We are used or old cell phone brokers. ""Our goal is to make sure that every person who comes in contact with the PaceButler Corporation benefits in a positive way."" (Tom Pace, CEO)
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PaceButler Reading Program

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, child rearing, financial, and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

Because of a suggestion made by Elizabeth Krienke in our Personal Development Class (7:30–9:00 each Monday morning), we now post every book our employees are reading and allow them to share their insights – the knowledge and lessons they are learning, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

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Books Read for September 09 - Book Count: 129

Title Author Reader
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  Stephen R. Covey  Tamika  
31 Days of Praise  Warren Myer  Robin  
7 Prayers  Stormie Omartia  Sreffie  
A long Way home  Cassandra Oaks   Barbara  
Adolf HItler  John Toland  Lester  
An Encounter with a Prophet  Clyde A. Lewis  Chanda  
Are you really a Christian  Harold T. Cluck  Tivoli  
Battlefield Of the Mind  Joyce Myer  Linda  
Battlefield of the Mind  Joyce Meyer  Robin  
Beauty for Ashes  Joyce Meyer  Chanda  
Becoming A Woman of Prayer   Cynthia Heald   Maranda  
Between the Sheets  Juanita Bynum  Tamika  
Bible Reading for Mothers   Mildred Tengbom  Steffie  
Bible Reading For Mothers  Mildred Tengbom  Linda  
Bible Readings For Mothers  Mildred Tengbom  Tana  
Bible Readings for Mothers  Mildred Tengbom  Jessica  
Bible Readings For Mothers  Mildred Tengbom  Phyllis  
Breaking Free  Beth Moore  Jessica  
Calm my anxious Heart  Linda Dillow  Tivoli  
children learn what they live  dorothy nolte  Tom  
Daddy Love His Girls  T.D. Jakes  Chanda  
Don't Waste Your life  John Piper  Barbara  
dr bob and the good oldtimers  A.A.  Phillip  
Embraced by the Light  Betty J. Eadie  Dani  
Five Simply Steps to Emotional Healing  Gloria Arenson  Tracy  
Freedmon from Myself  Fay Barlow  Steffie  
Freedom From Myself  Fay Barlow's   Donlataye  
Freedom From myself  Fay Barlow   Maranda  
From Faith to Faith  Kenneth & Gloria Copeland  Chanda  
Get out of the Pit  Beth Moore  Brooke  
Get Rich Stay Rich Pass It On  Catherine McBreen, & George …  Tracy  
Glass Slippers  Marti Purham  Barbara  
God Has A Dream For Your Life  Sheila Walsh  Sandra  
God's Eye View  Tommy Tenney  Steffie  
God's roadmap for new beginnings  Max Lucado  Jessica  
Good Health Through Age 120  Dr. Marcus Laux  Phyllis  
Good Health Thru Age 120  Dr mMarcus Laux  Mary  
Grace Givers  David Jeremiah  Elizabeth  
Great Things He Has Done  James Browning  Rebecca  
Her Life And Works In Her Own Words  Peace Pilgrim  Barbara  
How to have Confidence and power in dealing …  Les Giblin  Maranda  
How to have confidenceand power in dealing with …  Les Giblin  Phyllis  
How to have confidenceand power in dealing with …  Les Giblin  Kaytra  
I Am What I Ate   Bill Cosby  Sandra  
In the Midst of the Flames  Dr. Lois E. Charles  Tivoli  
It's Not About Me  Max Lucado  Donlataye  
Language of the Heart  Bill Wilson  Lester  
Learning to Sing   Clay Aiken  Tracy  
Learning To Sing  Clay Aiken  Sandra  
Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout  RIck Rigsby  Elizabeth  
Life Interruptions God's Opportunities  Larry Jones  Donlataye  
Life Study Genesis Volume 1  Witness Lee  Phillip  
Life Study Genesis Volume 2  Witness Lee  Philllip  
Life's Interruptions God's Opportunities  Larry Jones  Rebecca  
Life's Interruptions God's Opportunities  Larry Jones  Steffie  
Life's Interruptions, God's Opportunities  Larry Jones  Linda  
Living In The Spiritual Zone  Gary Quinn  Dani  
Mary Kay Ash Miracles Happen  Mary Kay Ash  S  
mentor  Tom Pace   Maranda  
Mentor The Kid & CEO   Tom Pace  Larhonda  
Mentor the kid and the ceo  tom pace  Tamika  
Messages from your Angels  Doreen Virtue  Mary  
Monday Morning Leadership  David Cottrell  Joe  
NCLEX Review  Nancy DiDona  Sarina  
No Limits: The Will To Succeed  Michael Phelps  Josiah  
No More Sheets  Juanita Bynum  Chanda  
Not Easily Broken  T.D. Jakes  Chanda  
Obrien  Dr Marcus Laux   
one minuite manager  ken blanchard  James  
One Word From God Can Change Your Destiny  Kenneth And Gloria Copland  Linda  
pass it on  A.A.  Phillip  
Peace Like A River  Leif Enger  Donlataye  
Peace with God  Billy Graham  Barbara  
Personality Plus  Florence Littauer  Dani  
Plan B...Further Thoughts on Faith  Anne Lamont  Lisa  
Positive Impact  Gregory Scott Reid  Sandra  
Power in Praise  Kenneth Hagin Jr  Steffie  
Publisize your Book  Dr. Holman  Michael  
Race Matters   Cornel West   Kamela  
Reduce Me To Love  Joyce Meyer  Jessica  
Romans Becoming New In Christ  Jack Kuhatschek  Barbara  
Secerts of the Fine  Bruce Wilkinson  Linda  
Secrets From The Book  J.Stephen Long  Maranda  
Secrets Of The Vine  Bruce Wilkinson  Phyllis  
Secrets to exceptional living  Joyce Meyer  Maranda  
Self Matters Creating Your Life from the Inside …  Phil McGraw  Tracy  
Stop Dating the Church Fall in ove with the …  joshua Harris  Elizabeth  
Strong and Healthy Oklahoma  OK State department of Health  Sarina  
Swimsuit  James Patterson  Donlataye  
Test Success  Patricia Nugent  Sarina  
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  Stephen R. Covey  Tracy  
The Bait of Satan  John Bevere  Tivoli  
The Bait of Satan  John Bevere  Tivoli  
The Christian Home In The 70's  George W. Knight  Sandra  
The E Myth Revisisted  Michael E. Gerber  Sandra  
The First-Time Managers guide to Team Building  Gary S Topchik  Cindi  
the five people you meet in heaven  Mitch Albom  Robin  
The Friendship Factor  Dr. Alan Loy McGinnis  Dani  
The Greatest Micracle in the World  Og Mandino  Joe  
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Takang  
The Greatest Salesman In The World  Og Mandino  Jack  
The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes  Theodora Lau  Dante  
The Harlem Reader  Herb Boyd  Kamela  
The Heroe's Trail A Guide for a Heroic Life  T.A. Barron  S  
The Masters Men  William Barclay   
The Nursing Experience  Lucille Joel  Sarina  
The Pampered Chef  Doris Christopher  Phyllis  
The Prayer of Jesus  Hank Hanegraaff  Elizabeth  
The Present  Spencer Johnson  Brandy  
The Richest Man in Babylon  George Clason  Lisa  
The Shack  william p young  Maranda  
The Shack  WM.Paul Young  Tivoli  
The Strangest Secert  Earl Nightingale  Linda  
The Strangest Secret  Earl Nightingale  Donlataye  
The Tuskegee Airmen   Charles Francis  Dante  
the ultimate gift  jim stovall  Phillip  
the ultimate life  jim stovall  Phillip  
The Vines of Life  Sarah Belings  Tivoli  
They Call Him John Q. A Hotel Legend  Susan M. Drake  Tom  
Trust & Tragedy  Paul F. Crouch  Steffie  
Tuesdays with Morrie  Mitch Albom  Brooke  
unlikely angel  Ashley Smith  Kaytra  
unlimited power  anthony robins  Jason  
Webster's New English Language Dictionary  The Popular Group  Tracy  
What Would Jesus Pray  Mack Thomas  Elizabeth  
When I Want Your Opinion I'll Tell It To You  Dr. Vincent F. Orza, Jr.  Josiah  
Why don't I do the things I know are good for me?  B J Gallagher  Elizabeth  
Why Wear Those Hocchie Mama Dresses?  Martha Cahoon  Robin  
Why wear those hoochie mama dresses?  Martha Cahoon  Tivoli  
Every phone sold will turn into a donated book