We are used or old cell phone brokers. ""Our goal is to make sure that every person who comes in contact with the PaceButler Corporation benefits in a positive way."" (Tom Pace, CEO)
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PaceButler Reading Program

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, child rearing, financial, and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

Because of a suggestion made by Elizabeth Krienke in our Personal Development Class (7:30–9:00 each Monday morning), we now post every book our employees are reading and allow them to share their insights – the knowledge and lessons they are learning, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

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Books Read for November 10 - Book Count: 162

Title Author Reader
100 Questions & Answeres About Your Childs Cancer  William L. Carroll, MD & Jessica …  Sandra  
A Healthy You!  Lilly  Glenda  
A Retreat with Thomas Merton  M. Basil Pennington  Robert  
a students guide to history  jules r benjamin  Billy  
Acts  Max Lucado  Catherin  
All Dressed in White  Carol Mc D. Wallace  Elizabeth  
All the way home  David Giffe  Lester  
Android Apps Marketing  Jeffrey Hughes  Michael  
As Bill Sees IT  AA  Danise  
Believe in Myself  Ernie Larsen  Mary  
Between A Rock And A Hard Place  Aron Ralston  Michael  
Biker Gangs and Organized Crime  Thomas Barker  Catherine  
Book of Revelation: Final Curtain Call  Max Lucado  Catherine  
born to be rich  r.j. denny  Chandra'  
Call of Duty  Cliff Graham  Jeremy  
Call Of Duty  Cliff Graham  Tracy  
Cant You See Im Hurting Inside  Ann Meayre  Chandra  
Confessions of a Public Speaker  Scott Berkun  Jonathan  
control your life  micheal hall  Lamar  
Crazy Love   Francis Chan  Jessica  
Crazy Love Overwhelmed By a Relentless God  Francis Chan with Danae Yankoski  David  
Danger of Change  Dennis Coyle  Elizabeth  
death and the life after  billy graham  Annetta  
Desperate Passage  Ethan Rarick  Michael  
Discovery Choices  anon  Mary  
Do It Yourself House Building  George Nash  Craig  
Don't Fire Them Fire them Up  Frank Pacetta  Beth  
Dont Die a Caterpiller   Lance T. Johnson sr.  Shawn  
Dont Sweat the Small stuff it is All Small Stuff  Richard Carlson  Craig  
Endangered Pleasures  Barbara Holland  Kathy  
Everyday Counts  Maria Sirois  Tracy  
Everything happens for a Reason  Mira Kirshenbaum  Mary  
Extraordinary Polpular Delusions and the …  Charles Mackay  Craig  
Fellowship  R. Strand  Chandra'  
Financial Peace   Dave Ramsey   Shawn  
Finding Strength In God During Life's Challenges  Karen Ward  Crystal  
Finding Strength In God uring Life's Challenges  Karen Ward  Crystal  
Football for Dummies  John Czarnecki  Beth  
For One More Day  Mitch Albom  Kathy  
For One More Day  Mitch Albom  Suzanne  
Forum Favorites Volume 2  Asstd. authors of Al-Anon  Danise  
Forum Favorites Al-Anon Favorites Vol.1  Asstd authors of Alanon groups  Danise  
From Ordinary to Extea Ordinary  R. Hodge  Chandra'  
Get Out Of Your Own Way  Mark Goulston  Tracy  
Get Your Ship Together  Michael Abrashoff  Tracy  
Gods little instruction book for mom  honor books  Annetta  
Gods love for you  Billy Graham  Jeremy  
Gods Love for You  Billy Graham  Tammy  
Going Rogue  Sarah Palin  Jack  
gordan ramsays sunday lunch  gordon ramsay  Charles  
greatest salesman in the world  og mandino  Annetta  
Guns Up  Johnnie M. Clark  Michael  
Happier  Tel Ben-Shahar Ph.D.  Crystal  
Heart Matters  Juanita Bynum  Chandra'  
Helpping a Child Understand When A Love one has …  Multiple Authors  Elizabeth  
Holy Blood, Holy Grail  Baigent & Leigh  Craig  
How to do good after prison  Michael B. Jackson  Catherine  
how to have a better life  og mandino  Jessica  
How to live on 24 hours a day  Arnold Bennett  Steve  
i will not die  Lynn Koch  Shawnda  
I've only got two hands and I am busy wringing …  Jane Goodsell  Kathy  
If you meet the Buddah o0n the road, kill him  Sheldon B. Kop  Craig  
If you meet the Buddah on the road, kill him  Sheldon B. Kop  Craig  
Introducing HTML 5  Bruce Lawson  Michael  
Jumping Through Fires  David Nasser  David  
Learning To Love Yourself  Sharon Weqscheider  Tracy  
Lessons From The Line  Kevin Baum  Sandra  
living the life  timothy tipton  Lamar  
look beyond the fire  mona k oshana  Annetta  
loss control management  Hollis west  Lamar  
master cheff cook book  joann cianciulli  Charles  
Mentor The kid & The CEO  Tom Pace Walter Jenkins  David  
Mentor The Kind & The CEO  Pace/Jenkins  Christopher  
Mentor: The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace w/ Walter Jenkins  Bob  
Minute Motivators for Students  Stan Toler  David  
Monday Morning Leadership  David Cottrell  Sandra  
Navigating Breast Cancer  Lillie Shockney RN, BS, MAAS  Elizabeth  
No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy  Dan S Kennedy  Steve  
Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life  Marshall Rosenberg  Suzanne  
On the Anvil  Max Lucado  Catherine  
One day at a Time in Alon  anon  Mary  
Origin of the Species through natural Selction  Charles Darwin  Craig  
Path of Miracles  Samuel Rodriguez  Mary  
Pilot Vision  John Michael Magness  Tom  
Planet Google  Randall Stross  Michael  
Please God Help Me  Sister Mary Rose McGeady  Danise  
Prayer For the Saints  Cindi Trimm  Chandra  
prayer of jabez  bruce wilkenson  Annetta  
Public Records Online  Sankey and Weber  Craig  
Puppies: Wet Noses and Fuzzy Bellies  Jane Burton  Catherine  
Renewing the Covenant  Lorna Leet  Craig  
Rich Dad Poor Dad  Robert Kiyiski  Craig  
rich dad, poor dad  robert t. kiyosaki  Annetta  
Richest Man in Babylon  George S. Clason  Rebecca  
Run With The Chamions  Mark Bloom  Joe  
Sacred Hoops  Phil Jackson Phil Delehanty  David  
serendipitously rich  madeleine kay  Tom  
Shepherding Horses  Kent Humphreys  Steve  
Silent Justice  John Greenya  Sandra  
Six Hours One Friday  Max Lucado  Kathy  
Stewardship Of Talent  Stan Toler  Glenda  
Stir, Laugh, & Live  A. Chaves  Chandra  
Take Care Of Yourself  Donald M Vickery, M.D. and James …  Sandra  
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work  John C. Maxwell  Rebecca  
The 5 people you meet in heaven  Mitch Albom  Beth  
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin  Ben Franklin & Adnres W. Trees  Danise  
The Aztecs  Richard f. Townsend  Lester  
The Bible Promise Book  Many different authors  Elizabeth  
The Big Book  anon  Mary  
The Book of Creation: an Introduction to Celtic …  J. Philip Newell  Robert  
The Choice  Og Mandino  Beth  
The E myth Revisited   Micheal E. Gerber  Shawn  
The Essentials what really counts in improving …  Joe Manchin  Steve  
The Gift of Time Making the Most of Your Time …  T. Alexander Anderson  Crystal  
The Great Falling Away  Jesse Garcia  Christopher  
The Great Falling Away   Jesse Garcia   Shawn  
The Greatest Miracle in the World  OG Mandino  Tammy  
The Greatest Miracle in The World  Og Mandino  Timothy  
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Beth  
The Heart of Williams James  William James  Lester  
the historian  various  Billy  
the historian fall 2010  various  Billy  
the historian summer 2010  various  Billy  
The Intelligent Investor  Benjamin Graham   
The Minister's Little Devotional Book  H.B. London Jr. Stan Toler  David  
The Money Answer Book  Dave Ramsey  Beth  
The Mullendore Murder Case  Jonathan Kwitny  Steve  
The O.C. Diet Revolution  Chazz Weaver   Shawn  
The One Minute Sales Person  Spencer Johnson & Larry Wilson  Chanda  
The Paradox Principles  The Price Waterhouse Change …  Shawn  
The Power of Self-Coaching: The Five Essential …  Joseph J. Luciani  Beth  
The Second Mile  Mark Crow  Danise  
The Secret   Rhonda Byrne   Shawn  
The Secret   Rhonda Byrne   Shawn  
the secret of living is giving  birdie yager  Annetta  
The Snowball Warren Buffett and the Business of …  Alice Schroeder  Steve  
the sticking point solution  jah abraham  Jason  
The twelfth angel  og mandino   Danise  
The type of marriage that endures  Craig Gleerup  Mary  
The Universal Book of Mathematics  David Darling  Jeremy  
There Really Is A Difference  Renald E Showers  Sandra  
There Really is a Difference  Renald E Showers  Tracy  
This isn't the life I signed up for  Donna Partow  Kathy  
This Year I Will.....  M.J. Ryan  Crystal  
To Blessed To Be Stressed  TD JAKES  Tracy  
Toxic Relationships  Kimberly J. Brasher  Crystal  
Traveling Mercies  anne lamott   
Trusting in the Names of God  Catherine Martin  Chandra  
Tuesday Morning Coaching  David Cottrell  Joe  
Tuesdays with Morrie  Mitch Albom  Kathy  
Unhooked  James Christopher  Christopher  
What we ache for  Oriah Mountain dreamer  Crystal  
Whatever You Say I Am: The Life and Times of …  Anthony Bozzer   Catherine  
Who Wrote the Gospels  Dr. Randall Helms  Craig  
Wild At Heart  John Eldridge  Timothy  
Year of Questions: how to slow down and fall in …  Fiona Robyn  Catherine  
You Were Made For More  Jim Cymbala w/ Dean Merrill  Mary  
Your Best Life Now   Joel Osteen  Shawnda  
Your Breast cancer Treatment Handbook  Judy C. Kneece, RN, ONC  Elizabeth  
Your Truest Self  Janice Lundy  Tracy  
Zero: the biography of a Dangerous Idea  Charles Seife  Roger  
Every phone sold will turn into a donated book