Erase your personal data off your old cell phone before you recycle. Free cell phone data remove information sent to you.
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Erase Your Cell Phone Data -
Free Data Erase Information

We make selling, donating, or recycling your cell phone worry-free!
See the existing Data Erase Instructional Videos below. Our cell
phone data erase program gives you easy-to-follow instructions to
quickly and safely clear your phone's data.

To receive simple directions to clear your device:
1. See the current Data Erase Instructional Videos below to find your particular Make and Model.
2. If you don't find your specific Make and Model, fill out your name, phone, and email information below.
3. Select the manufacturer of your cell phone device.
4. Type in the model of your cell phone. (You can usually find this by taking out the battery and finding a line that states "Model:" -- i.e. "Model: VX8300")
5. Sometime after submitting the form we will send you an email with the information.
6. Follow the simple instructions and remove your cell phone data.

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