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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for January 2008 - Total Books Read: 190Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
Love to Eat/Hate to Eat  Elyse Fitzpatrick  Pam F. 
(sams) Teach Yourself Photoshop CS3  Carla Rose & Kate Binder  Sondra G. 
¬∑Interpreting Art  barret  Johnny D. 
100 Ways to Motivate Yourself - Change Your …  Steve Chandler  Don J. 
100 Ways to Overcome Depression  Frank Minith, Paul Meier  Albert W. 
100 Ways To Overcome Depression  Frank Minirth, States Skipper & …  Anita S. 
100 ways to Overcome Depression  Mihirth/Skipper/Meier  Sarah C. 
212 the extra degree  Sam Parker  Tom . 
3:16  Max Lucado  Peggy O. 
50 Ways to Create Great Relationships - How to …  Steve Chandler  Don J. 
7 habits of Highly Effective People  Stephen Covey  Albert W. 
A Love Worth Giving  Max Lucado  Don J. 
A Second Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul  Jack Canfield, Mark Victor …  Peggy O. 
Anne Frank the Diary of a Young Girl  Anne Frank  Ashley B. 
APOLLO 13  JimLovell & Jeffrey Kluger  Anita S. 
art and fear  bayles  Johnny D. 
Australia  Ann Heinrichs  Erica M. 
Australia  Nick Lush   Erica M. 
Australia 2008  Fodor`s  Erica M. 
Australia Enchantment of the World   Ann Heinrichs  Erica M. 
Bart Simpson's Guide to Life  Matt Groening  Amanda Z. 
Bart Simpson's Guide to Life  Matt Groening  Lora J. 
Battlefield of the Mind  Joyce Meyer  Charles L. 
Become A Person of Influence  Gordan McFarlaine  Albert W. 
Bill Cosby Family Funny Man  Larry Kettelkamp  Lora J. 
Bill Cosby Family Funny Man  Larry Kettelkamp  Amanda Z. 
Body Language  Julius Fast  Michelle V. 
Bring Out the Best in People   Alan Loy Mcginnis  Erica M. 
Came To Believe  Various  Billy R. 
Captivating  John & Stasi Eldrige  Michal D. 
Cermonies For Spiritual Healing and Growth  Henry Close  Anita S. 
Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul  Jack Canfield, Mark Victor …  Peggy O. 
Coding and Reimbursement  Wanda Adams  Tami J. 
Comfortable with Uncertainty  Pema Chodron  Jeff D. 
Confronting The Controversies: Biblical …  Adam Hamilton  Kyle V. 
Dancing With Daddy  Betsy Peterson  Lora J. 
Dancing With Daddy  Betsy Peterson  Amanda Z. 
Dare To Win  Og Mandino  Tracy O. 
Day of Deception  John Hagee  Kyle V. 
Dimensions of Prayer  Douglas V. Steere  Sarah C. 
divine confinememt  branda a smith   Sharon H. 
Don't Waste Your Life  John Piper  Don J. 
Encouraging others   .....  Ashley S. 
Essence of Life  Ms. Scott  Tami J. 
Fat, Broke & Lonely No More  Victoria Moran  Don J. 
Father God  Sylvia Browne  Peggy O. 
Financial and Managerial Accounting  Warren, Reeve, Fess  Kyle V. 
Finding thr Love of Your Life  Neil Warren  Charles L. 
Flying High  James Wynbrandt  Tom P. 
Forcasting Elections  Michael S. Lewis-Beck Tom W. Rice  Billy R. 
Forecasting Elections  Mike Lewis-Beck  Charles L. 
Free To Be Thin  Neva Coyle/Marie Chaplian  Anita S. 
Genesis In the Beginning  John R. Rice  Lauren P. 
Getting I   Dr. Patricia Allen and Sandra …  Maria C. 
Going the Distance  Lonnie Barbach/David L.Geisinger  Deanna A. 
Happiness Is A Serious Problem  Dennis Praager  Patricia R. 
He Chose the Nails  Max Lucado  Don J. 
Hey Ranger  Jim Burnett  Erica M. 
Hot Monogamy  Patricia Love  Damon Y. 
How Not To Look Old   Charla Krupp  Maria C. 
How To Attract Anyone Anytime Anyplace  Susan Rabin   Sandra B. 
How To Change Anybody  David Leiberman, Ph.D  Maria C. 
How to get control of your time and your life  Alan Lakein  Michelle V. 
How to Manage Pressure B4 Pressure Manages You  Tim Lahaye  Albert W. 
How to Manage Pressure Before Pressure Manages You  Tim La Haye  Lora J. 
How To Spot A Dangerous Man/ Before You Get …  Sandra L. Brown  Maria C. 
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living  Dale Carnegie  Steve L. 
How to Win Friends and Influence poeple  Dale Carnegie  Jeff J. 
Huges for friends  Leann Weless  Michelle V. 
In His Steps  Charles Sheldon  Michal D. 
Into The Wild  Jon Krakauer  Jeff D. 
Iron Jane  Lee Ezell  Michelle V. 
Islamic Invasion  Robert Morey  S O. 
Jackie Her Life In Pictures  James Spada  Ashley B. 
Jackie:the Clothes of Camelot  Jay Mulvaney  Ashley B. 
Jerusalem Countdown  John Hagee  Edi H. 
Life After Graduation Financial Advice & Money …  Terry Arndt & John Ricchini  Billy R. 
Life's Greatest Lessons  Hal Urban  Amanda Z. 
Life's Greatest Lessons  Hal Urban  Jefferson J. 
Little Moments Big Magic  Beth Barrett,Alan Annis, and …  Lora J. 
Massage for the Hospital Patient  Gayle M  Tami J. 
Maximum Energy  Ted Broer  Chase T. 
Mentor  Tom Pace  Melody G. 
Mentor  Tom Pace  Carol R. 
Mentor CEO & the Kid  Tom Pace  Lavada C. 
Mentor The Kid & The C.E.O  Tom Pace  Yolanda S. 
MENTOR The Kid & The Ceo  Tom Pace  Jennifer B. 
MENTOR The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace  Mary J. 
Mentor: The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins  Autrinique T. 
Mentor: The Kid and The CEO  Tom Pace & Walter Jenkins   Raevi C. 
Mighty Rough Times I Tell You  Andrea Sutcliffe  Sandra B. 
Minor Prophets  John Philips  Alcia T. 
Miracles Happen  Mary Kay Ash  Lora J. 
Music An Appreciation  Roger Kamien  Raevi C. 
My Cup Overflows ....With the Comfort of God's …  Emilie Barnes  Karen E. 
My mother my self  Nancy Friday  Michelle V. 
NAKED NOT ASAIEND  TD jates  Sharon H. 
Oklahoma Government and Politics  Christopher Markwood  Milton B. 
One Hundred Philosophers  Peter J. King  Lester R. 
One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard  Albert W. 
Panic, Anxiety and Phobias  Carol Goldman  Charles L. 
Panorama of Creation  Dr. Carl Baugh  Jeri J. 
Peace With God  Billy Graham  Charles L. 
Portals of Prayer Oct-Dec 2007  John T. Pless, Geri Pool, Roger …  Peggy O. 
Positive Impact  Gregory Scott Reid & Charlie Jones  Sandra B. 
positive words powerful results  Hal Urban  Tom P. 
Power of A Positive Mom  Karol Ladd  Lora J. 
Power Of The Plus Factor  Norman Vincent Peale  Anita S. 
Prayers That Avail Much  Harrison House  Sandra B. 
Pregnancy Massage  Terry ?  Tami J. 
Princess Lessons  Meg Cabot  Ashley B. 
Re-Energize Your Relationship  Sabrina Dosan, M.D./ Peter Cross  Maria C. 
Recipe to a Healthy Motherhood  Oscar Pharmacy  Tami J. 
Reflections on Marriage ans Spiritual Growth  Weaver and Stapleton  Kyle V. 
Repacking Your Bags  Richard J. Leider and David A. …  Peggy O. 
Restoring The Good Society  Don Eberly  Charles L. 
Secrets Of Success & Happiness  Og Mandino  Sandra B. 
Sheet Music  Dr. Kevin Leman  Kyle V. 
Sports Massage  unknown  Tami J. 
State and Local Government Reviews 7th Ed  Ann Bowman/ Richard Kearney  Milton B. 
Stop Making YourSelf Sick  Harold Paul Adolph & Dave Bourne  Michelle V. 
Straight A's Never Made Anybody Rich  Wess Roberts  Tracy O. 
Take Five  Robert Busha Editor  Anita S. 
Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To  Anthony DeStefano  Peggy O. 
That's a Fact Jack!  Harry Bright and Jakob Anser  Kyle V. 
The "E" Myth Revisited  not sure  Yolanda S. 
The 15 Second Secret  Larry Jones  Deanna A. 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  Stephen R. Covey  Joe F. 
THe Bondage Breaker  Neil T Anderson  Anita S. 
the book of creation   JB Phillips newell  Sharon H. 
The Civil War  Bruce Catton  Charles L. 
The devil's door  John Bevere  Michelle V. 
The Expectant Father  I don't know/didn't pay attention  Jefferson J. 
The Freedom Writers  Freedom Writers, Erin Gruwell  Kyle V. 
The Good Society  Don Eberly  Albert W. 
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Manino  A W. 
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Carol R. 
The Greatest Salesman in the World  Og Mandino  Jeff D. 
The Greatest Salesman in the World  OG Mandino  Billy R. 
The Greatest Salesman in the World  Og Mandino  Alison G. 
The Greatest Salesman in the World  Og Mandino  Brandy S. 
The Greatness Guide: Powerful Secrets for …  Robin Sharma  Don J. 
The Innocent Man  John Grisham  Randall P. 
The Innocent Man  John Grisham  Delia S. 
The iPod Book  Scott Kelby  Jeff D. 
The Irresistible Revolution  Shane Claiborne  Delia S. 
The Kid and The CEO  Tom Pace  J. 
The Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Shenita J. 
The Laws of Lifetime Growth  Dan Sullivan and C. Nomura  Karen E. 
The life of the good life  Alice Lawhead  Michelle V. 
The Magic Of Thinking Big  David J Schwartz, Phd  Sandra B. 
The Mentor  Tom Pace  A W. 
The Miracle Of The Scarlet Thread  Richard Booker  Anita S. 
The One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson  Joe F. 
The One Minute Manger  Ken Blancard/spencer Johnson  Patricia R. 
The Other Side Of Me  Sydney Sheldon  Lora J. 
The Pact  Dr. Sampson Davis  Charles L. 
The Purpose Driven Life   Rick Warren  Lester R. 
The Richest Man in Babylon  George S. Clason  Randall P. 
The Right Marriage  Tom Sexton  Alicia T. 
The Right Romance in Marriage  Cathy Rice  Michal D. 
The Slight Edge   Jeff Olson   Erica M. 
The Slight Edge  Jeff Olson  Anita S. 
the slight edge  jeff olson  Chase T. 
The Success System   W. Clement Stone  Erica M. 
The Success System That Never Fails  W Clement Stone  Anita S. 
The truth is my life & music  Melissa Ethridge  Lavada C. 
The Undefeated  Jim Dent  Don J. 
The Undefeated  Jim Dent  Charles L. 
Unlimited Power  Anthony Robbins  Josiah E. 
We Beat The Street  The Three Doctors  Kitina G. 
What to Expect When Your Expecting  Patsy ?  Tami J. 
When You Can't Come Back  Dave & Jan Dravecky  Sharon H. 
When you cant come back  Dave & Jen Dravecky  Mary J. 
Who Can Find a Virtuous Women  White  Alicia T. 
Wisdom American Women  The Popular Group  Amanda Z. 
wonman thout art loosed   TD jates  Sharon H. 
WWJD?  Not Sure  Jefferson J. 
You On Top  Kate White  Maria C. 
You're Great  Julia Hasting  Tracy O. 
Your Best Life Now   Joel Olsten  Misti K. 
Your Best Year Yet  Jinny S Ditzler  Sandra B. 
Your God Is Too Small  JB Phillips  Sharon H. 
Zig Ziglar's Little Instruction Book  Zig Ziglar  Jeri J. 
Zig Ziglar's Little Instruction Book  Zig Ziglar  Amanda Z. 
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