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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for January 2010 - Total Books Read: 250Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
The Prayerful Spirit  James P. Gills, M.D.  Sandra B. 
"Mentor"- the Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace w/Walter Jenkins  Becky C. 
10-Minute Guide to Job Interviews  Dana Morgan   Jonathan A. 
100 Essential Steps to Less Stress and Anxiety  Angela Coldwell   Tracy O. 
100 Things Guys Need to Know  Bill Zimmerman  Mark B. 
101 Internet Businesses You Can Start From Home  Susan Sweeney  Jorge V. 
21 irrefutable laws of leadership  john maxwell  Nick G. 
90 min. In Heaven  Don Piper w/Cecil Murphy  Tori R. 
A Dime A Dozen  Robert & Shelly Theodore & …  Melissa C. 
A Guide to Christian Ambition  Hugh Hewitt  Jorge V. 
a life god rewards  bruce wilkinson  Jessica H. 
a life God rewards  bruce wilkinson  Jessica H. 
a million mies in a 1000 years  donald miller  Tom P. 
A New Earth  Eckart Tolle  Chanda R. 
A Reason to Live  Melody Beattie  Elizabeth G. 
A Redeemed People  Gilbert W Stafford  Steffie B. 
A Redeemed People  Gilbert W.Stafford  Linda B. 
A Revolution Of Their Own  Anastasia Posadskaya-Vanderbeck  Bernadette R. 
A Tale of Three Kings  Gene Edwards  Jason V. 
A Thousand Names for Joy  Byron Katie  Tracy O. 
A.A. in Prison Inmate to Inmate  There are many authors in this …  Rebecca I. 
Abiding in Christ  Cynthia Heald  Jessica H. 
Act Like A Lady - Think Like A Man  Steve Harvey  Julie H. 
Against The Grain  Gary L. Pleasant  Sandra B. 
Angel Power  Janice T Connell  Rebecca H. 
Arguing with Idiots  Glenn Beck  Jack P. 
Ask  John Mason  Linda B. 
Ask Billy Graham  Bill Adler  Sandra B. 
ASK...  JOHN MASON  Maranda R. 
Ask.....  John Mason  Pam F. 
Balancing work and life: The Nia guide for …  Sheryl huggins&Cheryl Mayberry …  Tamika L. 
Baracl Obama Our 44th President  Beatrice Gormley  Jonathan A. 
Basic Christianity  John R.W. Stott  Pamla O. 
Be Ye Transformed  Anne Graham Lotz  Kaytra B. 
becoming a woman who loves  Cynthia Heald  Kaytra B. 
Believing God  Beth Moore  Tori R. 
beowulf  seamus heaney  Billy R. 
Bible Readings For Mothers   Mildred Tengdom  Kitina G. 
Born to Run: The Rise of Ultra-running and the …  Christopher McDougall  Jonathan A. 
Boss of bosses  Clare Longrigg  Tamika L. 
Boundary Issues  Jane Adams  Mary B. 
Bring Out The Best Of People  Alan Loy McGuinnes  Linda B. 
building your mates self esteem  dennis rainey  Nick G. 
canterbury tales  geoffery chauncer  Billy R. 
Chicken Soup for the Soul of America  Jack acanfield, Mark Vicdtor …  Elizabeth G. 
Children of the Healer  Christine Brewer  Shannon O. 
Come To the Table  Doris Christopher  Elizabeth G. 
Comfort, The Feeble Minded  Ray Comfort  Shannon O. 
Common Sence by Glenn Beck  Glenn Beck  Jack P. 
Courage to Change  Al-Anon Inc.  Becky C. 
Crazy Love  Francis Chan  Chris A. 
Daily Reflections  A.A Members, and alchol services  Becky C. 
Dan Tien, Your Secret Energy Center  Christopher Market  Gina N. 
Dangerous Surrender  Kay Warren  Sandra B. 
destiny thieves  sandie freed  Nick G. 
Do less, Acheive More  Chin-Ning Chu  Gina N. 
Do You  Russell Simmons  Tamika L. 
Don't call me a Drama Queen  Debra Mandel  M. 
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff In Love  Richard Carlson& Kristine Carlson  Deanna A. 
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff-and It's All Small …  Richard Carlson  Shannon O. 
Dont sweat the small stuff... And its all small …  Richare Carlson P.H.D  Maranda R. 
Emotitions (can you trust them?)  Dr. James Dobson  Steffie B. 
epiphany  paul mckusker  Jessica H. 
epiphany  paul mccusker  Jessica H. 
Friends  Ellyn Sanna  Linda B. 
Friends  Barbour  Steffie B. 
Frugal Families  Jonni Mc Coy  Eugenia W. 
Frugal Families  Jonnie Mc Coy  Shawnda H. 
Fun & Creative Dates for Married Couples  Dave Bordon  Jorge V. 
Getting It Done  Andrew J. DuBrin  Tracy O. 
Girl Get Your Money Straight  Glinda Bridgforth  Tamika L. 
God's Inspirational Promise Book  Max Lucado  Robin F. 
God's Little Instruction Book  Honor Books Inc.  Lara L. 
God's Smuggler  Brother Andrew  Suzanne W. 
Gods perscription for healing  James Gills  Shawnda H. 
Gods Prescription for Healing  James P. Gills, M.D.  Eugenia W. 
Gods smuggler Jr.  Angelia schum  Maranda R. 
going rogue  sarah palin  Billy R. 
Good idea or God idea?  Tim Storey  Jason V. 
Growing Up With Science  Science Encyclopedia  Vern M. 
Healing Hurts  Patricia A. Jones  Chanda R. 
heros from alexander the great and julius …  paul johnson  Billy R. 
honest to god  bill hybels  Tom P. 
Hot Line To Heaven  Francec Gardner Hunter  Linda B. 
Hot Line To Prayer  Frances Gardner Hunter  Steffie B. 
How Good is Good Enough?  Andy Stanley  Mark B. 
How to be found by the man you been looking for  Michelle Mckinney Hammond  Linda B. 
How to Cast Out Devils  Norvel Hayes  Bernadette R. 
How to get your point acctoss in 30 seconds or …  Milo O.Frank  Josiah W. 
How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less  Milo O. Frank  Jorge V. 
How to love  Sandra Eily  Dwight S. 
How To Win Friends And Influence People  Dale Carnegie  Michael R. 
Hugs for Friends  LeAnn Weiss  Robin F. 
I cant believe it  Dwayne m. Landers  Dwight S. 
I Dare You  William H Danforth  Chris A. 
i thought i heard the lion's roar  cindy allen  Jessica H. 
I.Want  Jane Velez-Mitchell  Elizabeth N. 
if not for the grace of God  joyce meyer  Nick G. 
Im Proud of You   Tim Madigan  S O. 
in my own words  the dalai lama  Lester R. 
Interview with Jesus Christ  Brilliant Evening Star Inc.  Jonathan A. 
intimacy with God  cynthia heald  Jessica H. 
It's not about me  Max Lucado  Tonita D. 
Just Do Something  Kevin Deyoung  Karla C. 
Kingdom Principles  Myles Munroe  Tracy O. 
Leadership Gold  John C. Maxwell  Richard B. 
Life Skill for the African Amercan Woman  Linda Ellis Eastman  Tamika L. 
Life's Little Instruction Book  H. Jackson Brown Jr.  Lara L. 
Linda Barksdale  Tommy Tenney  Trust A. 
Listen to the Heart  Bobbie Reed   Karla C. 
Living Sober  AA World Services  Mark B. 
Lord Change Me  Evelyn Cristenson  Karla C. 
Love Letters From God  Connie Witter  Rebecca I. 
Love Letters From God  Connie Witter   Maranda R. 
Love Your Life  Victoria Osteen  Brandy S. 
Loving Our Kids On Purpose  Danny Silk  Joe F. 
Madam CJ Walker-Self Made BusinessWoman  Della A. Yannuzzi  Tamika L. 
Marriage Fitness 4 steps to building and …  mort fertel  Dwight S. 
Mastering the Rockefeller Habits  Verne Harnish  Steve W. 
mastering the tarot  eden gray  Billy R. 
Mentor, The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins  Elizabeth N. 
MENTOR: The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace  Jorge V. 
Minute Motivators For Leaders  Stan Toler  Elizabeth G. 
Minute Motivators For Leaders  Stan Toler  Elizabeth G. 
More Than A Hobby  David Green  Joe F. 
Mountain In My Rearview Window  Bill Butterworth  Elizabeth A. 
Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon  Charles Ray  Elizabeth A. 
Mudras Yoga in your hands  Gertrude Hirschi  Gina N. 
My Father's Hand  Naomi Reed Rhode  Sandra B. 
My Father's Hand  Naomi Reed Rhode  Shannon O. 
My Fathers Hand  Naomi Reed Rhode  Pamla O. 
new rules   bill maher  Billy R. 
No Greater Love  Mother Teresa  Josiah W. 
No Shortcuts To The Top  Ed Viesturs  Michael R. 
On Humanistic Education - 6 Inaugural Orations …  Giambattista Vico  Christopher H. 
On Truth  Harry G. Frankfurt  Sandra B. 
On Truth  Harry G. Frankfurt  Nick C. 
On Truth  Harry G Frankfurt  Mark B. 
Overcoming Crisis  Myles Munroe  Tracy O. 
Overcoming Spiritual Blindness  James P. Gills, M.D.  Eugenia W. 
Overeaters Journal  Debbie Danowski  Michael R. 
Paul and The Romans  Dr. Denise L. Stringer  Gina N. 
Pay Attention to Daniels Prophecy  Watch Tower Bible and Tract …  Michele E. 
Perseptions   Guy Ames  Becky C. 
pops a life of louis armstrong  terry teachout  Billy R. 
Psalm 91  Peggy joyce Ruth  Maranda R. 
Purpose driven life  Rick Warren   Dustin W. 
Quiet Mind  Susan Piver  Mark B. 
Recovering From Rescuing  Jacqueline Castine  Rebecca H. 
Recovery From Rescuing  Jacqueline Castine  Eugenia W. 
Recovery from Rescuing  Jacqueline Castine  Shawnda H. 
Recovery Of Your Self Esteem  Carolynn Hillman  Tracy O. 
Reposition Yourself  T.D. Jakes  Tori R. 
Secret Societies  Philip Gardner  Lester R. 
Simplify  Paul Borthwick  Michael R. 
Simply Romanti Tips to Romance your Husband  Family Life Publishing  Elizabeth G. 
Smart Parenting for African Americans  Dr. Jeffery Gardere  Tamika L. 
Something to laugh at  Casey McMurray  Dwight S. 
Strengths Finder 2.0  Tom Rath  Steve W. 
Talent is never enough  John C. Maxwell  Jason V. 
Talking with God  Francois Fenelon  Karla C. 
the 21 indespensable qualities of a leader  john maxwell  Nick G. 
The Abs Diet  David Zinczenko  Jorge V. 
The Adsense Code, What Google Never Told About …  Joel Comm  Michael R. 
The Art of Prayer  Kenneth E. Hagin  Chanda R. 
The Assasination Of Malcolm X  Allison Stark Draper  Phyllis P. 
The Blind Side  Michael Lewis  Jonathan A. 
The Budget Kit how to manage your money  Judy Lawrence  Dwight S. 
The Business of Sewing  Barbara Wright Styles  Cindi T. 
the butterfly  lucille deith  Jessica H. 
The Caribbean Culture of resistance, spirit of …  Oscar Bolioli  Gina N. 
The Christmas Box  Richard Paul Evans  Sandra B. 
The Christmas Shoes  Donna Van Liere  Elizabeth A. 
The Christmas Shoes  Donna Van Liere  Robin F. 
The Covenants  Kevin Conner/Ken Malmin  V. 
The Diet Alternative  Diane Hampton  Joe F. 
The dirty south  Alex Wheatle  Kaytra B. 
the dream giver  bruce wilkinson  Nick G. 
The Estrogen Alternative  Steven R. Goldstein M.D.  Phyllis P. 
The Fabric of our lives  Billie Manzel  Shawnda H. 
The Fabrics of Our Lives  Billie Mane Zel  Eugenia W. 
The Fred Factor  Mark Sanborn  Steve W. 
The Functional Family  Jimmy Evans  Gina N. 
The Greatest Miracle in The World  Og Mandino  Jorge V. 
The Greatest Saleman In The World  OG Mandino  Pamla O. 
The Hiding Place  Corrie Ten Boom  Suzanne L. 
The Joys and Love of Friendship  Roy Lessin  Jessica H. 
the key to your childs heart  gary smalley  Nick G. 
The little mans guide to financial freedom  James Henries  Dwight S. 
the lost christmas tree  wendy otto  Jessica H. 
The Love Revolution  Joyce Meyer  Richard R. 
The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers  Thomas Mullen  Jonathan A. 
The Mommy Diaries finding yourself in the Daily …  Editied by Tally Flint  Elizabeth G. 
The Parable of the Pipeline  Burke Hedges  Jorge V. 
The Pastor's Guide to Personal Spiritual Formation  Beacon Hill Press  Richard B. 
The Practice of Tibetan Meditation  Dagsay Tulku Rinpoche  Gina N. 
The Prayer Of Jesus  Hank Hanegraaff  Phyllis P. 
The Prayer Of Jesus  Hnak Hanergraaff  Linda B. 
The Prayer of Jesus`  Hank Hanegraaff  Rebecca I. 
the prince  niccolo machiavelli  Billy R. 
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Joe F. 
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Michelle O. 
The Relaxation Response  Herbert Benson  Michael R. 
The Second Nine Months  Vicki Glembocki  Shannon O. 
The Secret  Rhonda Byrne  Eugenia W. 
The Secret  Rhonda Byrne  Shswnda H. 
The secret  Ronda Byrne   Maranda R. 
The Secret Man  Bob Woodward  Tracy O. 
The Strangest Secert  Dale Carnegie  Kaytra B. 
The Three Heavens  Mark Gorman  Jason V. 
The Treasure Within  Lee Rollins  Gina N. 
The Treasure Within  Lee Rollins  Bernadette R. 
The Treasure Within:A Study of the Divine Nature  Lee Rollings  Chanda R. 
The Wonder Of Knifemaking  Wayne Goddard  Michael R. 
There's no such thing as "Business Ethics"  John C. Maxwell  Jason V. 
Think and Grow Rich  Napolean Hill  Christopher J. 
Three Cups of Tea  Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin  Elizabeth K. 
Titan: The Life of John D Rockeffler Sr  Ron Chernow  Steve W. 
To Know Him  Gloria Copeland  Phyllis P. 
Tortured for Christ  Richard Wurmbrand  Shannon O. 
Tortured For Christ  Pastor Richard Wurmbrand  Sandra B. 
Tortured for CHRIST  Pastor Richard Wurmbrand  Travis L. 
Trusted God In A Twisted World  Elisabeth Elliot  Linda B. 
Twelve Ordinary Men  John MacArthur  Steve W. 
wartime  paul fussell  Billy R. 
What Where You Thinking?  Mark Barondess  Tracy O. 
When Am I Going To Be Happy?  Penelope Russianoff  Tracy O. 
When God is Silent  Charles R. Swindoll  Mark B. 
When God Whispers Your Name  Max Lucado  Eugenia . 
When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up  Dr. Michael D. Sedler  Elizabeth G. 
When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops  George Carlin  Eugenia W. 
Who Moved My Cheese  Spencer Johnson MD  Mark B. 
Who moved my Cheese?  Spencer Johnson  Nick C. 
Why Our Health Matters  Andrew Weil  Tamika L. 
Why We Do What We Do  Edward L. Deci  Tracy O. 
Why wear those Hoochie Mama dresses?  Martha Cahoon  Rebecca I. 
Wordpress for Dummies  Lisa Sabin-Wilson  Jorge V. 
You Are A Dog, Life Through The Eyes Of Man's …  Terry Bain  Michael R. 
You Were Born For This: Seven Keys to a Life of …  Bruce Wilkinson  Tori R. 
your best life now  joel osteen  Nick G. 
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