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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for May 2010 - Total Books Read: 222Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
100 Ways to Simplify Your Life  Joyce Meyer  Annette  
24 Hours That Changed The World  Adam Hamilton  Rebecca  
301 Simple Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home  Teri B. Clark  Michael  
31 Days of Praise  Ruth Meyers  Elizabeth  
40 days to success in real estate investing  robert shemin   
90 minutes in heaven  don piper  Lisa  
A Life God Rewards  Bruce Wilkinson  Jessica  
A New Earth  Eckhart Tolle  Beth  
A river runs through it  Norman Maclean  Chanel  
A Survival Guide For Buying A Home  Sid Davis  Michael  
Abiding In Christ  Cynthia Heald  Amy  
Abiding In Christ  Cynthia Heald  Chanel  
anger part of the mee journey  David Mee Lee, James Prochasha  Christina  
ansel adams photos  sara wright  Billy  
Bank On Yourself  Pamela Yellen   
Basic Christianity  John R.W. Stott  Melinda  
Be my valentine  Betsy williams  Chandra  
Becoming A Better Business Man  T.M. Mitchell  Chanel  
Becoming A millionair gods way  Robers T Kiyosaki  Amberli  
Becoming Your Own Banker  Nelson Nash   
Becomming a better businessman  T.M. Mitchell  Dwight  
bill w.  robert thomsen  Lester  
Buying A Home, The Missing Manual  Nancy Conner  Michael  
Chicken Soup for the Soul  Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen  Beth  
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul  Jack Canfield  Karsyn  
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul  Jack Canfield  Karsyn  
Chicken Soup for the Teenagers Soul  Jack Canfield  Karsyn  
Coming Apart  Daphne Rose Kingma  Lisa  
Common Sense  Glenn Beck  Blake  
Creating Affluence  Deepak Chopra M,D.  Mark  
Cultivating The Chi  Stuart Alve Olson  Gina  
Don't Panic  Reid Wilson, PH.D.  Blake  
driving change  mike brewster  Tom  
everyone communicates few connect  john max  Dwight  
Experiments in Practical Spirituality  Mark A Thurston  Alicia  
Family Matters  Joseph Bryant Jr.   Chanel  
Fear of Faith  Dr. Wesley Carter  Chanel  
Fighter...story of a girl during WWII  Elisabeth Sevier  Beth  
Fighting Weight  Khaliah Ali  Sandra  
financial peace planner  dave ramsey  Dwight  
Finding Purpose in your Pain  V. Gilbert Beers  Chanel  
Finding Purpose In Your Pain  V. Gfilbert Beers  Sandra  
Finding Strength In God  Karen Ward  Linda  
Fire proof  Caleb holt  Nick  
Flies on the butter  Denise Hildreth  Julie  
Food And Love  Dr. Gary Smiley  Amy  
Four Blind Mice  James Patterson  Rebecca  
free and clear+  john beck  Jessica  
Free To Be Me  Betty Robison  Amy  
Free To Be Me  Betty Robison  Amy  
Free To Be Me  Betty Robison  Amy  
Free To Be Me  Betty Robison  Amy  
Freedom From Your Past  Jimmy Evans&Billington  Shellie  
Freedom Is for Freeing  Philip Potter- Barbel Wartenberg …  Karsyn  
Fresh Faith  Jim Cymbala  Lisa  
Get Your Ship Together  D. Michael Abrashoff  Sandra  
Getting the Love You Want  Ph.D. Harville Hendrix   Jonathan  
God's Leading Lady  TD Jakes  Tracy  
God,s Little Devotional Book II  W.B Freeman  Mary  
Gods Promises for you  Max Lucado  Catherine  
golf - the best instruction book ever  golf digest best 100 instructors  Brent  
golf the best instruction book ever  golf digest 100 best instructors  Brent  
Gothic Churches  Janice Goings  Billy  
Great American Women  Bette Schnitzer  Mary  
Greater works  Smith wigglesworth  Nick  
Gunswift  T.V. Olsen  Candice  
Hadassah  Tommy Tenney  Michael  
Holiness in Hidden Places  Joni Eareckson Tada  Amy  
How to Be an Adult in Relationships  David Richo   Tracy  
how to have confidence and power dealing with …  les giblin  Robert  
How To Listen To God  Charles Stanley  Sandra  
I aint much baby but I'm all I got  Jess Lair Ph.D.  Melinda  
I am American  Stephen Colbert  Mark  
I Thought I was his Lady  TD Jakes  Tracy  
In the grip of grace  Max lacado  Nick  
Intimacy with God  TD Jakes  Tracy  
It's Your time  Joel Osteen  John  
Iwo  Richard Wheeler  Michael  
japanese kanji  chris marrow  Billy  
Kiss the Girls  James Patterson  Rebecca  
Knowing His Best...Walking in Rest  Ray Lassin  Elizabeth  
Left Behind  Timothy Lahay  Shellie  
Left Behind  Timothy Lahay  Shellie  
Left Behind   Jerry B Jenkins  Alicia  
Left Behind  Jerry B Jenkins  Alicia  
Lies Women Believe  Nancy Leigh Demoss  Alicia  
Little Girl Lost  Leisha Joseph  Amy  
living in Gods love  billy graham  Tom  
Lonesome Gun  T.V. Olsen  Candice  
Love is Lovelier  Jean Brashear  Rebecca  
Love to Eat Hate to Eat   Elyse Fitzpatrick  Melinda  
Man's Search for Meaning  Viktor Frankl  Blake  
Maximize the Moment  TD Jakes  Tracy  
Me and My Big Mouth!  Joyce Meyer  Melinda  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Amberli  
mentor  Tom Pace  Christina  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Robert  
Mentor The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins  Emily  
Mentor The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins  Anthony  
MENTOR The Kid & The CEO   Tom Pace Walter Jenkin`s  Kevin  
Mentor the Kid and the Ceo   Tom Pace and Walter Jenkins   Tiffany  
Mentor The Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Tim  
Mini Monents with Angels  Robert strand  Elizabeth  
Modern Man in Search of a Soul  C.G. Jung  Steve  
Moments for friends  Robert strand  Chandra  
Moments for friends  Robert strand  Chandra  
Mother Teresa: Her Essential Wisdom  Ed. Carol Kelly-Gangi  Blake  
Natural Radiance  Lama Surya Das  Gina  
Never Give Up  Joyce Meyer  Linda  
Never knew a fathers love  Crystal Parkins-Steel  Amberli  
No Dry Season  Rod Parsley  Gina  
oklahoma drivers manual  state of ok  Dwight  
Our Country's Founders  William J. Bennett  Tim  
Outliers  malcom gladwell  Robert  
overcoming hurt and anger  Dwight L. carlson  Christina  
People Power  John Maxwell  Rebecca  
photos of einstien  jacob stienburg  Billy  
Pictures of Rolling Stones  Michael Reynolds  Billy  
Piercing the darkness  Frank perreti  Nick  
Pit Bulls for Dummies  Caroline Coile  Karsyn  
Politically Correct Holiday Stories  James Finn Garner  Elizabeth  
Practicing the Presence of God  Brother Lawrence  Robert  
Prayer of jabez  Beth moore  Nick  
Prayers that avail much vol. 3  Germaine copeland  Chandra  
Praying mothers  Stormy o'martin  Chandra  
Preacher Youv'e Got Friends  Murray Hollis  Steve  
Princess Within  T.D. Jakes  Tracy  
Promises From God For Parents  T.D. Jakes   
Redeeming Love  Francine Rivers  Michael  
Reedeming Love  Francine Rivers  Shannon  
Relationships how to make bad relationships good   leslie parrott  Dwight  
right people right place right plan  jentezen franklin  Nick  
romantic paintings af 18th century  Various  Billy  
Safe, Smart, and Self-Reliant  Gerri M. Dyer  Gina  
Sarah's Song  Karen Kingsbury  Elizabeth  
Scarlet Woman  Betty Marrapodi  Sandra  
Self Remembering  Robert Earl Burton  Amberli  
Serving Like Christ Together  Brett Eastman  Alicia  
Sharecroppers life of a sharecroppers Son  Doug Williams  Cacinda  
Silver and Gold Stories of Special Friendships  Compiled by Shepard and Everson  Elizabeth  
Small Miracles II  Yitta Halberstam & Judith Leventhal  Adrian  
Spirt Centered Relationships  Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks Ph.D  Mark  
Success Secrets of The World's Most Cynical Man  K. Solomon  Anthony  
superbug  maryn mckenna  Lisa  
Surviving Hell  Leo Thorsness  Lester  
terrier handbook  caroline coile  Kaytra  
the 51 fatal business errors  jim muehlhausen   Tom  
The 51 Fatal Business Errors  Jim Muehlhausen  Steve  
The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner  David Bach   
The Battle for Guadalcanal  Samuel B. Griffith II  Michael  
The best way to earn money  Chris Spiegel  Dwight  
The Blind Side  Michael Lewis  Beth  
The Case For Christ  Lee Strobel  Steve  
the christian atheist  craig groeschel  Tom  
The Christmas Shoes  Donna VanLiere  Beth  
The Christmas Shoes  Donna VanLiere  Beth  
The Diet Solution  Isabel De Los Rios  Amy  
The E Myth Manager  Michael Gerber  Joe  
The Estrogen Alternative  Steven R. Goldstein  Phyllis  
The Five Love Languages  Gary Chapman  Michael  
The Five Major Pieces To The Puzzle  Jim Rohn  Vern  
The Fred Factor  Mark Sanborn  Anthony  
The Genesis Factor  David R. Helm Jon M. Dennis  Mark  
The Greatest Miracle In The World  OG Mandino  Melinda  
The Greatest Miracle in the World  OG Mandino  Adrian  
The Importance of what we care about.  Harry Frankfurt  Chanel  
The Job Hunters Survival Guide  Richard N. Bolles  Mark  
the kid & the ceo  tom pace  Natasha  
the king of finance  raymond Price  Dwight  
The Language of Letting Go  Melody Beattie  Melinda  
The Love Potion  Sandra Hill  Rebecca  
The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises  Adam Campbell   Jonathan  
The Money Answer Book  Dave Ramsey   
The One Minute Mother  Spencer Johnson   Brandy  
The Passion of Jesus Christ  John Piper  Mark  
The Power of Now  Eckhart Tolle  Beth  
The Prayer Of Jesus  Hank Hanegraaff  Linda  
The Prodigal Summer  Karen Kingsbury  Jessica  
The Prophet  Khalil Gibran  Chanel  
the purpose driven life  rick warren  Robert  
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Karsyn  
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Blake  
The Rapture And Revelation  Ray Hughes  Vern  
The shack  T.J Weiss  Shannon  
The Shack  William Paul Young  Alicia  
The Shack  William Paul Young  Alicia  
the small business start up guide  hal root  Dwight  
The Ten Golden Rules  Panos-Mourdokoutas PHD  Chanel  
The Ten Golden Rules  M.A. Soupios and Panos …  Mark  
The Torment Of Buddy Rich  John Minihan  Michael  
The Toxic Consumer  Karen Ashton and Elizabeth …  Mark  
The Treasure Principle  Randy Alcorn  Mark  
three frames of reference fro Mental Health  Anne Cronin Mosley  Christina  
Three Ways to Improve Your Life  Ron Slyter  Gina  
Together - Creating Family Trraditions  Rondi Hillstrom Davis  Vern  
Touch of NIght   Susan Spencer Paul  Rebecca  
Traveling LIght  Max Lucado  Beth  
Traveling Light  Max Lucado  Sandra  
Twelve Extraordinary Women  John MacArthur  Ana  
up close oprah winfrey  ilene cooper  Kaytra  
War Without A Front: A Memoir  Elisabeth Sevier  Beth  
warsaw after ww 2  john ren  Billy  
Well Being The Five Essential Elements  Tom Rath  Steve  
What Christians Believe  C.S. Lewis  Mark  
What Is Spirit  Lexie Brockway Potamkin  Sandra  
What Makes Flamingos Pink  Bill McLain  Catherine  
What Would You Do If You Had No Fear?  Diane Conway  Vern  
When Food is Love  Geneen Roth   Candice  
When Food is Love  Geneen Roth  Gina  
Why Can't You Read My Mind?   Jeffrey Bernstein &Susan Magee   Tracy  
Wild at Heart  John Eldridge  Michael  
Winning Dixie  Janis Reams Hudson  Rebecca  
Wisdom Mama's Way  Carolyn A. Zaloga  Annette  
Woman Beautiful  Amanda Schwab  Sandra  
yankee greats  jason gaddis  Billy  
Your Best Life Now  Joel Osteen  Linda  
Your best life now  Beth more  Nick  
your foundation for success  kenneth copland  Nick  
Your Foundation For Success  Kenneth Copeland  Chanel  
Your Pregnancy Labor and Delivery  Dr. Glade B. Curtis & Judith …  Sarah  
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