We are used or old cell phone brokers. ""Our goal is to make sure that every person who comes in contact with the PaceButler Corporation benefits in a positive way."" (Tom Pace, CEO)
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PaceButler Reading Program

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, child rearing, financial, and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

Because of a suggestion made by Elizabeth Krienke in our Personal Development Class (7:30–9:00 each Monday morning), we now post every book our employees are reading and allow them to share their insights – the knowledge and lessons they are learning, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

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Books Read for December 09 - Book Count: 201

Title Author Reader
101 Simple Ways To Be Good To Yourself   Donna Watson   Jonathan  
31 Days of Praise-Enjoying God A New  Ruth & Warren Myers  Chanda  
55 surefire internet businesses  entreprenuer press/melissa …  Dwight  
7 secrets of great entrepreneurial masters  allen e fishman  Tom  
A Better Tomorrow?  Dorthy Lilja Harrison  Elizabeth  
A Christmas Box  Richard Paul Evans  Maranda  
A Christmas Box  Richard Paul Evans  Phillip  
A Day With A Perfect Stranger  David Gregory  Linda  
A Life God Rewards  Bruce Wilkinson  Robin  
A Life With Purpose  George Mair  Steve  
a program for you  anonymous  Billy  
A Random Act  Cinid Broaddus  Michelle  
A Travel Guide to Heaven  Anthony DeStefano   Jonathan  
Act like a Lady Think Like a Man  Steve Harvey   Keshia  
Addiction and Grace  Gerald G. May  Richard  
All About Mutual Funds  Bruce Jacobs  Tracy  
All I Really Need To Know I Learned In …  Robert Fulghum  Shannon  
Anxiety and Stress  Susan M. Lark  Tracy  
Ask Billy Graham-His Answers May Surprise You  Bill Adler  Shannon  
At Large  Charles W. Sasser  Maranda  
Attitudes That Atrract Success  Wayne Cordeiro  Phyllis  
Babe and Me  Dan Gutman  Phillip  
Basic Christianity  John R.W. Scott  Sandra  
Battlefield of the Mind  Joyce Meyer  Phyllis  
Battlefield of the Mind   Joyce Meyer  Tori  
Be Right  Warren W. Wiersbe  Jason  
Beauty For Ashes: Receiving Emotional Healing  Joyce Meyer  Tori  
Before You Do  T.D. Jakes  Tamika  
Before You Do: Making Great Decsions You Won't …  T.D. Jakes  Tori  
Beside Every Good Man  Serita Ann Jakes  Tamika  
Beyond Positive Thinking  Dr. Robert Anthony  Phillip  
beyond the horizon  colin angus  Billy  
born 2 lose memoirs of a compulsive gambler  bill lee  Dwight  
Bringing out the best in people  Allan McGiginnin  Tana  
Bringing Out the Best in People  Alan Loy McGinnis  Steffie  
Bringing out the Best in People  Allan McGinnis  Phillip  
Catch A Wave  Peter Ames Carlin  Shannon  
Cesar's Way  Cesar Millan  Michael  
Chicken Soup for the Soul  Jack Canfield/Mark Victor Hansen  Robin  
Chicken Soup for the Soul  Jack Canfield/Mark Victor Hansen  Robin  
Comfort, The Feeble-Minded  Ray Comfort  Sandra  
Connecting In Christ  Brett and Dee Eastman  Bernadette  
Do  A.C. Ping  Elizabeth  
Enjoying Where You are on the way to where your …  Joyce Meyer  Eugenia  
Extraordinary Black Americans  Susan Altman  Tamika  
Father to Son  Harry H Harrison  Mark  
Finding purpose in your pain  G Beers  Mary  
Finding Strebgth In God  Karen Ward  Linda  
Finding strength in God  Karen Ward  Jessicas  
Finding Strength In God During Life's Challenges  Karen Ward  Sandra  
for such a time as this  AAL  Tana  
For Such a Time as This  Northwestern Publishing House  Steffie  
For Such A Time As This   Northwestern Publishing House  Linda  
Get Out Of Your Own Way At Work  Mark Goulston  Michael  
Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On  Catherine S. McBreen and George …  Josiah  
Getting Things Done  David Allen  Michael  
God Has A Dream  Desmond Tutu  Tori  
God"s Little Instruction Book  Honor Books  Steffie  
God's Inspirational Promise Book  Max Lucado  Karla  
God's Little Instruction Book II  Honor Books Inc  Charles  
God's Prision Gang  Chaplain Ray  Steffie  
God's Prison Gang  Chaplain Ray  Steffie  
Gods Lil Instruction Book  Honor Books  Shawnda  
Gods Little Instruction Book  Zondervan Publishing House  Linda  
Gold in the Garden  Dorthy Lilja Harrison  Elizabeth  
gratitude attitude  cliff grafton  Jessica  
Grinding It Out: The Making Of McDonalds  Ray Crock  Michael  
guns, germs , and steel  jared diamond  Billy  
Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World  Joanna Weaver  Chanda  
He Just Doesn't Get It  Ellen Sue Stern  Tracy  
Hi,I'm Bill and I'm Old  William Alexander  Mark  
Honus and Me  Dan Gutman  Phillip  
How to be found by the man you've been looking for  Michelle McKinney Hammond  Michelle  
How to become a Rainmaker  Jeffery j. Fox  Tamika  
How to buy sell and profit on ebay  Adam ginsberg  Dwight  
How to Choose Happiness  Chappale Linn Burton   Tracy  
How to Clean Everything  Alma Moore  Sarina  
how to communicate The ultimate guide to …  Mathew McKay  Dwight  
How to Start & Maintain a Profitable Sewing …  Becky Reed  Cindi  
how to win friends and influence people  dale carnegie  Jason  
how to win friends and influence people   dale carnegie    
Hugs for Women  Mary Hollingsworth  Robin  
I Talk Back to the Devil  A.W. Tozer  Richard  
I'm Not Perfect And It's Ok  Dolores Ayotte  Tracy  
ishmael  daniel quinn  Billy  
It Starts With You  Julia J Austin  Tracy  
It's Not About Me  Max Lucado  Karla  
It's Not About Me  Max Lucado  Robin  
kahuna magic  brad steiger  Tana  
Kinds of Minds  Daniel C. Dennett  Gina  
Kingdom Principles  Myles Munroe  Sabdra  
let do yoga  ruth richards   
Let Go, Let God  John E. Keller  Karla  
Life after Harry  Virginia Graham  Eugenia  
LIfe Interruptions- God's Oportunities  Larry Jones  Jack  
Life Lessons  Max Lucado  Karla  
Life's Interruptions God's Opportunities  Larry Jones  Sandra  
Lifes Greatest Lessons  Hal Urban  Phillip  
Lively May I Walk  Glenn H Asquita  Elizabeth  
living on tiptoe  cecil myers  Jessica  
living yoga  georg feuerstien  Billy  
Mans Search For meaning  Viktor E Frankl  Eugenia  
Mentor, The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins  Gina  
Not Guilty  Creflo Dollar  Jason  
Optimal Thinking: How to Be Your Best Self   Rosalene Glickman  Tracy  
Our Daily Bread  Alex Soh  Linda  
Overcoming Doubt  Neil T. Anderson  Karla  
Overcoming Spiritual Blindness  James P. Gills, M.D.  Bernadette  
Paul and the Romans  Dr. Denise L. Stringer  Gina  
Paul and the Romans  Dr. Denise L. Stringer  Gina  
Preventions Home remedies  Numorous doctors  S  
Promises from God for Parents  TD Jakes  Tamika  
Pulling Weeds To Picking Stocks  Beatty Boys  Sandra  
Racial Profiling  Deborah Kops  Brandy  
Raising Healthy Children In An Alcoholic Home  Barbara Woods  Shannon  
redeeming love  francine rivers  Jessica  
Reduce Me to Love  Joyce Myer  Linda  
Reflections  A.A members  Chanda  
rich by thirty  lesley scorgie  Jason  
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Mastering the …  T. Harv Eker  Phillip  
So, Stick A Geranium In Your Hat And Be Happy  Barbara Johnson  Shannon  
Southern Living Recipies  1985 annual addition  Charles  
Speak Positive..Get Positive!!  Todd Ray Abernathy  Sarina  
Speak Positive..Get Positive!!  Todd Ray Abernathy  Charles  
spellbinders gift  og mandino  Jack  
spiritual awakening  aa grapevine  Lester  
Strong and Healthy Oklahoma  State Book/Gov Henry  Charles  
survival in auschwitz  primo levi  Billy  
Take Care of Yourself  Donald M. Vickery, MD  Sarina  
the 7 habits of highly effective people  Stephen R. Covey  Shawnda  
The Art of Loving  Erich From  Shannon  
The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Clayborne Carson   
The Choice  Og Mandino  Jack  
The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life  Hannah Whitall Smith  Karla  
The Christmas Box  Richard Paul Evans  Eugenia  
The Christmas Box  Richard Paul Evans  Bernadette  
The easy way to recovery  Jake Tholes  Dwight  
The Education of A Coach  David Halberstam  Shannon  
The Element  Ken Robinson  Michael  
The Face in the Mirror  Julian Keinan  Maranda  
The Fire Next Time  James Baldwin  Tamika  
The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle  Jim Rohn  Richard  
The Flyers   Noah Adams  Lester  
The Forgotten Secret  Mike Hernacki  Steffie  
The Forgotten Secret to Phenomenal Success  Mike Hernacki  Steffie  
the gratitude attitude  earl weintz   
The Greastest Miracle in The World  Og Mandino  Sreffie  
The Greatest Miracle in The Wold  Og Mandino  Tonita  
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Tamika  
The Greatest Salesman in the World  Og Mandino  Jeffrey  
The Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Tori  
the language of love  gary smalley & john trent    
The Language of the Heart  Bill W.  Shannon  
The Noticer  Andy Andrews  Michael  
The Noticer  Andy Andrews  Josiah  
The Now Habit  Neil Fiore  Michael  
the one minute entreprenuer  ken blanchard/don hutson  Dwight  
The Pastors Guide to Effective Preaching  Beacon Hill Press  Richard  
The Power Of Now  Eckhart Tolle  Michael  
The Power of Patience  MJ Ryan  Tamika  
the power of simple prayer  joyce meyer   
The Practice of Tranquility and Insight  Khenchen Thrangu  Eugenia  
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Gina  
The Pursuit of God  A.W. Tozer  Steffie  
The Secret  Ronda Byrne  Maranda  
The Secret Door to Success  Florence Shinn  Jason  
The Secrets Men Keep  Stephen Arterburn  Richard  
The Slight Edge:Secret To A Successful Life  Jeff Olson  Richard  
The Ultimate Life  Jim Stovall  Phillip  
The Ultimate Secret  Mike Hernacki  Steffie  
The Volunteer Revolution Unleashing the Power …  Bill Hybels  Elizabeth  
The Way of the Flame  Avram Davis  Eugenia  
The Word  Yaw Jeckey  Richard  
Thrift  Theodore Roosevelt Malloch  Steve  
Tortured For Christ  Pastor Richard Wurmbrand  Suzanne  
Turning Hurts Into Halos and Scars Into Stars  Robert H. Schuller  Shannon  
Walk the Talk  Eric Harvey & Al Lucia  Steve  
What Happens When Women Pray  Evelyn Christenson  Eugenia  
What the Bible Says about Divorce  Babour Publishing  Linda  
What To Do With Your Money Now  David & Tom Gardner  Bernadette  
What to Wear to the War  Warren W. Wiersbe  Chris  
What Were You Thinking??  Mark A. Barondess  Tracy  
when I am praising God  Anne Donihue  Jessica  
When your World is Coming A Part  Donald W Morgan  Steffie  
when your world is coming apart  donald morgan  Tana  
When Your World Is Coming Apart  Donald W Morgan  Eugenia  
Who Moved My Cheese?  Spencer Johnson, M.D.  Lara  
Wisdom, Bliss & Common Sense  Darshani Deane  Bernadette  
Within That With Which We SPEAK  Carolanne Gamel  Rebecca  
Woman Thou Art Loosed  T.D. Jakes  Tori  
workbook for western civilization  donna raaphorst  Billy  
You're Richer Than You Think  Erwin W. Lutzer  Shannon  
Your Bridge to a better future  John C. Maxwell  Jason  
Every phone sold will turn into a donated book