We are used or old cell phone brokers. ""Our goal is to make sure that every person who comes in contact with the PaceButler Corporation benefits in a positive way."" (Tom Pace, CEO)
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PaceButler Reading Program

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, child rearing, financial, and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

Because of a suggestion made by Elizabeth Krienke in our Personal Development Class (7:30–9:00 each Monday morning), we now post every book our employees are reading and allow them to share their insights – the knowledge and lessons they are learning, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

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Books Read for October 10 - Book Count: 190

Title Author Reader
24 Hours that changed the world  Hamilton  Shawnda  
31 Days of Praise  Ruth Myers with Warren Myers  Rebecca  
50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food  Susan Albers  Michael  
A Bridge to Light  Rex Hutchens  Patrick  
A Christian Attitude Toward Attitudes  Leadingham Series  Danise  
a cup of cappuccino  nord and kerr  Tom  
A Garden of Poems  Sara Tarascio  Mary  
A Healing Word  John A Flanagan  Mary  
A Healthy You  Lilly  Linda  
A New Leaf  Thomas Kincade  Kimberly  
Accepting Fear  Josh Hanson  Michael  
Adam Eve and the Serpent  Elaine Pagels  Craig  
Addictive Thinking  Abraham Twerski  Dale  
All The Way Through  Paula Kaufman  Michael  
Angels  Billy Graham  Mary  
Artist managemt  Xavier m frascogna jr h lee …  Nathaniel  
As we Remember  anonymous  Mary  
bake  nick malgieri  Charles  
Battlefield of the Mind  Joyce Meyer   Jonathan  
Battlefield of the Mind  Joyce Meyer  Kimberly  
Becoming A Millionaire God's Way  Dr. C. Thomas Anderson  Lugenia  
Betrayal Of Innocence; Incest and it's …  Susan Forward and Craig Buck  Kimiko  
big bucks  ken blanchard and sheldon bowles  Jason  
Bob Barker  Diegsbey  Etta  
Body Control  Joseph H. pILATES  Sandra  
Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way  Ian Lloyd  Michael  
Business Survival  Leon A Danco  Sandra  
Call Center Management on Fast Forward: …  Brad Cleveland  Beth  
Carnage and Culture  Victor davis Hanson  Craig  
Carnage and Culture  Victor davis Hanson  Craig  
Chronicles Volume One  Bob Dylan  Michael  
clark  rodd wagner,gale muller   
clark  Tom Rath   
Crazy Love  Francis Chan  Brandy  
Dancing in the birdbath  Gayle Dyer  Tom  
Day of the Dachshund  Jim Dartfield  Catherine  
Deep Water A Sailor's Passage  E.M. Kahn  Debra  
Devotions in Proverbs  Scott hanks  Elizabeth  
Discovering the joy of Obedience  Hope MacDonald  Rebecca  
Do Hard Things  Alex & Brett Harris  Joe  
Does my child have a speech problem?  Katherine L. Martin  Tempest  
Does my child have a speech problem?  Katherine Martin  Crystal  
DOGS  Robert Eckman and Mary Ann …  Catherine  
don't look back  marcus durham  Lamar  
Drop The Rock  Hazelden  Dale  
Eminem  Dennis Adams and Chuck D  Catherine  
Enjoying Where You Are On The Way To Where You …  Joyce Meyer  Lugenia  
Epic  John Eldredge  Suzanne  
Epic  John Eldrege  Thomas  
epiphany  paul mccusker  Jessica  
Fears and Phobias  Dr. Whitehead  Patrick  
Fears and Phobias  Whitehead  Shawnda  
Financial Peace Revisited  Dave Ramsey  Beth  
freedom from frustration  Hardy R. Denham,Jr.  Tempest  
Get it to Together Together  Dennis P. Delisle  Tammy  
Getting Things Done  david allen  Jonathan  
Ghost Wars  Steve Coll  David  
Gift of the Jews  Thomas cayhill  Craig  
God is in the Small Stuff  Bruce & Stan  Annetta  
God Thinks You're Wonderful  Max Lucado  Catherine  
God Uses Cracked Pots  Patsy Clairmont  Kathy  
Gods Trophy Woman  Jacqueline Jakes  Chandra'  
great chicago style pizza book  bruno pasquale  Charles  
Growing Great Sales Teams  Colleen Stanley  Danise  
He Loves Me  Wayne Jacobson  Shawnda  
Healing  S. Permut  Chandra'  
Healing words from the Angels  Doreen Virtue  Mary  
Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow  Nancy Guthrie  Mary  
High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge …  Steve Souders  Michael  
Hope for a Wpmans Soul  Doris Rikkers  Chandra'  
how to bounce when others break  steve w price  Tom  
How to have Confidence and Power in dealing …  Les Giblin  Tempest  
How to have confidience and power in dealing …  Giblin  Shawnda  
How to Sell ANYTHING on eBay...and Make a FORTUNE!  Dennis L. Prince  Joey  
How to win friends and influence people  Dale Carnegie  Shawnda  
Hpw to Deal with hurt  Terry Coomer   Elizabeth  
Hugs for Friends  LeAnn Weiss  Sarah  
Hugs from Heaven  GA Myers  Ellizabeth  
Humanure Hand Book  Joseph Jenkins  Craig  
I can't Believe she did that  Nan Mooney  Tempest  
If I gained the World  Linda Nichols  Debra  
If Life is a Bowl of Cherries What am I doing …  Erma   Danise  
In Light of Eternity  Randy Alcorn  Crystal  
In Search of wisdom  Robert Hicks  Tempest  
Invitatin to Psalms  michael jinkins  Catherine  
Invitation To Psalms  Michael Jinkins  Chandra'  
Is It Really Anger  Benjamin Haggard  Michael  
its your choice  dawayne johnson  Lamar  
John Lennon: The Stories Behind the Songs …  Paul Du Noyer  Catherine  
Jump start your life  joe mccarney  Lamar  
Just enough light for the step i am on  Stomie Omartian  Elizabeth  
Languageof the heart  Bill W.  Lester  
Life's Greeatest Lessons  Hal Urban  Patrick  
Linchpin  Seth Godin  Joey  
Linchpin  Seth Godin  Joe  
Little Girl Lost  Leisha Joseph  Debra  
Living A meaningful Life  Sherry Bokettcher  Linda  
Living On The Raggged Edge  Charles R. Swindoll  Sandra  
Living With the Psalms  Leroy Brownlow  Sandra  
Looking Up   Beth Moore  Mary  
love & respect  Emerson Eggerichs  Jonathan  
Marine Sniper  Charles Henderson  Michael  
Mastering the Rockefeller Habits  Verne Harnish  Steve  
Mentor  Tom Pace with Jenkins  Dale  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Jeremy  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Crystal  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Craig  
Mentor - The Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Jennifer  
Mentor: The Kid & CEO  Tom Pace  Erick  
Mentor: The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace w/ Walter Jenkins  Kimberly  
Metallica  Joesph Ireland  Catherine  
Metor The Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Tammy  
money can make you evil  hollis west  Lamar  
More Than A Carpenter  Josh McDowel  Rob  
Never Take Money From A Stranger  Chuck Reaves  Sandra  
Oklahoma Gardening  Dee Dobbs  Patrick  
on cooking  sarah r. labensky  Charles  
one door two locks  jim muncy  Tom  
Parker's Astrology  Julia and Derek Parker  Catherine  
PRAYER OF JABEZ  Bruce Wilkinson  Kimiko  
Purpose  S. Permutt  Chandra'  
Purpsoe Driven Life  Rick Warren  Thomas  
Pursuit of God  A.W. Tozer  David  
Razor Black  Robert Young,Jr  Tempest  
Reading People  Sanjay Burman  Elizabeth  
Real Power  James A.Autry&Stephen Mitchell  Lugenia  
Rich Dad's Guide To Financial Freedom  Robert T Kiyosaki with Sharon L. …  Sandra  
Selling Among Wolves  Michael Q. Pink   
Signs and Wonders  Albert Clayton Gaulden  Sandra  
Silent Thunder  Eric Thunander  Patrick  
Spin Selling  Neil Rackhaom  Danise  
Spiritual Enterprise  Theodore Roosevelt Malloch  Steve  
Stewardship - Instruction Manual  Steven Demme  Joe  
Stewardship - Student Text  Steve P. Demme  Joe  
striving for excellence  james cook  Lamar  
Strong and Healthy Oklahoma  Centennial Edition   Linda  
Susanna Wesley  Kathy McReynolds  Elizabeth  
Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard  Chip and Dan Heath  Beth  
the allergen-free baker handbook  cyble pascal  Charles  
The Anonymous Press Mini Edition  Bill Wilson  Michael  
The Appearing  Shawn Boonstra  Tempest  
The Bible  New International Version  Shawnda  
The calling of Emily Evans  Janette Oak  Kimberly  
The Case for Christ  Lee Strobel  Steve  
The Complete Anthology Of Inspirational Thoughts  Maggie Pickney  Vern  
The End of Oil  Paul Roberts  David  
The Energy Bus  Jon Gordon  Jonathan  
The Final Product  Marcus Parker  Chanda  
The five people you meet in Heaven  Mitch Albom  Danise  
The Gift of Angels  Rebecca Carrington   
The Girl in the Italian Bakery  Kenneth Tingle  Debra  
The Gnostic Gospels  Elaine Pagels  Craig  
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Annetta  
The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a …  Nikki Sixx and Gittins  Catherine  
The Impact! Body Plan  Todd Durkin   Jonathan  
The Killing Zone: My Life in the Vietnam War  Frederick Downs  Michael  
The Last Lecture  Randy Pausch  Kathy  
The Last Lecture  Randy Pausch  Kathy  
The Mentor Leader  Tony Dungy  Steve  
The Mentor,The kid &the ceo  Tom Pace  Vickie  
The One Minute Sales Person  Spencer Johnson  Travis  
the path  laurie beth jones  Beth  
The Practice Of The Wild  Gary Snyder  Michael  
The Quest  Nancy Moser  Kimberly  
The Richest man in babylon  George s. clason  Vickie  
The Sales Leaders Playbook  Nathan Jamail  Brandy  
The Sanders Rules  David Matterson  Linda  
the shack  william p young  Beth  
The Twelfth Angel  Og Mandino  Thomas  
The Twelfth Angel  Og Mandino  Jessica  
The Unseen Essential  James P. Gills  Kimberly  
The Upper Room  Mary Monroe  Chandra'  
The Wizard Of Menlo Park  Randall Stross  Michael  
There really is a Difference  Renald E. Showers  Tempest  
Through a Dogs Eyes  Jennifer Powell  Catherine  
Tuesdays with Morrie  Mitch Abcom  Danise  
Virus  Oldstone  Jeremy  
What is Spirit?  Lexie Brockway Potamkin  Rebecca  
When The Game Was Ours  Jackie MacMullan  David  
Who Is God  C.S. Cowles  Linda  
Why I am a. Member of the church of christ  Leroy brownlow  Nathaniel  
Why Me?  M.C. Piggie Fields  Steve  
Why pray  John R Rice  Welizabeth  
WWIII The writing is on the wall  Philip Liener  Jeremy  
You Already Know how to be Great  Alan Fine  Beth  
You Are Your Own Gym  Mark Lauren   Jonathan  
Your best life now  Joel Osteen  Dale  
Every phone sold will turn into a donated book