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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for May 2009 - Total Books Read: 163Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
101 ways to Simplify Your Life  Candy Paull  Nancy B. 
7 Laws of Highest Prosperity  Cecil O. Kemp jr.  Jack P. 
A Closer Walk  Steve Troxel  Barbara J. 
A time for Angels  Sandra Petit/Gail Sattler  Patti H. 
A time to mend  Sally John & Gary Smalley  Shawnda H. 
Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance  Frances Cavanah  Joe F. 
Age of Turbulance  Alan Greenspan  Robert H. 
Are Universes Thicker Than Blaclberries?  Martin Gardner  Lester R. 
Ask Billy Graham  Compiled by Bill Adler  Elizbeth G. 
Attitudes That Attract Success  Wayne Cordeiro  Patti H. 
Attitudes That Attract Success  Wayne Cordeiro  Brandy S. 
Attitudes That Attract Success  Wayne Cordeiro  Sandra B. 
battlefeild of the mind   Joyce Meyer  T. 
Battlefield of the Mind  Joyce Meyer  Jessica H. 
Blue Like Jazz  Donald Miller  Melissa J. 
Came to Believe  Alcoholics Anonymous  Phillip S. 
Came to Believe  Alcoholics Anonymous  Phillip S. 
Came to Believe  Alcoholics Anonymous  Phillip S. 
Clutter Control  Jeff Campbell  Lisa C. 
Common Sense  John Bogle  Tracy O. 
Communicating in Organizations  Gary Peterson  Tracy O. 
Cover Girls  TD Jakes  Tracy O. 
Dead By Sunset  Ann Rule  Tj M. 
Diversify for Success  John Dupre  Jessica H. 
Eating for Good Health  Anita Bean  Dante C. 
eight ways to keep the devil under your feet  Joyce Meyer  Tana M. 
Ethics for the New Millennium  Dalai Lama  Patti H. 
Everyday Cheapskate's Greatest Tips  Mary Hunt  Elizabeth K. 
Fathers Are People Too  D. L. Stewart  Nancy B. 
Flight of the Fugutives  Dave & Neta Jackson  Joe F. 
Freedom From Your Past  Jimmy Evans & Ann Billington  Becca D. 
From Bagdad, With Love   jay kopelman  Billy R. 
German Shepherd Dogs  Ewing  S O. 
Glimpses of His Glory  John & Elizabeth Sherrill  Becca D. 
God is not in the Thesaurus  Bo Don Cox  Krystal . 
God's Promises For Your Every Need  Thomas Nelson  Barbara J. 
Golden Glory (The New Wave of Signs and Wonders)  Ruth Ward Heflin  Nancy B. 
Gotta Keep On Tryin   Virgina Deberry Donna Grant  Donlataye O. 
Gotta Keep On Tryin  Donna Grant  Barbara J. 
Grandparenting: It's Not What It Used To Be  Irene Endicott foreword by …  Nancy B. 
Guide to Fakes & Reproductions  Mark Chervenka  Nancy B. 
Happiness is a Serious Problem  Dennis Prager  Mary J. 
Hope for the highway  Christian Motorcycle Assoc.  Jessica H. 
Horizons Unlimited  Pastor Sarah W. Utterbach  Sherrilyn H. 
How Close Are We?  Dave Hunt  Kelly M. 
How I Know...God Answers Prayer   Rosalind Goforth  Kitina G. 
How to have Confidence and Power in dealing …  Les Giblin  Patti H. 
How to listen to God  Charles Stanley  Paula M. 
Hundred Years' War  Desmond Seward  Tyler M. 
If Not for the Grace of God  Joyce Meyer  Kelly M. 
Inside Out The wonders of Modern Technolgy  Carol J. Amato  Sharon H. 
It's Not About Me  Max Lucado  Phillip S. 
Juicing, fasting, and detoxing for life  Cherie Calbom  Paula M. 
Juicy- Confessions of a Former Baseball Wife  Jessica Conseco  Tj M. 
kung fu golf  andrew barker  Brent J. 
Let My People Go Surfing....The Story of a …  Yvon Chouinard  Billy R. 
Let's Roll!  Lisa Beamer  Jessica H. 
Life As A Daymaker  David Wagner  Sandra B. 
Life Together  Dietrich Bonhoeffer  Jack P. 
Life's Little Instruction Book  H. Jackson Brown, Jr.  Nancy B. 
Little Girl Lost  Leisha Joseph  Elizabeth G. 
magic hour   Kristin Hannah  Tana M. 
Make up Your Mind  Dan Yeary  Becca D. 
Mastering Your Storms  Mark Crowe  Mary J. 
mckinsey's marvin bower  elizabeth haas edersheim  Tom P. 
Me and my Big Mouth  Joyce Myers  Tracy O. 
Me and My Big Mouth  Joyce Meyers  Sherrilyn H. 
Me and my big mouth  Joyce Meyers  Barbara J. 
Me and My Big Mouth  Joyce Meyer  Kelly M. 
Mentor  Tom Pace  Sandra W. 
Mentor  Tom Pace  Tami H. 
Mentor  TOM Pace  Mary B. 
MENTOR The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace  Tami L. 
Mind Wide Open  Steven Johnson  Kelly M. 
Mission MOTHERHOOD  Cathy Corle  Elizabeth G. 
Missionary Challenge  Moses Paulose  Donlataye O. 
Missionary Challenge  Moses Paulose  Patti H. 
missionary Challenge  Moses Paulose  Sharon H. 
No time for goodbye  Janice Harris Lord  Sharon H. 
Normal is just a setting on your dryer  Patsy Clairmont  Nancy B. 
Nothing Lasts Forever  Sidney Sheldon  Becca D. 
Oklahoma Crossroads  Michael Wallis  Donlataye O. 
Oklahoma Crossroads  Micheal Wallis  Patti H. 
One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard/Spencer Johnson  Krystal M. 
Parenting At The Speed Of Life  Rick Osborne  Sandra B. 
Peaks and Valleys - Making Good and Bad Times …  Spencer Johnson  Joe F. 
Pollardville  Lee Henry  Becca D. 
Prayer- Your Foundation for Life  Kenneth Copeland  Jessica H. 
Prayer- Your Foundation for Life  Kenneth Copeland  Jessica H. 
Promise and prayers  Freeman-Smith LLC  Suzanne W. 
Promises & Prayers  Freeman Smith  Sharon H. 
Public and Private Families a Reader  Andrew J Cherlin  Billy R. 
Purpose for Everyday Living for Fathers  Simon & Schuster  Sandra B. 
Purpose for Everyday Living for Mothers  Simon & Schuster  Nancy B. 
Secret to Exceptional Living  Joyce Meyers  Angela J. 
Seductions Exposed  Dr. Gary L. Greenwald  Barbara J. 
Selected Poems of Ezra Pound  Ezra Pound  Billy R. 
Self Talk, Soul Talk  Jennifer Rothschild  Sandra B. 
Seven From Heaven   Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey  Donlataye O. 
Seven From Heaven  Kenny & Bobbi McMaughey  Barbara J. 
Stolen In The Night  Gary C. King  Donlataye O. 
Stolen In The Night  Gary C. King  Barbara J. 
Strength Finder 2.0  Ken Rath  Elizabeth K. 
The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People  David Niven  Jessica H. 
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership  John C. Maxwell  Josiah W. 
The Battle Belongs to the Lord  Joyce Meyer  Sharon H. 
The Bible Method Of Daily Living  Matthew Henry  Jack P. 
The Choice  Og Mandino  Tracy O. 
The Complete Book of NATURE Photograyhy  Russ Kinne  Nancy B. 
The Dream Giver  Bruce Wilkinson  Melissa J. 
The E-Myth  Michael Gerber  Leslie N. 
The Five Love Languages  Gary Chapman  Nancy B. 
the greastest miriacle   og mandino   Tana M. 
the greastest miriacle   og mandino   T. 
The Great Game..  Jack Stack  Tracy O. 
The Greatest Football Games of all times  Sports Illustrated  Sharon H. 
The Greatest Generation  TomBrokaw  Robert H. 
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Travis L. 
The Greatest Miracle In The World  Og Mandino  Kelly M. 
The Greatest Salesman in the World  Og Mandino  Phillip S. 
The Greatest Salesman in the World  Og Mandino  Phillip S. 
The Greatest Salesman in the World   Og Mandino  Phillip S. 
The kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Eric S. 
The Latest Reason  J.C. Hamiliton  Jennifer B. 
The Mayor of Castro Street  Randy Shilts   Melissa J. 
The Mentor  Tom Pace  Krystal A. 
The most 21 powerful minutes in a leaders day  John Maxwell  Paula M. 
The New Astrology  Steve Eddy  Dante C. 
The One Minute Father  Spencer Johnson  Joe F. 
The Power of a Praying Husband  Stormie Omartian  Phillip S. 
The Power Of One  Judith Fradin  Phyllis P. 
The Practice Of Tranquillity and Insight  Khenchen Thrangu  Patti H. 
The Prayerful Spirit  James P. Gills M.D.  Travis L. 
The Search for Signifigance  Robert S. McGee  Kent C. 
The Search for Signifigance  Robert S. McGee  Kent C. 
The Shack  Phillip S. 
The Shack  William P. Young  Nancy B. 
The Way Back to Mayberry Lessons from a simpler …  Joey Fann  Elizabeth G. 
Things to do in St. Louis ( Tour Guide)  St. Louis   Tracy O. 
three ways to improve your life  Ron Sytler  Tana M. 
Tortured For Christ  Pastor Richard Wurmbrand  Phillip S. 
Trinity & Triunity  E Charles Heinze  Jack P. 
Twice Pardoned  Harold Morris  T. 
Ultimate Gift  Jim Stovall  Kelly M. 
Ultra-Solutions  Paul Watzlawick  Patti H. 
United States Air Force Museum  Air Force Museum Foundation  Sharon H. 
Unlikely Angel  Ashley Smith  Elizabeth G. 
Waiting and dating  Myles Munroe  Elizabeth G. 
Welcome to God's Family  Kenneth Hagin  Jessica H. 
Whale Done  Ken Blanchard & Others  Elizabeth K. 
What Husbands Wish Their Wives knew about Men  Patrick M. Morley  Nancy B. 
When I'm On My Knees  Anita Corrine Donihue  Sandra B. 
Who Moved My Cheese for Teens  Spencer Johnson  Joe F. 
Woman Thou Art Loosed  T D Jakes  Sharon H. 
women after gods own heart   Elizabeth George  Tana M. 
Women, Mentors, And Success  Joan Jeruchim  Phyllis P. 
Work Like You're Showing Off  Joe Calloway  Joe F. 
Year Delta  Watts Wacker  Tracy O. 
Young Movie Maker  Marie Hammontree  S. O. 
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