast With Billy Graham  Billy Graham  Lyle  
12 steps for the recovering pharisee  john fischer  Dave  
360-Degree Leader  John Maxwell  Jonathan  
611 ways to get more done in a day  Stephanie Culp  Larry  
A Divine Revelation of Heaven  Mary K Baxter  Richard  
A Life with Purpose  George Mair  Chase  
A Look At Lexington  Lynn and Fred Mullins  Richard  
A Nation Transformed by Information  Alfred Chandler and James Cortada  Don  
a new pair of glasses  Chuck C & AA  Joan  
A New Pair of Glassess  Chuck C  Curley  
A Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Joan  
A Quest for Answers- The Davinci Code  Josh McDowell  Sylvia  
against the grain   ray waddle  Dave  
All things are Possible  Sue Monk Kidd  Sarah  
America At Odds   Edward Sidlow, Beth Henschen  Erica  
An Offer I Couldn't Refuse  LaVerne Tripp/Carl Morris  Betty  
Apollo 13  Jim Lovell & Jeffrey Klugeger  Anita  
Austria  Sean Sheehan  Peggy  
Austria  Sean Sheehan  Peggy  
Biography Of George Washington  Lenny Hort  .P.K  
Closing The Gap  Todd Duncon  Melissa  
Come Be My Follower  Watchtower & Bible Tract Society  Cindi  
Conversations with My Dog  Zig Zigler  Pamela  
Courageous Leadership  Bill Hybels  Don  
Customer Loalty How To Earn It, How To Keep It  Jill Griffin  Anita  
Customer Loalty How To Earn It, How To Keep It  Jill Griffin  Anita  
Daddys Little Girls  T.D. Jakes  Loriette  
Daughters of the Desert  Claire Murphy,Meghan Sayres, …  Lora  
Doing Business by the Good Book  David L Steward  Don  
Don't throw Away Tomorrow  Robert Schuller  Tom  
DRUGS: The Facts about COCAINE  Suzanne LeVert  Geralyn  
Eat & Stay Thin  Joyce Meyer  Peggy  
Ego7 Manuel  Jack Woods  Justin  
Einstein's Universe  Nigel Calder  John  
Engineering Design and Problem Solving  Steven K. Howell  Justin  
Engineering Design and Problem Solving  Stven K. Howell  Justin  
Engineering Success  Peter Schiavone  Justin  
Fear Less  Gavin DeBecker  Amanda  
Financial Peace  Dave Ramsey  Jarral  
Flash Hacks - 100 Industrial Strength Tips  Sham Bhangal  Sondra  
Forever Changed  Marsha Kight  Sue  
Forgotten Prayers  Gregg Olsen  Lester  
From My People   Daryl Cumber Dance   Erica  
getting the gospels  steven l. bridge  Dave  
Getting To Yes  Roger Fisher & William Ury  Anita  
Getting To Yes  Roger Fisher & William Ury  Anita  
Getting To Yes  Roger Fisher and William Ury  Sandra  
God Came Near  Max Lucado  Peggy  
God Came Near  Max Lucado  Peggy  
God Is In Control  Charles Stanley  Peggy  
God's Word for Simple Abundance  Dan & Nancy Dick  Karen  
GOG HAS A DREAM  Desmond Tutu  Pat  
Grace for the Moment  Max Lucado  Don  
Greatest Miracle in the World  OG Mandino  Tyler  
Grinding It Out  Ray Kroc  Tyler  
Handbook for the Soul  Richard Carlson  Richard  
Haynes Repair Manuel  Haynes  Justin  
Hello From Heaven  Bill & Judy Guggenheim  Sue  
Hinds' Feet on High Places  Hannah Hurnard  Michaela  
His Needs Her Needs  Willard F. Harley, Jr.  Pamala  
His Needs, Her Needs  Willard F. Harley, Jr.  Joni  
How To Be Like Women With Influence  Pat and Ruth Williams/ Michael Mink  Maria  
how to develop self confedince & influence …  Dale Carnegie  Jarral  
How to Listen To God  Charles Stanley  Melissa  
How To Succeed With Your Money  George M. Bowman  John  
its not about the bike  lance armstrong  Chase  
John F. Kennedy  Howard Kaplan  Joan  
John F. Kennedy: A Photographic Story of a Life  Howard S. Kaplan  Geralyn  
John F. Kennedy:Photo. Story of a Life  Howard S. Kaplan  Jordan  
Junkie  William S. Borroughs  Jordan  
Junky  William S Burroughs  Peggy  
Keep It Simple  Hazelden Meditations  Tracy  
Kon-Tiki  Thor Heyerdahl  John  
Ladership Secrets Of Attila The Hun  Wess Roberts, Ph.D  Anita  
Laying It On The Line With God  Charlie Walton  Tracy  
laying it on the line with God  charlie walton  Dave  
Life Freaks Me Out and Then I deal with it  K.L Hong  Erika  
Little Black Book Of Conections  Jeffrey Gitomer's  William  
Little Gold Book of YES Attitude  Jeffrey Gitomer  Pamela  
Lord Let Me Love  Marjorie Holmes  Sandra  
Mary, Queen of Angels  Janice Connell  Karen  
Men are from mars women are from venus  John Gray  Michelle  
Menter The Ked & The CEO  Tom Pace  Michaela  
Mentor  Tom Pace   Jarral  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Sondra  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Loriette  
Mentor   Tom Pace  Carolyn  
Mentor   Tom Pace  Carolyn  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Amanda  
Mentor The kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Larry  
Mentor: The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace   Roman  
Mighty Rough Times, I tell You  Andrea Sutcliffe  Sue  
Mighty Rough Times, I Tell You  Andea Sutcliffe  Anita  
Money Doesn't Grow on Trees  Neale S. Godfrey  Larry  
Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot  Richard Restak, M.D.  John  
my husband, my lover, and my fried  td jakes  Loriette  
Night  Elie Wiesel  Lora  
One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard and Spancer Johnson  Kitina  
One More Mission  Oliver L. North & David Roth  Anita  
Opposing Veiwpoints:Humanity's Future  Edited by Louise Gerdes  Jordan  
Parenting  D. Roberts  Alison  
Peace With God  Billy Graham  Melissa  
Practical Parenting Tips  Vicki Lansky  Lora  
Pray or Become Prey  Pastor Alvin Simpkins & Pastor …  Tracy  
Pray or Become Prey  Pastor Alvin Simpkins & Lee Hall  Amanda  
Radio Production Worktext   David E. Reese, Lynne S. Gross, …  Erica  
Rise & Walk  Dennis Byrd with Michael D'Orso  Anita  
Sell Like a Pro  Arthur Jerry Griffith  Glen  
Sex God  Rob Bell  Will  
siddartha  herman hesse  Jarral  
Sly Moves  Sylvester Stallone  Ryan  
Speak To Win  Georgiana Peacher  Maria  
Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law   Norm Goldstein  Erica  
TAKE A LESSON   Caroline V. Clarke  Richard  
Taming the Spirited Child  Dr Michael Popkin  Lora  
Telling Secrets  Fredrick Buechner  Joni  
Ten Ways To Slow Down And Enjoy The Things That …  Elaine St. James  Maria  
The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change …  Don Failla  Richard  
the christian scientists  jean kinney williams  Dave  
The Coming Cashless Society  Thomas Ice& Timothy Demy  Sue  
The Coming Cashless Society  Thomas Ice &Timothy Demy  Larry  
The Dynamic Laws of Creative Selling  Tom Leding  Maria  
The Dynamic Laws of Creative Selling  Tom Leding  Maria  
The Elders Which Are Among You  Bobby Duncan  Sandra  
The Five Love Languages  Gary Chapman  Damon  
The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle  Jim Rohn  Sarah  
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Geralyn  
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Davone  
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Sylvia  
The Greatest Miracle in the world  OG MANDINO  Kitina  
The Greatest Saleman in the World  Og Mandino  Davone  
The Hiding Place  Corrie Ten Boom  Michaela  
The Jefferson Scandals, A Rebuttal  Virginius Dabney  Peggy  
The Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Kenyana  
The Kid and the Mentor  Tom Pace  Jeri  
The Leadership Lessons Of Jesus  Bob Briner& Ray Pritchard  Tracy  
The Magic of Goals  Ronald Reynolds  Josiah  
The Magic of Goals  Ronald Reynolds  Tracy  
The Magic of Thinking Big  David J. Schwartz  John  
The Making of A Leader  Dr. J. Robert Clinton  Roman  
The Mentor  Tom Pace  Alicia  
The Mentor   Tom Pace  Rachel  
The Mentor  Pace  Lori  
The Message  Eugene H. Peterson  William  
The Millionaire Next Door  Thomas J. Stanley and William D. …  Josiah  
The Millionaire Next Door  Thomas J. Stanley  Richard  
The Millionaire Next Door  Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. and …  John  
The One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson  Jenna  
The One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard  Davone  
The One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard  Curley  
The Prayer that Changes Everything  Stormie Omartian  Davone  
The Slight Edge  Jeff Olson  Ryan  
The Ultimate Comeback  Tommy Tenney  Betty  
The Upside of Down  Joseph M Stowell  Anita  
There are no soulmates  M.W  Michelle  
thomas edison  george sullvin  Glen  
Throne Room Company  Shawn Bolz  Jonathan  
unleashing the ideavirus  seth godin  Chase  
Victory Over The Darkness-Realizing The Power …  Neil T. Anderson  Geralyn  
Who Was Ronald Reagan  Joyce Milton  Sylvia  
Your Greatest Power  J. Martin Kohe  Alison  
Every phone sold will turn into a donated book