PaceButler Corporation

Senior Major Account Representative

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Voted 2020 #1 Top Workplace in Oklahoma for Small Business, 125 employees or less

**A cover letter must be included that answers the following questions: Why do you want to work with PaceButler Corporation and how will you contribute to our mission?**

What we do:

PaceButler Corporation purchases used cell phones and other tech devices from corporations and other establishments throughout the United States.

Your job:

You will be buying used cell phones from corporations and other entities nationwide via our Oklahoma City office. You will make outbound calls, send emails, use our extensive database, and locate other resources to develop accounts.

  • Ability to thrive in a fast paced, sales type environment
  • Persistence and highly driven
  • Extremely motivated and results oriented
  • Thorough knowledge of the sales cycle and the broad range of business experience to maximize it
  • Work an assigned 2,000 accounts
  • Make 75 calls per day
  • Minimum of 220 minutes on the phone per day
  • buy over 3,500 phones per month
  • Increase quantity and quality of long-term relationships with clients
  • Hunt for major account opportunities with Fortune 500, 5,000 and 10,000 accounts
  • Mentor Major Account Reps to become Sr. Major Account Reps
  • Ability to consistently negotiate and close deals within a business to business framework
  • Ability to analyze and forecast the needs of the client and provide strategic business solutions
  • Able to establish trust, rapport, and a relationship with clients over the phone

Senior Major Account Representative

$41.00 Per Hour   $ 85,280
½ of Health Insurance Premium, if applicable ($239/mo x 12) $ 2,868
$0.20 per cell phone over 3,500 cell phones in one month   $ 1,800
$30 Per Book (2 per week) –   $ 3,120
$500 Personal Best Month Purchase Pay (estimate 4 times) $ 2,000
$50 Weekly Drawings for Walk, ROM & Extra Book (estimate 6 times/year) $300
$20 First time a month for 3 point commitment   $240
$500 Monthly Drawing for the 3 Point Commitment (estimate 1 time/year) $500
$800 Monthly Drawing for Cell Phones in That Month (estimate 3 time/year) $ 2,400
$1,000 Employee Referral Pay (no maximum number – estimate 2 times/year) $ 2,000
  Total $100,080

COVID-19 considerations:

In an effort to help our employees stay healthy, we have: installed hand sanitizing stations, provide sanitizer and disposable masks, hands-free paper towel dispensers, pay for COVID testing for symptomatic employees, encourage social distancing.