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A simple, fast and easy fundraiser!
For more information, call 800.248.5360.

Turn inactive cell phones into fast
cash for your non-profit organization!

Follow these 3 simple steps:

    1. Request your cell phone Collection Information kit.

    2. Print, hand out and display your customized fundraising fliers in high-traffic visible
    places. (Fill out the editable PDF file with your information and print.)
    For schools, complete your customized letter.

    3. Once all cell phones are collected, place in a sturdy box (with packing materials) and
    print a pre-paid shipping label so we can pay the shipping.

We will sort and test the different phone models, then issue your check within 2 business days! For regular, no-hassle cash payments, we encourage you to conduct multiple, on-going fundraisers with us!

*Collection Information kit includes pre-paid shipping labels and suggestion on how to set up your cell phone drive.

Suggestions for promoting your event include placing ads in free publications, on your website or social network page, and adding a notice to the signature of your outgoing e-mails. Place donation containers in high-traffic public places like post offices, dry cleaners, cell phone stores, your place of employment, schools, libraries, churches and fitness centers.

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