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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for April 2007 - Total Books Read: 193Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
100 most common medical blunders  Dr Barach  Constance  
101 Best Extra Income Opportunities For Women  Jennifer Basye  P.K.  
50 Ways To Protect Your Identity and Your Credit  Steve Weisman  Pat  
50 Ways to Protect your Identity and your Credit  Steve Weisman  Amanda  
A Woman's worth  Marianne Williamson  Jeanan  
America in Crimson Red  James beller  Jason  
An Encounter with a Prophet  Clyde A Lewis  Nikole  
Angels Angels Angels Angels  Billy Graham  Peggy  
Are you out there God?  Sister Mary Rose McGeady  Myrcia  
Armed and Dangerous  Jane L. Fryar  Peggy  
Be Dynamic  Warren Wiersbe  Frank  
Become a Person of Influence  Gordon A. Macfarlaine  Brian  
Bernie Whitebear  Lawney L Reyes  Anita  
Bilg Russ & Me  Tim Russert  Brent  
Born Leaders  Blythe Camenson  Sandra  
Catherine Demedici The Power Behind the French …  Barbara A. Somervill  Susan  
Chicken Soup for the Brides Soul  multiple authors  Lauren  
Chicken Soup for the Soul  many  Karen  
Church, Why Bother?  Phillip Yancey  Will  
Church: Why Bother?  Phillip Pilgrimage  Billy  
Cooking Over Coals  Mel Marshall  Jeanan  
Cultural Warrior  Bill O'Riilly  Larry  
Customers For Life  Carl Sewell / Paul B Brown  Maria  
Does God still Love Me?  Sr. Mary Rose McGeady  Constance  
Don't Take My Grief Away From Me  Doug Manning  Mandy  
Eat That Frog  Brian Tracy  Sandra  
Embraced by the light  Betty J. Eadie  Constance  
Endless Referrals  Bob Burg  Anita  
Every Young Womans Battle  Sharon Ethridge & Stephen Arterburn  Tiffany  
Extraordinary Faith  Shelia Walsh  Jeanan  
Failing Forward  John C. Maxwell  Pamela  
Financial Peace  Dave Ramsey  Pat  
Finding Mr. Write / Selecting the Perfect Mate  Beverly East  Maria  
Finding your own North Star  Martha Beck  Jeanan  
Fire of Love  Catherine of Genoa  Myrcia  
Fish!  Stephen C. Lundin  Susan  
Gianna  Jessica Shaver  Alison  
Gianna  Jessica Shaver  Karen  
Gianna Aborted...and Lived to Tell About It  Jessica Shaver  Amanda  
Going The Distance  Lonnie Barbach & David Geisnger  Anita  
Going The Distance  Lonnie Barbach&David Geisinger  P.K  
Good to Great  Jim Collins  Joe  
Happiness is a Serious Problem  Dennis Prager  Amanda  
Happiness is a Serious Problem  Dennis Prager  Charles  
Happiness is a Serious Problem  Dennis Prager  David  
Healing Thoughts  Rev. Leo Booth  Nancy  
Healing Thoughts  Reverand Leo Booth  Staci  
Hiroshima  John Hersey  Myrcia  
His Needs Her Needs  Willard Harley Jr.  Lauren  
History of Baptist  Orchard  Jason  
How Lance Does It  Brad Kearns  Tom  
How to become a Rainmaker  Jeffrey J. Fox  Ryan  
How to Break Your Addiction to a Person  Howard M. Halpern, PhD  Staci  
How to Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans, & SUV's at …  James W. Furr  Alison  
How To Diversify For Success  Don Lapre  Anita  
How to Form a Non Profit Corporation  Anthony Mancuso  Sarah  
How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less  Milo O. Frank  Joe  
How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing …  Les Giblin  Frank  
How to have confidence and power when dealing …  Les Giblin  Jason  
How to Hunt  Dave Bowring  Jeanan  
How To Outnegotiate Anyone  Leo Reilly  Anita  
How to Outnegotiate Anyone  Leo Reily  Tami  
How to Prepare, Stage, & Deliver Winning …  Thomas Leech  Maria  
How To Speak So People Will Listen  Ronald Willingham  Tracy  
How To Teach Our Children About Money For Their …  Robert T Kiyosaki  Anita  
Hugs For Women  Mary Hollingsworth  Tracy  
Hugs for Women  Mary Hollingsworth  Lindsay  
Hugs For Women  Mary Hollingsworth  Anita  
I'll Hold You In Heaven  Jack Hayford  Alison  
I'll Hold You In Heaven  Jack Hayford  Mandy  
Islam Explained  Tehar Ben Jelloun  Brent  
Islam Explained  Tahar Ben Jelloun  Larry  
It's Not About Me  Max Lucado  Karen  
It's the crude,dude  Linda McQuaig  Larry  
It's What We Do Together That County  Earl Heard  Anita  
Its What We Do Together That Counts  Gary  
Its What We Do Together That Counts  Earl Heard  Charles  
John F. Kennedy A potographic story of a life  Howard S. Kaplan  Pat  
Joy At Work  Dennis Bakke  Cindi  
Life on an African Slave Ship  Joseph Kleinman  Cindi  
Life's Greatest Lessons  Hal Urban  Pat  
Lifes Greatest Lessons  Hal Urban  Constance  
Little Moments Big Magic  Barrett, Annis & Riffey  Anita  
Live Like You Were Dying  Michael Morris  Maria  
Living in the Middle Ages  Thomson Gale  Susan  
Living with Christ' April 2007 Edition  Steve Mueller, Editor  Myrcia  
Living with Christ' Holy Week Edition  Steve Mueller, Editor  Myrcia  
Lord, Let Me Love  Marjorie Holmes  Peggy  
Love Is Letting Go Of Fear  Gerald Jampolsky  Gina  
Love is Letting Go of Fear  Gerald Jampolsky, MD  Myrcia  
Lucky Every Day  Chip Silverman  Jenna  
Marketing Power Plays  Business Week  Joe  
Martin Luther King Jr.  Amy Pastari  Tom  
Me and My Big Mouth  Joyce Meyer  Sandra  
Men's health   na   
Men's Health Book  John   Frank  
Mentor: The Kid & the CEO  Tom Pace  Trinisha  
Mother Teresa's Reaching Out In Love  Edward Le Joey/Jaya Chaliha  Karen  
Mother Teresa- No Greater Love  Forward by Thomas Moore  Karen  
Mother Teresa-Reaching out in Love  Edward le joly and Jaya Chaliha  Jason  
My Dark Night of Terror  Penny Stuckey  Faye  
New Choices In Natural Healing  edited by Bill Gottlieb  Jeanan  
No God But God  Reza Aslan  David  
Not by Bread Alone: Lenten Reflection  Sherri Wallace  Myrcia  
Now Hiring  Lauer and Gebhardt  Kyle  
Oliver Cromwell and His Warts  Alan MacDonald  Alison  
On Truth  Harry G. Frankfurt  Larry  
Our Undemocratic Constitution  Sanford Levinson  Larry  
Overcoming Life's Disappointments  Harold S Kushner  Sandra  
Pasko (Feast)  Rey Alejandro & Marlo Chroeongel  Myrcia  
Positioning: The battle for you mind  Al Ries and Jack Trout  Larry  
Power of A Praying Couple (study)  John Whittman Stormie Omartin  Milton  
Practice of the Presence of God  Brother Lawrence  Constance  
Purpose driven Life  Rick Warren  Matt  
Pycho-Cybernetics  Maxwell Maltz  Larry  
Real Money  James J Cramer  Sandra  
Releasing Your Potential  Myles Munroe  Maria  
Running Alone  James M. Burns  Larry  
Scandal  Lanny Davis  Larry  
Secrets Of An Irresistible Woman  Michelle M Hommond  Dorcine  
Shepherding a Child's Heart  Tedd Tripp  Mike  
Small Business For Dummies  Jim Schell and Eric Tyson  Sarah  
Sometimes God Has a Childs Face  Bruce Ritter  Trinisha  
Sometimes God Has A Kid's Face  Bruce Rutter  Alison  
Spock on Spock  Dr.Ben Spock  Jason  
Stark Raving Dad!  Dave Meurer  Don  
Start Your Own Business in Thirty Days  Gary Joseph Grappo  Dustin  
Steve Youngand Jerry Rice  Richard J. Brenner  Charles  
Stop & Smell the Rosemary  Junior League of Houston  Nancy  
Straight Talk  Dr James C Dobsen  Brent  
Succeed & Grow Rich Through Persuasion  Napolean Hill  Chase  
Superachievers  Gerhard Gshwandtner  Don  
Take Care of Yourself  Vickery Fries  Jeanan  
The Alchemist  Paulo Coelho  Oswaldo  
The Conquest of texas   Carl Anderson   Milton  
The Courage To Be Yourself  Sue Patton Thoele  Jeanan  
The Dance of Anger  Harriet Goldhor Lerner  Jeff  
The Divine Mercy  St. Faustina Kowalska  Myrcia  
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly  Jean-Dominique Bauby  Abby  
The Go-Getter  Peter Kyne  Don  
The God Makers   Ed Decker Dave Hunt  Dave  
The Good Fight  Donna Hicken  Pamela  
The Great Promise  Arturo Milani  Myrcia  
The Hiding Place  Corrie Ten Boom  P.K.  
The Hiding Place  Corrie ten Boom  Anita  
The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord  T. D. Jakes  Dorcine  
The Magic of Teamwork  Pat Williams  Don  
The Marketing Gurus  Chris Murray  Larry  
The Mentor: The Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace   
The Modern Medical  Golden Press  Jeanan  
The Near End of God  Richard Angell  Susan  
The Power Of A Praying Woman  Stormie Omartian  Deanna  
The Prayer of Jabez  Bruce Wilkinson  Myrcia  
The Prophet  Kahill Gibran  Charles  
The Psychology of Winning  Dr. Denis Waitley  Maria  
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Dave  
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Pat  
The Renaissance  Paul Johnson  Susan  
The Richest Man in Babylon  georgs s clasoin  Brent  
the righist man in bagdad  george s clason  Brent  
The Road to Reality  K. P. Yohannan  Tiffany  
The Servant  James C Hunter  Sandra  
The Single Mom's Guide  Elsa Kok Colopy  Tracy  
The Success System That Never Fails  W. Clement Stone  Tom  
The Tiger's Child  Torey Hayden  Amanda  
The Tiger's Child  Torey Haydan   P.K.  
The Total Money Makeover  Dave Ramsey  Tiffany  
The Touch of The Master's Hand  Charles L. Allen  Constance  
Thomas Edison  George Sullivan  Alison  
Thriving,Not Just Surviving In Today's Economy  Rod Parsley  Betty  
To Own a Dragon: Reflections on Growing up …  Donald Miller  Chase  
Tone Your Tummy Type  Denise Austin  Sandra  
Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions  George Barna  Lauren  
Voices from Vietnam  Barry Denenberg  Don  
We Were Soldiers Once and Young  Col. Harold Moore  Braden  
What Color is Your Piggy Bank?  Adelia Cellini Linecker  Susan  
What Does The Bible Really Teach?  Watch Tower Society  Jordan  
What Makes a Winner  Charles Jones  Jason  
What Makes Winners Win   Charlie Jones  Amanda  
What the CEO Wants You to Know  Ram Charan  Susan  
Whatever Happened to Worship  A. W. Tozer  Pamela  
When Bad things Happen to Good People  HArold Kushiner  Abby  
When God Whispers your name  Max Lucado  Tiffany  
When I say no, I feel guilty  Manuel J. Smith, PH.D.  Amanda  
When I Say No, I Feel Guilty  Manuel J, Smith, ph.D  Constance  
Who Moved My Cheese?  Spencer Johnson,M.D.  Tami  
Who Moved My Cheese?  Spencer Johnson  Trinisha  
Who Moved My Cheese?  Spencer Johnson,M.D.  Mike  
Who Moved My Cheese?  Spencer Johnson M.D  P.K  
Wild at Heart  John Eldredge  Tom  
You and Your Network  Fred Smith  Pat  
You and Your Networks  Fred Smith  Karen  
You've Got to be Kidding Ithought this was the …  Cathy Lechner  Jeanan  
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