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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for November 2009 - Total Books Read: 274Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
my final Answer  Paul Kent  Barbara  
10 Simple Solutions for Building Self-Esteem  Glenn R. Schiraldi  Tracy  
160  Oliver Holmes  Sarina  
21 ways ti find peace and happiness  joyce myers  Tana  
3 ways to improve your life   Ron Slayter  Maranda  
7 habits of highly effective people   Steven R Covey   Maranda  
7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis  Bill George  Joe  
7 Secrets of Great Entrepreneurial Masters  Allen E Fishman  Steve  
99 ways to fight worry and stress  elsa kok colopy  Dwight  
A day with a Perfect Stranger  David Gregory  Steffie  
A Good Man is Hard to find  Jo Lynne Pool  Michelle  
A million miles in a thousand years  donald miller  Michael  
A New Day in Christ  Various Entrants  Chanda  
A New Earth  Eckhart Tolle  Lisa  
A New Way of Living  JOYCE mEYER  Linda  
A New Way Of Living  Joyce Meyer  Sandra  
A Time to Mend  Sally John and Gary Smalley  Shawnda  
All methed up  denise ledbetter  Robin  
always lookomg up  Michael J Fox  Tom  
Angels Presence  Sally Norbure  Tivoli  
Asking Questions, Winning Sales.  Stephen Schiffman  Jason  
Attitudes That Attract Success  Wayne Cordeiro  Barbara  
Attitudes that Attract Success  Wayne Cordeiro  Linda  
Autobiography of George Muller  George Muller  Jessica  
Awaken Your Strongest Self  Neil Fiore   Tracy  
Battlefield of the Mind  Joyce Meyer  Jonathon  
Battlefield of The Minds   Joyce Meyer  Eugenia  
Be anxious for nothing   Joyce Meyer   Maranda  
Becoming a Millionaire God's Way  Dr. C Thomas Anderson  Bernadette  
becoming a millionaire Gods way   thomas Anderson   Maranda  
Becoming A Woman of Prayer  Cynthia Heald  Eugenia  
Believe in Myself  Ernie Larsen  Mary  
Bill Gates Speaks  janet Lowe  Michael  
Born Again and growing  Rosie Justus  Jonathon  
Boundaries: When to Yes How To Say No  Drs.Henry Cloud & John Townsend  Richard  
Bounderies  Towsend  Mary  
Breaking Strongholds  Clarence Walker  Tamika  
Brian's Song  William Blinn  Phillip  
Brilliant Bags  Deena Beverley  Cindi  
Bringing up Baby  C. Lerner  Kaytra  
capote  gerald clarke  Jonathan  
Catch a Wave  Peter Ames Carlin  Lisa  
Christmas Miracles  Jamie Miller, Laura Lewis, & …  Tracy  
Clay Aiken learning to sing  Clay Air\ken  Maranda  
Cure for the Common Life  Max Lucado  Jonathon  
Daddys Loves his Girls   T.D.Jakes  Phyllis  
dangerous surrender  kay warren  Tom  
Dark Star  Creston Mapes  Jonathon  
debt cures they dont want you to know about  Kevin Trudeau  Kaytra  
Desperately Seeking Members  Harvey S McLintock  Steve  
Dieting Cause Brain Damage: How to Lose weight …  Bradley Trevor Greive  Tracy  
Discovering The Joy of Obedience  Hope Mac Donald  Steffie  
Dont Blame Mother  Paula J. Caplan  Chanda  
Dreams  David Doughty  Sarina  
Eating Healthy For Life For Women  Physicians Committee for …  Tracy  
Eight Ways To Keep The Devil Under Your Feet  Joyce Meyer  Sandra  
Enough  Adam Hamilton  Phyllis  
essentials of economics  stanley brue  Billy  
Finding Peace  Charles Stanley  Shawnda  
Finding Strength In God During Life's Challenges  Karen Ward  Rebecca  
Finding Strength In God During Life,s Challenges  Karen Ward  Shannon  
Finding Strength In God During Lifes Challenges  Karen Ward  Shannon  
Finding Strength in God during lifes challenges  Karen Ward  Shawnda  
Fish!  Slephen Lundin  Sarina  
Forgiveness...the ultimate miracle  Paul J. Meyer  Jason  
Foundations of MAternal-Newborn Nursing  Sharon SMith Murray  Sarina  
Freedom Is Freeing   Philip Potter Barbel wartenberg …  Maranda  
Freedom To Forget  Dan Willis  Betty  
Fruit of the Spirit  Dawn M. Olmsted  Robin  
God Came Near  Max Lucado  Shannon  
God Came Near  Max Lucado  Eugenia  
God has a Dream  Desmund Tutu  Tamika  
God's Eye View  Tommy Tenney  Steffie  
God's Little Instruction Book II  Honor Books Inc  Sarina  
gods master performance  Hillton sutton  Tana  
Gods PrescriptionFor Healing  James P. Gills  Tana  
Gods Ultimated Purpose  D. Marty Lloyd Jones  Tana  
Happiness is a Serious Problem  Dennis Prager  Sarina  
Help Me, Im Married  Joyce Meyer  Shannon  
Helping those who dont want help  Marshall Shelley  Eugenia  
Household Himts and Handy Tips  By Readers Digest  Elizabeth  
How to be found by the man you ve been looking …  Michelle Mc Kinney Hammond   Maranda  
How to be found by the man you've been looking for  Michelle Hammondl  Pam  
How To Be Found By The Man You've Been Looking For  Michelle McKinney Hammond  Phyllis  
How To Be Found By The Man Youve Been Looking For  Michelle McKinney  Pam  
How to encourage the man in your life   H Norman Wright   Maranda  
how to get your point acrossin 30 seconds or less  milo o frank  Tom  
How to Let God Solve Your Problems  Charles F. Stanley  Chanda  
How To Make Luck  Marc Myers  Michael  
How to Study the Bible For Yourself  Tim LaHaye  Bernadette  
How to trouble your trounle  Dr. Creflo Dollar  Barbara  
How to win friends and influence poeple  Dale Carnegie  Jason  
Hugs for Cat Lovers  Tammy L. Bicket & Dawn M. Brandon  Robin  
I dare You  William Danforth  Michael  
If Not for the Grace of god  Joyce Meyer  Eugenia  
If You Really Loved Me  Ann Rule  Robin  
In Pursuit of Peace  Joyce Meyer  Richard  
In the Eye of the Storm  Max Lucado  Chanda  
Investment Guide   David n tom Gardner   Maranda  
It's Called Life Living, Loving, Hurting, Changing  Charlotte Lankard  Elizabeth  
joy for the journey  j. countryman  Jessica  
Know Yourself  Barbara Rose  Tracy  
Law'd today  richard wright  Tamika  
Learning to Sing  Clay Akien  Tonita  
Learning To Sing Hearing the Music in Your Life  Clay Aiken  Ezlizabeth  
Let Go and Let God   Albert E. Cliffe  Phillip  
Let Go and Let God  Albert E. Cliffe  Shannon  
Letting Go of Anger  Ronald Potter-Efron  Brandy  
Life Makeover  Cheryl Richardson   Karla  
Life's Greatest Lessons  Hal Urban  Michael  
Life's Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter  Hal Urban  Richard  
Looking for the promise  Helen Schafer  Tivoli  
Love Letters from God  Connie Witter  Steffie  
Love Letters From God  Connie Witter  Pam  
Made in America  Sam Walton  Michael  
Martin Luther King Jr. A photographic Story of …  Amy Pastan  Elizabeth  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Tonita  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Linda  
Mentor The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace  Michael  
MENTOR The Kid & The CEO  Tim LaHaye  Richard  
Mentor The Kid & the CEO  Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins  Karla  
Mentor The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace  Kelly  
Mentor: The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace  Richard  
Mission: Success!  Og Mandino  Suzanne  
Naked And Not Ashamed  T D Jakes  Barbara  
new cook book  better homes and gargend  Charles  
Nice Women Get Divorced   Geneva Sugarbaker   Maranda  
No more Drama- Nine simple steps to …  Sil Lai Abrams  Tamika  
No More Excuses  Tony Evans  Barbara  
oedipus  sophicles   
One Friday Afternoon  Max Lucado  Tivoli  
Overcoming Loneliness  Joyce Meyer  Eugenia  
Parenting with Love and Logic  Foster Cline  Shannon  
Paul and the Romans  Denise L.Stringer  Eugenia  
Peace Pilgrim  Richard Polese/Patricia Yohn  Shannon  
Polygamys Rape of Rachael Strong  John R llewellyn  Elizabeth  
portrait of an american marriage  christopher anderson  Dwight  
Pretty Little Purses & Pouches  Lark Books  Cindi  
Professional Selling  Vince Pesce  Sandra  
Pulling Weeds To Picking Stock  The Beatty Boys  Rebecca  
pulling weeds to picking stocks  david, devin and deric beatty  Phillip  
pulling your own atrings  dr.wayne w.dyer  Charles  
READER'S  Muliple  S  
Reposition Yourself  T.D. Jakes  Tamika  
Risky Christianity  Bruce Larson  Bernadette  
Rivers of Glory  Sandy Davis Kirk,PhD  Chanda  
Science sense and soul  Casey Blood  Tana  
Secerts of the Second Mile  Mark Crow  Linda  
Secrets of an Irresistable Woman  Michelle Hammondl  Pam  
Secrets of an Irresistible Woman  Michelle McKinney Hammond  Pam  
Secrets of the Second Mile  Mark Crow  Barbara  
Secrets of the Second Mile  Mark Crow  Steffie  
Secrets of the Second Mile  Mark Crow  Bernadette  
Seeking his face  Charles Stanley  Kaytra  
Shelter the Children  Sherry Lynn Eslinger  Steve  
Shoeless Joe  W.P. Kinsella  Phillip  
Simple Pledges Building Blocks for Healthy Living  Many contributed to the writing …  Elizabeth  
Simply Good News  Bob Franklin  Bernadette  
Slaying the Giants in your life.  David Jerimah  Barbara  
speak positive... get positive  ray abernathy  Jessica  
Speak Positive...Get Positive; Speak …  Todd Ray Abernathy  Robin  
Speak Positive..Get Positive!!  Todd Ray Abernathy  Sarina  
Sprit Walk  Susan H. Atchison  Linda  
Standing for Something  Gordon B. Hinckley  Phillip  
Straight talk on loneliness  Joyce Meyer  Eugenia  
teachers schools and society  david sadkers  Billy  
Tears of Joy  Emma Hernandez  Bernadette  
The Root of Rejection  Joyce Myers  Barbara  
The 17 essential Qualities of a team player  John C. Maxwell  Rebecca  
The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player  John C. Maxwell  Kelly  
The Agony and Glory of the Cross  Charles B. Hodge Jr.  Shannon  
The Bema "A Story About the Judgment Seat of …  Tim Stevenson  Brian  
The best is yet to come  Tony Evans  Barbara  
The Books Of Presidents   Orville V.Webster  Elizabeth  
the bumps are what you climb on  warren wiersbe  Jessica  
The Christmas Box  Richard Paul Evans  Robin  
The Confidence Plan: How to Build a Stronger You  Tim Ursiny  Tracy  
the emerging leader  david a. lewis  Jason  
The Emerging Leader  David A. Lewis  Sandra  
The Emerging Leader  David A. Lewis, SPHR  Travis  
the emerging Leader  David A Lewis  S  
The Fountain of Our Faith: God or Man  Alan Conner  Mike  
The Gift of Acabar  Og Mandino and Buddy Kaye  Travis  
The Gift Of Acabar  Og Mandino and Buddy Kaye  Shannon  
The glorious imperative  Everette Palmer  Tana  
The Go-Giver  Bob Burg and John David Mann  Josiah  
the goddess of happiness: a down to earth guide …  Debbie Gisonni  Phillip  
the grapes of wrath  john steinbeck  Jonathan  
the great gatsby  fitzgerald   
The Greatest Miracle In the World  Og Mandino  Shannon  
The Healing Anointing  Kenneth Hagin  Chanda  
the heartbeat of christianity  quintonmoore  Jessica  
The Holy Bible  God  Tivoli  
the joys of friendship and love  roy lessin & heather solum  Jessica  
The Last Lecture  Randy Pausch  Mary  
the lessons of love  melody beattie  Kaytra  
The Love Dare  Stephen & Alex Kendrick  Richard  
The magic of thinking big  David J Schwartz  Jason  
the meaning of life  bradley t greive  Dwight  
the measure of our sucess  marian wright elelman  Dwight  
The Mentor  Tom Pace  Eugenia  
The Message of Hope  Eugene H. Peterson  Phillip  
The minds eye  Henri Cartier Bresson  Dwight  
The One Minute Manager  Kenneth Blanchard  Michael  
The Power of Positive Thinking  Norman Vincent Peale  Richard  
The Prayer of Jabez  Bruce Wilkinson  Elizabeth  
The Prophet  Kahil Gibran  Tamika  
the psychology of winning  DR. Dennis Waitley  Phillip  
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Shannon  
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Tonita  
The Race  Dee Groberg  Steve  
The Richest Man in Babylon  George S. Clason  Mike  
the right thing  cmdr scott waddle (ret)  Bretn  
The Road Less Traveled  M. Scott Peck  Michael  
The Root of Rejection  Joyce Meyers  Chanda  
The Roots of Endurance  John Piper  Steve  
The Seventy Greatest Inventions of the Ancient …  Thames & Hudson  Lester  
the sound and the fury  william faulkner  Tamika  
The Spirit-Filled Woman  Harrison House  Steffie  
The Spirit-Filled Woman  Harrison House  Linda  
The Storyteller  V. Ben Kedrick  Elizabeth  
The Traveler's Gift  Andy Andrewa  Jeffrey  
The Twelth Angel  Og Mandino  Travis  
The Twelth Angel  OG Mandino  Jason  
the ultimate gift  jim stovall  Phillip  
The way of the master  Ray Comfort  Jason  
The Way to Heaven  Steve Harper  Michelle  
The Wealthy Barber  David Chilton  Michael  
The Woman's Book of Confidence  Sue Patton Thoele  Tracy  
Thed weight loss cure they dont want you to …  Kevin Trudeau  Kaytra  
Then God creayed woman  Dr. Deborah Newman  Eugenia  
Three Ways To Improve Your Life  Ron Slyter  Sandra  
Three Ways To Improve Your Life  Ron Slyter  Tracy  
Three Ways to Improve Your life-handbook for …  Ron Slyter  Bernadette  
to a child love spelled time   Mac anderson& lance wubbels  Kaytra  
Too Late to Say Goodbye  Ann Rule  Robin  
Traveling Light  Max Lucado  Kevin  
Traveling Light   Max Lucado  Kelly  
Trustijg God in a Twisted World  Fleming H. Revell  Steffie  
Tuesdays with Morrie  Mitch Albom  Richard  
Up From Slavery  Booker T. Washington  Phyllis  
Victorious Praying  Bill Thrasher  Steve  
Walden and Other Writings  Henry David Thoreau  Lisa  
western civilization since 1500  jackson speilfogel  Billy  
western civilization to 1500  jackso speilfogel  Billy  
Whale Done  Ken Blanchard  Sandra  
What Happens When Women Pray  Evelyn Christenson  Michelle  
What The Bible Says About Divorce  Barbour Publishing  Sandra  
what the Bible says about divorce  barbour publishing  Jessica  
What the Bible says about Divorce  Barbour Publishing  Phillip  
When Christ Comes  Max Lucado  Shannon  
when i am praising God  anita donihue  Jessica  
When I Want Your Opinion I'll Tell It To You  Dr. Vincent F. Orza, Jr.  Sandra  
when Love Gets Tough-The nursing home dilemma  Doug Manning  Bernadette  
Why did this Happen to Me?  Ray Pritchard  Shannon  
Why God Whw?  Joyce Myer  Linda  
Why I'm like this  cynthia kaplan  Elizabeth  
Why men Love Bitches  Sherry Argov  Pam  
Why men love Bitches  Sherry Argov  Dwight  
Window on America  National Geographic Society  Lisa  
within that with which we speak  carolanne gamel   Jessica  
Woman Thou art Loosed  TD Jakes   
Woman thou art loosed  TD Jakes  Tamika  
Work Would Be Great If It Weren't For The People  Ronna Lichtenberg  Tracy  
World Crisis  Shelter Rock Books  Steffie  
Wouldn't take nothing for my journey now  Maya Angelou  Tamika  
Wounded Lambs  Glendoria P. Glover  Barbara  
yesterday i cried  Iyana Vanznat  Tamika  
yesterday i cried  Iyana Vanznat  Tamika  
Youn Can Do Personal Work  Otis Gatewood  Elizabeth  
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