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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for December 2007 - Total Books Read: 192Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
10 Simple Ways to Overcome Shyness  Martin M. Anthony, PH. D   Maria  
100 ways to overcome depression  Minirth/Skipper/Meier  Davone  
7 habits of highly effective people   stephen covey   Rashad  
A Lovw Worth Giving  Max Lucado  Peggy  
A Man Named Dave  Dave Pelzer  Megan  
A New Pair of Glasses  Chuck C  Billy  
A Woman's Self-Esteem  Nathaniel Branden  Sharon  
Accupuncture  J.Z Serafine  Rahela  
Acts Of Faith  Philip Caputo  Anthony  
Acupuncture Without Needles  JV Cerne  Tami  
After The Boxes Are Packed (Moving On AFter …  Susan Miller  Anita  
An American Hedge Fund  Timothy Sykes  Tom  
Anthropological Insights for Missionaries  Hiebert  Michal  
ANthropological Insights For Missionaries  Paul G. Hiebert  Rachel  
Atlas of Skeletal Muscles  Robert Stone  Tami  
Battlefield of the Mind   Joyce Meyer  Darla  
Beauty for Ashes  Joyce Meyer  Sandra  
Best American Poetry 2007   David Lehman  Johnny  
Bringing Out The Best In People  Alan Loy McGinnis  Anita  
Changed Into His Image  Jim Berg  Danielle  
Changed Into His Image  Jim Berg  David  
Charlie's Woods  George Reiker  Jeff  
Coach Wooden: one-on-one  John Wooden and Jay Carty  Roman  
Codebreaker  Stephen Pincock  Oz  
Collection Management Handbook  A. Michael Coleman  Oz  
Devil's Knot  Mara Leveritt  Randall  
Diciplines of the heart  Anne Ortlumd  Sharon  
Dinner with a Perfect Stranger  David Gregory  Billy  
Don't say you can't when you mean you won't  Peter Carson & Joan C. Carson  Michelle  
Dont Stand Too Close To A Naked Man  Tim Allen  Joshua  
Dr Bob and the Good Oldtimers  Anonymous  Billy  
Each Day a New Beginning  Karen Casey  Karen  
Endless Referrals  Bob Burg  Tracy  
Every Day Deserves a Chance  Max Lucado  Don  
farmers business builder   jerry carnahan  Rashad  
Finding A New Heart  unknown  Sarah  
For The Love Of The   Michael Jordan  For  
Freeing The Angry Mind   C. Peter Bankart, PH. D.  Maria  
Freud, His Life and Mind  Helen Walker Palmer  Joshua  
From Army Green to Corporate Gray  Savino and Krannich  Kyle  
Getting In God's Face, How Prayer really works  Dutch Sheets  Delia  
Grace for the Moment  Max Lucado  Karen  
Grapes Of Wrath  John Steinbeck  Anthony  
greatest salesman  og mandino  Jr  
grinding it out  raye krocc  Sharon  
Hands Heal   Thompson  Tami  
Having a Mary Heart In a Martha World  Joanna Weaver  Patriicia  
health license   dennis stone   Rashad  
Holy Rosary  Msgr. J.m. Escriva  Karen  
Horizontal Harmony of the Gospels  Bible  Zachary  
How To Attract Anyone Any Time Anyplace  Susan Rabin  Erika  
How to attract anyone anytime anyplace  Susan Rabin  Sharon  
How to DJ Right  Frank Broughton  Brian  
How to Fall Out Of Love  Dr. Debora Phillips  Sandra  
How to Make People Really Feel Loved  Charlie W. Shedd  Steve  
In his Steps  Dan Larsen  Dawn  
It's Always Something  Gilda Radner  Don  
It's Not About Me  Max Lucado  Don  
Jesus and the Gospels  Blomberg  Michal  
Jesus and the Gospels  Craig L. Blomberg  Zachary  
John Paul the Great  Peggy Noonan  Randall  
Joseph  Rex Williams  Dawn  
Joy for a woman's soul  Hallmark Books Zondervan Corp.  Davone  
Just As I Am  Rev. Billy Graham  Don  
Karmic Astrology  Martin Schulman  Joshua  
Life After Graduation  Terry Arndt & John Ricchini  Erika  
Life's Little Instruction Book  H. Jackson Brown, Jr.  Lora  
Life- How Did it Get Here? By evolution or by …  Watchtower Bible and Tract …  Cindi  
literature approaches to fiction, poetry, drama  robert diyanni  Billy  
Living In The Light  Bob Hils  Betty  
long hard road out of hell  brian warner  Johnny  
Lord Change Me!  Evelyn Christenson  S.  
Love  Leo Buscaglia  Anita  
Love Is Now  Peter E Gillquist  Anita  
Massage  Gill Tree  Tami  
Matters of the Heart  Juanita Bynum, Ph.D.  Sandra  
Men who can't love  Steven Carter & Julia Sokol  Michelle  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Steve  
Mentor The Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Lester  
Mentor; The Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  James  
Monday Morning Faith  Zondervan  Joy  
musicage  john cage  Johnny  
My Utmost for His Highest  Oswald Chambers  S.  
Natural Cures  Kevin Trudeau  Sandra  
On The Anvil  Max Lucado  Peggy  
One Blood, The biblical answer to racism  Ham, Wieland, Batten  Kyle  
Peace With God  Billy Graham  Patricia  
People Smart Leaders  Larry and Michael Cole  Will  
People's History of the United States  Howard Zinn  Alison  
Performance Massage  Robert K  Rahela  
Personalism  Emmanuel Mounier  Anita  
Philipians: Rejoice In The Lord  Ray Frank Robbins  Anita  
Pre-Algebra  Streeter  Lester  
Qigong for Health and Martial Arts  Dr Yang  Tami  
Readings on the Ultimate Questions: An …  Nils Ch. Rauhut   Erica  
Real Estate Principles  Charles J. Jacobus  Oz  
Reiki for Beginners  David Vennells  Tami  
Restoring the Good Society  Don E. Eberly  Steve  
Rich Dad Poor Dad  Robert Kiyosako & Sharon Lechter  Joe  
Romantic Ideas /Revised 2002  Cyndi Haynes/Dale Edwards  Maria  
Scientists Use Rats/ I Use My Family  Taprina Milburn  S.  
Secrets For Success and Happiness  Og Mandino  Tracy  
See I Told You So  Rush Limbaugh  Charles  
Self Reliance and Other Essays  Ralph Waldo Emerson  Kyle  
Seven Promises of a Promise Keep  Bill Bright, Edwin Cole Dr. …  Don  
Soul-winner's Handy Guide  Y. T. We  Danielle  
Speaking of Women's health The Book  The Staff of Speaking of Women's …  Anita  
Spiritualisum & Clairvoyance  Elizabeth Ownens  Sharon  
Stools and Bottles.0  0Hazelden `  Karen  
Strategic Management  Mason Carpenter & Gerard Sanders  Oz  
Strong and Healthy Oklahoma  various authors  Pamela  
supernanny  jo frost   Rashad  
Tai Chi  Joey Bond  Tami  
Tales From The Secret Annex  Anne Frank  Megan  
Tales of the Wide-A-Wake Cafe'  Curt Munson  Lora  
The ABC's of Making Money  Denis Cauvier   Tami  
The Ant and The Elephant  Vince Poscente  Tom  
The Bodybuilding Encyclopedia  Arnold Schwarzeneggger and Tom Hall  Ryan  
The Book  Florence Henderson, Valerie …  Sandra  
The Commentaries of Genesis  John Rice  Joy  
The Dream Giver  Bruce Wilkinson  Jenna  
The Dream Giver  Bruce Wilkinson  Karen  
The E Myth Revisted  Michael E. Gerber  Roman  
The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial …  Frederic S. Mishkin  Oz  
The Gathering Storm  Winston S. Churchill  Randall  
The Go-Getter  Peter B. Kyne  Jeff  
The God Chasers  Tommy Tenney   Don  
The Greatest Miricle in the World  Og Mandino  Megan  
The Greatest Mystery in the World  Og Mandino  Karen  
The Greatest Salesman in the World  Og Mandino  Joe  
The Greatest Salesman in the World  OG Mandino  Dustin  
The Greatest Salesmen in The World  Og Mandino  Tim  
The Heavenly Man  Paul Hathaway  Delia  
The Impossible Just Takes A little Longer  Art Berg  Anita  
The keys to spiritual growth  John McArthur  Sharon  
The Last Chance Millionaire  Douglas R. Andrew  Sandra  
The Lie: Evolution  Ken Ham  Kyle  
The Lost Boy  Dave Pelzer  Megan  
The Luggage of Life  Max Lucado  Don  
The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other …  Tim Burton  Johnny  
The Mentor  Tom Pace  Jeff  
The Mentor   tom pace  Anthony  
The Mentor  Tom Pace   
The New Webster's Grammar Guide  Madeline Semmelmeyer, …  Maria  
the one minutes manager  ken blanchard  Sharon  
The Philosophical Journal  William Lawhead  Alison  
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam  Robert Spencer  Roman  
The Power Of A Praying Husband  Stormie OMartian  Anita  
the power of positive thinking  norman vincent peale  Jarral  
The Prayer of Jabez  Bruce Wilkinson  Darla  
The Prayer That Changes Everything  Stormie Omartin  Pamela  
The purpose driven life  Rick Warren  Michelle  
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  David  
The Slight Edge  Jeff Olson  Dustin  
The Starbucks Experience  Joseph A Michelli  Billy  
The Undefeated  Jim Dent  Lora  
The Universe Next Door  James Sire  Alison  
The way home  Dr. John W. Wheeler  Sharon  
The Way Things Ought To Be  Rush Limbaugh  Charles  
The Well Adjusted Child  Dr. Phillip E. Quinn  Kyle  
The World Is Flat  Tom Friedman  Tom  
The World is Flat  Tom Friedman  Don  
The Writer's Life  Julia Cameron  Davone  
Tiger Woods An American Master  Nicholas Edwards  Lora  
To Catch a Dragon: Reflections on Growing up …  Don Miller & John MacMurray  Nick  
tupac shakur legacy  jamal joseph  Rashad  
ultimate basketball   john hareas  Rashad  
Ultimate Questions: Thinking about Philosophy   Nils Ch. Rauhut   Erica  
Under The Influence  James R. Milam, Ph.D.  Joshua  
Unique Ability  Catherine Nomura and Julia Waller  Roman  
Upgrade!  Mark Sanborn  Brandy  
Upstairs Girls  Michael Rutter  Lester  
Visions  David P. Doughty  Sarina  
What Men Won't Tell You But Women Need To Know  Bob Berkowitz, Ph.D./ Roger …  Maria  
What Not To Do In Love  Linda J. Beam  Maria  
What Smart Women Know  Steven Carter and Julia Sokol  Maria  
What smart women know  Steven Carter and Julia Sokol  Michelle  
When You Can't Come Back  Dave & Jan Dravecky   Anita  
Who Moved My Cheese  Spencer Johnson  Tim  
Winning With People  John C Maxwell  Billy  
You and Your Network  Fred Smith  S.  
Your Erroneous Zones  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer  Maria  
Your Personality Tree  Florence Littauer  Sandra  
Zig Ziglar's Little Instruction Book  Zig Ziglar  Lora  
Ziglar On Selling  Zig Ziglar  Maria  
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