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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for April 2008 - Total Books Read: 230Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
know Why You Believe  Paul Little  Beverly B. 
4 Hour Work Week  Timothy Ferris  Brian W. 
50 Fast Flash Tricks  Ellen Wright, Dale Bowman  Sondra G. 
A Letter to America  David Boren  Tom P. 
A Letter to America  David Boren  Jason M. 
A man named Dave  David Pelzer  Kyle V. 
A Pass And A Player  Coach Clair Bee  Anita S. 
A Tale Of Three Kings  Gene Edwards  Betty C. 
A Tale of Three Kings  Gene Edwards  Joshua B. 
A Thomas Jefferson Education  Oliver Van DeMille  Ashley B. 
A.A. Service Manual  Bill W.  Charles L. 
Actionscript 2.0  Giles Everette  Sondra G. 
Addictive relationships  Joy Miller  Kelly J. 
Addictive Relationships... reclaiming your …  Joy Miller  Sharon H. 
After The Boxes Are Unpacked  Susan Miller  Anita S. 
After the boxes are unpacked  Susan Miller  Frances T. 
Alicia Taylor  Paul Chappell  To S. 
all i really need to know i learned in …  r fulghum  Mark B. 
Alzheimer's  Teresa Strecker,PHD  Mary J. 
Am. Indians in U.S. Hist.  Roger L. Nichols  Billy R. 
Angel Letters  Sophy Burnham  Peggy O. 
Angel Wisdom  Terry Taylor & Mary Crain  Jeri J. 
Annointing Fall on Me  T.D/ Jakes  Karen E. 
anxious 9 to 5 : how to beat worry ...  l. case, j.vitale  Mark B. 
Bad Times for Good Ole Boys  Harry Holloway  Milton B. 
Bank Of Dad  David Owen  Sandra B. 
BARRY SANDERS...Now You See Him  Barry Sanders  James H. 
Be Daring  Warren W. Wiersbe  Joshua B. 
bob funk-doctor of hope  Bob Burke & Dave Gillogly  Chase T. 
Bootleggers Boy   Barry Switzer  Gary C. 
Came to Believe  Bill W.  Sharon H. 
Careers for Born Leaders  Blythe Camenson  Marguerita S. 
Careers for Self-Starters  Blythe Camenson  Marguerita S. 
Cashelow Quadrant  Robert Kiyosaki  Tracy O. 
Central Avenue Jazz  G. Marmorstein  Albert W. 
Cereal Tycoon  Joe Musser  Tom P. 
Changed Into His Image  Jim Berg  Joy J. 
Changed into His Image  Jim Berg  Alicia T. 
Common Sense Buisness  Steve Gottry  Jarral O. 
Cool Stuff and How it Works  Chris Woodford  Sarina T. 
Cowboy Mafia  Roy Graham  Kristi C. 
Creating Magic In Midlife  Karla Freeman  Sandra B. 
Crucial Conversations  Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, …  Sheryl W. 
Dare To Be Yourself  Alan Cohen  Anita S. 
Divine Confinement  Brenda A Smith  Sandra B. 
Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow  Marsha Sinetar  Mark B. 
Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow  Marsha Sinetar  Mark B. 
Doing Whats Right  Tavis Smiley  Marguerita S. 
Dream Dictionary For Dummies  Penny Peirce  Sarina T. 
Dry  Augusten Burroughs  Robbie S. 
Embraced by the light  Betty J. Eadie  Kelly F. 
Embraced by the Light  Betty J. Eadie  Sharon H. 
Empower Your Soul  Melissa Perry Moraja  Don J. 
Equipping 101  John Maxwell  Jason M. 
every day deserves a chance  max lucado  Albert W. 
exit strategy  michelle cromer  Albert W. 
Exquisite Agony  Gene Edwards  Joshua B. 
Extension and Outreach  Robert C. Fite  James H. 
Extention and Outreach  Robert C. Fite  Charles L. 
Faith of My Fathers  John S. McCain  Matthew A. 
Faith the Substance of Things Unseen  Penelope J. Stokes  Misti K. 
Falling Awake  D. Ellis  Mark B. 
Famous Men  Henry Thomas  Charles L. 
Fat is A Family Affair  Judi Hollis  Gary C. 
Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway  Susan Jeffers  Mark B. 
Fifty-One Ways to Pick up and Go  schuh  Albert W. 
Finding Time  Paula Peisner Coxe  Mary J. 
Five Great Catholiv Ideas  Edward Wm. Clark  Karen E. 
getting to Yes  Roger Fisher  Albert W. 
Getting to Yes  Fisher, Ury, & Patton  Will W. 
God's Universe  Owen Gingerich  Peggy O. 
Gospels/ Life of Christ  Blomberg  Alicia T. 
Great Quarterbacks of Pro Football, rev. ed.  Steve Gelman and Rita Golden Gelman  Don J. 
Grinding It Out  Ray Kroc  Charles L. 
Grinding It Out  Ray Kroc  Anita S. 
Handbook of United States Coins  R.S.Teoman  Charles L. 
Happiness is a serious problem  Dennis Prager  Kelly F. 
How To Be Happy Giving Your Money Away  E. M. Clark  Betty C. 
How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing …  Les Giblin  Brandon C. 
How To Let GOD Solve Your Problems  Pastor Charles Stanley  Marguerita S. 
How to Win Friends and Influence People  Dale Carnegie  Alex Z. 
hugs for women  mary hollingsworth  Albert W. 
In Gods Name   John Robinson  Frances T. 
In The Eye Of The Storm  Max Lucado  Tracy O. 
Incredible Optical Illusions  Nigel Rogers  Lester R. 
It's Called Work For A Reason: Your Success Is …  Larry Winget  Don J. 
Jerry Rice: Go Long!  Jerry Rice w/ Brian Curtis  James N. 
Kingdom Come  LaHaye and jenkins  Kyle V. 
Know Your Rights  Patricia Phillips, J.D. and …  Sandra B. 
Leadership 101  John Maxwell  Jason M. 
leadership qualities of atilla the hun  wess roberts phd  Jarral O. 
Life's Little Instruction Book  Jackson Brown Jr.  Edi H. 
Life's Little Instruction Book  H. Jackson Brown  Tim B. 
lifes healing choices  john baker  Tom P. 
lifes little instruction book  h. jackson brown jr  Jason M. 
Little Buddy  Chris Seidman  Peggy O. 
Major Problems in Am. Indian Hist.  Albert L. Hurtado Peter Iverson  Billy R. 
Many Lives Many Masters  Brian Weiss  Nick S. 
Math and the Mona Lisa  Bulent Adalay  Clinton N. 
Matter's of the Heart  Juanita Bynum  Tracy O. 
Me Talk Pretty One Day  David Sedaris  Robbie S. 
Mentor  Tom Pace  Robert L. 
Mentor  Tom Pace  Joan L. 
Mentor  Tom Pace  Adrian M. 
MENTOR   Tom Pace w/ Walter Jenkins  Trish L. 
Mentor The Kid and The CEO  Tom Pace  Kelly F. 
Mentor the Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Drew S. 
Mentor: The CEO and The Kid  Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins  James N. 
Mind Over Matter: Conversations with the Cosmos  K. C. Cole  Kyle V. 
On Hallowed Ground  John P Diggins  Sue B. 
One Earth Many Religions  Hans Kung  Tracy O. 
One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard  Tim B. 
One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard/Spencer Johnson  Melissa C. 
One way relationship... When you love them more …  Alfred Ells  Sharon H. 
One-Way Relationships  Alfred Ells  Kelly J. 
Origin Of The Species  Charles Darwin  Mark B. 
Out of My Mind  Andy Rooney  Sue B. 
Panororama of creation  Carl E. Baugh  Sharon H. 
Pete Rose ,My Prison Without Bars  Pete Rose with Rick HIll  Anita S. 
Photoshop Web Magic Vol 1  Beth Millet  Sondra G. 
Preaching is Believing: The Sermon as …  Ronald J. Allen  Don J. 
Preaching That Matters: The Bible and Our Lives  Stephen Farris  Don J. 
Preparing for Adolescence  James Dobson  Joe F. 
Pursuit of Peace  Joyc Meyers  Sharon H. 
Raising the Standard  Xarman  Charles L. 
Ready to Restore  JE Adams  Ashley B. 
Real Evangelism  Bailey E. Smith  James H. 
reallionaire  farrah gray  Tom P. 
richest man in babylon  g. clason  Mark B. 
Saint Francis Sings to the Brother Sun  Karen PandellI knew that Saint Fra  Karen E. 
Scar Tissue  Anthony Kiedis  Kristi C. 
Searching for God Knows What  Donald Miller  Brandy S. 
Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer  Gregg Braden  Alicia M. 
Secrets of the Second Mile  Mark Crow  Brandon C. 
Sending Forth Laborers  Dwight Tomlinson & Paul Chappell  Ashley B. 
Sister Freaks-Women Who Gave Up Everything for God  Rebecca St. James  Alicia M. 
Slash Your Debt  Gerri Detweiler, Marc Eisenson & …  Joe F. 
Smithsonian Intimate Guide To The Cosmos  DanaBerry  Lester R. 
Smithsonian Intimate Guide To The Cosmos  Dana Berry  Lester R. 
Smithsonian Intimate Guide To The Cosmos  Dana Berry  Lester R. 
So Much More  Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin  Ashley B. 
Speed Cleaning  Jeff Campbell & The Clean Team  Pam F. 
Stop Telling Start Selling  Linda Richardson  S. O. 
Straight A's Never Made Anybody Rich  Wess Roberts  Gary C. 
Straight A's Never Made Anybody Rich  Wess Roberts  Sue B. 
Stress Fractures   Charles R. Swindoll  Gary C. 
Strong & Healthy Oklahoma  Centenial Edition  Pam F. 
Success  Pamela Mcquade  Beverly B. 
Swallowed by a Snake  Thomas R Golden  Anita S. 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  Stephen R. Covey  Josiah E. 
The Art of Public Speaking  Stephen Lucas  Billy R. 
The Art of Travel  Alain de Botton  James H. 
The Birth of TRagedy  Francis Golffing  Charles L. 
The Blessings of Brokenness  Charles Stanley  Peggy O. 
The Bondage Breaker  Neil T. Anderson  Jennifer B. 
The Book of Creation  J. Phillip Newell  Brandon C. 
The Book, Speaking of Womens Health  Florence Henderson, Mary Wilson, …  Sharon H. 
The Christiah's Secret of a Happy Life  Hannah Whitall Snith  Peggy O. 
The Complete Chronicles of Narnia  C. S. Lewis  Kathleen M. 
The Eternal Kingdom  F. W. Mattox  Don J. 
The Final Hour  Bill Phipps  Sharon H. 
The Final Hours  Bill Phipps  Tami J. 
The Five Love Languages  Dr. Gary Chapman  James N. 
The Five Rituals of Wealth  Tod Barnhart  Kyle V. 
The Gift  Shad Helmstetter  Kristi C. 
The Gospel  Stephen Mitchell  Charles L. 
The Greatest Miracle in The World  Og Mandino  Alex Z. 
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Karen E. 
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Drew S. 
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Adrian M. 
The Greatest Virtue  Pat Robertson  Sheryl W. 
The Humanities in Western Culture  Robert C. Lamm  Billy R. 
The Life of Paul  F.B. Meyer  Joshua B. 
The Master Motivator  Mark Victor Hansen and Joe Batten  Jarral O. 
The Mentor  Tom Pace  Alicia M. 
The Miracle Of The Scarlet Thread  Richard Booker  Tracy O. 
The New Updated Diet Revolution  Robert C Atkins, M.D.  Anita S. 
The Nurmeberg Roles of Robert Jackson (Review)  John Q Barrett  Milton B. 
The One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson  Brandy S. 
The Power of Positive Living  Norman Vincent Peale  Brandon C. 
The Reason for My Hope  Charles Stanley  Randall P. 
The Regime: evil Advances  LaHaye and jenkins  Kyle V. 
The Rising  LaHaye and Jenkins  Kyle V. 
The Sacraments  Peter A. Judd  Karen E. 
The Slight Edge  Jeff Olson  Steve L. 
The Slight Edge  J. Olson  Mark B. 
The Slight Edge  Jeff Olson  Anita S. 
The Solitude of Self  Vivian Gornick  Sandra B. 
The Soul Winners Handy Guide  Y.T. Wee  Alicia T. 
The Soul-Winner's Handy Guide  Y. T. Wee  Joy J. 
The South Beach Diet  Arthur Agatston  Kyle V. 
The Success System (That never fails)  Charlie "T" Jones  Tracy O. 
The Time Trap: The Classic Book on Time Management  Alec Mackenzie  Don J. 
The Universe and the Teacup: The Mathematics of …  K.C. Cole  Kyle V. 
The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life  Charles Stanley  Sheryl W. 
The Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life  Charles Stanley  Sheryl W. 
The Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life  Charles Stanley  Sheryl W. 
The World is Flat  Thomas L. Friedman  Richard C. 
Thick Skin  Kendal S. Turner  James N. 
This Encredible Century  Norman Vincent Peale  Sue B. 
Time Tactics of Very Successful People  B. Eugene Griessman  Don J. 
To Tie The Knot or Not  Ryan & Christy Tate  Jennifer B. 
Too Busy Not To Pray  Bill Hybels  Ryan M. 
Too Busy Not to Pray  Bill Hybels  Joe F. 
Too Busy Not To Pray  Bill Hybels  Sandra B. 
Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the …  Mike Yankoski  Ali R. 
Untapped Potential  Jack Lannom  Gary C. 
Voice of The Clown   Brenda Brown `  Gary C. 
Voice of the Clown   Brenda Brown Canary  Gary C. 
Walter Payton : Never Die Easy  Walter Payton with Don Yeager  James N. 
Way of the Peaceful Warrior  Dan Millman  Robbie S. 
We Beat The Street  3 Doctors and Sharon Draper  Yolanda S. 
We Beat The Street  Sampson Davis, George Jenkins …  Kelly F. 
What Christians Believe  C.S.Lewis  Karen E. 
What Makes Winners  Charlie Jones  Albert W. 
What To Do When A Parent's Love Rules your Life  Dr. Patricia Love  Tracy O. 
When God Winks How the Power of Coincedence …  SQuire Rushnell  Ralayna E. 
When the Heart is Hungry  Charles L. Allen  James H. 
Where Miracles Hapen  Joan Webster Anderson  Peggy O. 
Who Moved My Cheese  Spencer Johnson, MD  Edi H. 
You and your Network  Fred Smith  Frances T. 
Your Are Great  Julia Hasting  Tracy O. 
Your Best Life Now  Joel Osteen  Richard C. 
Your Best Life Now  Joel Osteen  Betty C. 
Your Money Counts  Howard Dayton  Albert W. 
Your Personality Tree  Florence Littauer  Yolanda S. 
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