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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for August 2010 - Total Books Read: 229Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
101 lessons for great call center management  Dan Coen  Beth N. 
12 stories for College Reading comprehension   James Fields  Dwight S. 
400 More Snappy Stories That Preachers Tell  Paul E Holdcraft  Elizabeth G. 
A Hole In The Sidewalk  Claudia Black  Shellie B. 
A Man Called Peter  Catherine Marshall  Elizabeth G. 
A Mighty Long Way  Carlotta Walls LaNier  Sandra B. 
A Million Blessings  Angela Benson Marilynn Griffith …  Sandra B. 
A woman's book of money  Sylvia Auerbach  Tracy O. 
Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man  Steve Harvey  Sandra B. 
Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men …  Steve Harvery  Tracy O. 
Adult Children of Alcoholocs  Alocoholic Families  Claudia P. 
Aint nNobody's Business if I do  Peter McWilliams  Craig H. 
Am I Going To Heaven  Covenant House  Amy P. 
An Introductory Guide to Narcotics Anonymous  World Dervice Office Inc.  Catherine B. 
And the angels cried  Max lacado  Nick G. 
Answers awaiting in His presence  Creflo Dollar  David M. 
Arizona Clay  Debi Mason  Gina N. 
Beyond Shyness  Jonathan Berent  Kelli B. 
Body Control  Joseph Pilates  Tracy O. 
Came to Believe  AA   Danise C. 
Can you stand to be blessed  T.D. Jakes  David M. 
Captured by Grace  Dr. David Jeremiah  Shawnda H. 
Castaway Kid  R.B. Mitchell  Michael J. 
cats the musical  shannon murphy  Billy R. 
Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul  Jack Canfeild  Jessica H. 
coaching and mentoring for dummies  marty brounstein  Beth N. 
Codin For The Web  Charles Wyke-Smith  Michael R. 
Countdown to Armageddon  Hal Lindsey  Alicia E. 
Courage To Change  Dennise Wholey  Denise C. 
Crazy Love  Francis Chan  Tom P. 
Dachshund  Chris C. Pinney  Catherine B. 
Dachshund: Your Happy Healthy Puppy  Ann Gordon  Catherine B. 
Dangerous Surrender  Kay Warren  Chanda R. 
Divine Revelation of Hell  Mary K. Baxter  Chandra' G. 
Don't Blame Mother  Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D  Sandra B. 
dont forget to dream  tim dowdy and tim luke  Beth N. 
Dont Sweat The Small Stuff  Richard Carlson, PH.D.  Danise C. 
Dream Again  Matthew Barnett  David M. 
Earning Success  Bill Lisowski & John Mengelson  Brandon C. 
English is not a hard subject  Random house  Dwight S. 
Enjoying Where You Are On The way To Where you …  Joyce Meyer  Linda B. 
Enough  Adam Hamilton  Melinda V. 
Everyday i pray  Iyanla Vanzant  Alexandra T. 
Everything Dachshund  Joan Hustace Walker  Catherine B. 
Extrodinary Living  Mark Crowe  Shawnda H. 
Facing Giants   Max Lucado  Chanel T. 
Facing your giants  Max lacado  Nick G. 
facing your giants  max lucado  L. 
Fat  Judy Hollis  Alicia E. 
feel the fear and do it anyway  susan jefferson  Beth N. 
Fhotos of Fatherhood  Jay hodge  Chandra G. 
Fhotos of Fatherhood Every Dad's journey …  Jay Hodge  Elizaebth G. 
financial freedom: becomming an independant …  Marvin Cassie  Dwight S. 
Finding Peace Within  EG White L Munilla CE Wheeling  Kelli B. 
Finding Purpose In Your Pain  V. Gilbert Beers  Melinda V. 
Freedom is for freeing   Phillip Potter  Shawnda H. 
Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire  Jim Cymbala and Dean Merrill  Danise C. 
Getting Things Done  david allen  Beth N. 
God Don't Like Ugly  Mary Monroe  Chandra' G. 
God has a Wonderful Plan for your Life The myth …  Ray Confort  Elizabeth G. 
God's Method Of Success  Tammy D. Jackson  Sandra B. 
Gods Power To Change Your Life  Rick Warren  Mary S. 
Grace Simply Grace  Ront Smith/Rob Penner  Vern M. 
Helping Women Recover  Stephanie Covington  Shellie B. 
Holding His hand II  Becka Dewitt  Elizabeth G. 
Hot Line To Heaven  Frances Gardner Hunter  Sandra B. 
How it works in AL-ANon  anonymous  Mary B. 
How Men and Can Build Loving, Trusting …  HIll Harper  Tracy O. 
How to be a Transformed Person  E. Stanley Jones  Claudia P. 
how to become a great call center manager  dan coen  Beth N. 
How to find your way back home  Bess S. Permut  Chandra G. 
How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less  Milo O. Frank  Thomas C. 
How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less  Milo O. Frank  Thomas C. 
How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less  Milo O. Frank  Lauren M. 
How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less  Milo O. Frank  Brandon C. 
How to get your point across in 30 seconds or less  Milo Frank  Michael J. 
how to have confidence and power in dealing …  Les Giblon  Shawnda H. 
How To Let God Solve Your Problems  Charles F. Stanley  Linda B. 
How to Raise Your Self-Esteem:The Proven Action …  Nathaniel Branden  Stacey D. 
How to Wil Friends and Influence People  Dale Carnegie  Amy P. 
How to Win Friends & Influence People  Dale Carnegie  Thomas C. 
How to Win Friends and Influence People  Dale Carnegie  Claudia P. 
How to win friends and influence people  Dale Carnegie  Beth N. 
How to Win Friends and Influence People  Dale Carnegie  Brandon C. 
Hung by the Tongue:What You Say is What You get  Francis P. Martin  Stacey D. 
I AM your Jesus of Mercy  John Beck  Claudia P. 
I AM your Jesus of Mercy Vol 3  Riehle Foundation  Claudia P. 
I Can't Believe She Did That  Nan Mooney  Tracy O. 
i will not die  Lynn Koch  Shawnda H. 
I'm Coming Out Of This  Dr. John R. Alolph  Melinda V. 
In Code  Sarah Flannery  Roger H. 
In My Fathers Footsteps  Rosa B. Brinkman  Linda B. 
In the grip of grace  Max lacado  Nick G. 
It all begins with Wilt   Cecil Mosenson  Shawnda H. 
joe montana  ralph ellenbrock  Billy R. 
Joy for the Journey  Many Authors  Elizabeth G. 
Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On  Stormie Omartian  Tempest J. 
Just Hit The Ball  Kevin Rogers  Tracy O. 
Just Like Jesus  Max Lucado  Joe F. 
Lateral Thinking  Edward Bono  Alicia E. 
Lead Where You Are  Jim Mellado  Steve W. 
Learning to Love Yourself:Finding Your Self-Worth  Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse  Stacey D. 
Learning to Pray: How the Psalms Teach Us to …  Max Lucado  Catheine B. 
Lies men believe and the truth that sets them free  Nancy demoss  Nick G. 
life s.u.c.k.s. so get rich  baker fore  Jessica H. 
Living your Strengths  Albert Winesman  Danise C. 
Look Beyond The Fire  Mona K. Oshana  Tracy O. 
Love and Logic Magic "Early Childhood"  Jim Fay and Charles Fay  Lauren M. 
Make it Happen in Sales  Henry Thomas  Claudia P. 
Making it Happen in Sales  Henry Thomas  Michael J. 
Making it Happen In Sales  Henry Thomas  Brandon C. 
Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees  Peggy Carlaw  Beth N. 
Mastering your Storm  Mark Crow  David M. 
Mastering Your Storms  Mark Crow  Amy P. 
Mental toughness for success  Dr. I.V. Hilliard  David M. 
MENTOR  Tom Pace  Tempest J. 
Mentor  Tom Pace  Thomas C. 
Mentor The Kid and The CEO  Tom Pace   Michael J. 
Michelle  Liza Mundy  Sandra B. 
money is power  steven lawyer  Lamar L. 
More than a Carpenter  Josh McDowell  Elizabeth A. 
More Than Makeup  Pat Fortenberry  Tracy O. 
Mother Teresa, A Simple Path  Lucinda Vardey  Brandy S. 
Mummys Leggs  Kate Bingham  Shellie B. 
Mushroom Wisdom  Martin W. Ball PhD  Kelli B. 
Narratives of the Nativity  Dell Mueller  Nathaniel W. 
Nasty People:How to Stop Being Hurt By Them...  Jay Carter  Stacey D. 
No Dry Season  Rod Parsley  Shellie B. 
No Regrets  Meyers  D. 
Not Created To Come Last  Cajean Ngozika  Tracy O. 
Number Theory  George E. Andrews  Roger H. 
One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard  Beth N. 
Overcoming Evil  Cindy Shell  Lauren M. 
Partners in Prayer  John Maxwell  David M. 
Perfect Daughters  Robert J. Ackerman Ph.D  Sandra B. 
Photos of the pyrimads  hal grosenburg  Billy R. 
Playground to Podium  Ted McIlvain  Elizabeth A. 
Positioning Success  Lisowski/Mengelson  D. 
Programmin the Universe  Seth LLoyd  Roger H. 
promises from god for single woman   td jakes  Alexandra T. 
Pulling weeds to picking stock   The Beatty Boys  Chandra G. 
Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks  The Beatty Boys  Linda B. 
Puppies for Dummies  Sarah Hodgson  Catherine B. 
Relationaship Rescue  Dr. Phil McGraw  Mary B. 
Richest Man In Babylon  George S Clason  Travis L. 
Rivers of Glory   Sandy Davis Kirk Ph. D.  Chanel T. 
rock gardens  janet chen  Billy R. 
Safe in the Shepherds Arms: Hope and …  Max Lucado  Catherine B. 
Screamfree Parenting  Hal Edward Runkel   Rebecca I. 
Secrets of America's Richest Investors  Adrianj Day  Travis L. 
sevsafe essentials  national resturant association  Charles C. 
silent thunder  eric thunander  Brent J. 
Silent Thunder  Eric Thuander  Suzanne L. 
So long insecurity  beth moore  Beth N. 
Some of Tim's Stories  S.E. Hinton  Steve W. 
Spirit of the watchman  Cindy trimm  Chandra G. 
Spirit of the watchman  Cindy trimm  Chandra G. 
STAND AGAINST THE WIND  Erwin Raphael McManus  Mary S. 
Start Your Best Life Now  Joel Osteen  Mary S. 
Stewardship Of Talent  Stan Toler  Linda B. 
Stir laugh repeat  Martha cheves  Chandra G. 
Straw  Darryl Strawberry  Sandra B. 
Studies In The Deeper Life - Advanced Bible Course  E.W. Kenyon  Vern M. 
Stumbling Down the Road Less Traveled  Tonya K.McKinley  Nathaniel W. 
Taking Advantage of your second Chance  J.B. Keyes  Dwight S. 
The 4th Secret of the One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard  Danise C. 
The 7 Minute Difference  Allyson Lewis  Alicia E. 
The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom  Suze Orman  Tracy O. 
The Aids Movie  Kylo Patrick R. Hart  Alicia E. 
The Art of Happiness  Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler  Kelli B. 
The Blind Side  Michael Lewis  Shawnda H. 
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Self Testing You IQ  Dr. Jean Cirillo  Catherine B. 
The Dachshund Handbook  D. Caroline Coile Ph D.  Catherine B. 
The door you should have opened  Karl Samples  Dwight S. 
The E-Myth Revisited  Gerber  D. 
The Girl In The Italian Bakery  Kenneth Tingle  Julie H. 
The Gratest Miracle in the World   Og Mandino  Brandon C. 
The Gratitude Attitude  Carl Newell  Jessica H. 
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Thomas C. 
The handbook for Good grammar   D.D. Price  Dwight S. 
The idiots guide to self testing your personality  Arlene Mathews  Catherine B. 
The joy of following Jesus  J. Oswald Sanders  Kelli B. 
The Joy of Living  Williard Scotts  Kelli B. 
The Language Of Love  Gary Chapman  Nick G. 
the lightning to empowerment  william byham  Lamar L. 
The Mentor Leader  Tony Dungy  Steve W. 
The Power of Positive Thinking  Norman Vincent Peale  Brandon C. 
The power of positive thinking  Norman Vincent Peale  Michael J. 
the Power of Purpoae:Creating Meaning in your …  Richard J.Leider  Nathaniel W. 
The Prayer Of Jabez  Bruce Wilkinson  Melinda V. 
The Purpose Driven Life   Rick Warren  Brandon C. 
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Kelli B. 
The Quiet Mind  David KUndtz  Claudia P. 
The Red Rose Crew  Daniell J Boyne  Shellie B. 
The Richest Man In Babylon  George S. Clason  Suzanne L. 
The Rookie  Morris/Engel  D. 
The Root of Rejection  Joyce Meyer  Nathaniel W. 
The Secret Teachings of Jesus  Marvin W. Meyer  Roger H. 
The Shack  WM. Paul Young  Suzanne L. 
The Tao is Silent  Raymond Smullyan  Craig H. 
The treasure principle  Randy alcorn  Nick G. 
The Wave  Todd Strasser  Joe F. 
Think & Grow Rich  Napoleon Hill  Brandon C. 
Think and grow rich  Napoleon Hills  Michael J. 
Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon Hills  Michael J. 
Thirsting for Wholeness  Tom Brady Jr.  Chanel T. 
time life pictures  various  Billy R. 
transformation character 1st works  tom hill  Tom P. 
Trials in Paradise  Neal Rice  Michael J. 
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions  AA Book  Danise C. 
Understanding Border Collies  Barbara Sykes  Michael R. 
Using the Names of God  Cindy Trimm  Chandra G. 
Van Gough  sally perice  Billy R. 
Victorious love  John Erol Kocer  Shawnda H. 
Warped Wings  James Head  Lester R. 
ways of excellence  steven richards  Lamar L. 
What Is Sprit  Lexie Brockway Potamkin  Linda B. 
When God Winks  Squire Rushnell  Danise C. 
When You Can't Come Back  Jan Jennings  Alicia E. 
Where the Heart Is  Billie Letts  Elizabeth A. 
why  Leroy Brownlow  Nathaniel W. 
With Wings as Eagles  ndrew Murray  Elizabeth G. 
Womenkind  Nancy harless  Chandra G. 
WORK HARD BE NICE  Jay mathews  Tom P. 
You're All That  Paula White  Shellie B. 
You're Broke Because You Want To Be  Larry Winget  J. 
Your Broke Because You Want To Be   Larry Winget  Josiah W. 
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