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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for May 2011 - Total Books Read: 95Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
101 ways to meet Mr right  Janet Quin  Catherine B. 
30 Days to Taming Your Tongue  Deborah Smith Pegues  Patrick C. 
A Man Called Blessed  Ted Dekker & Bill Bright  Tony D. 
A Shepherd Looks at Psalms 23  Phillip Keller1  Elizabeth G. 
Act Like A Lady Thnk Like A Man  Steve Harvey  Brandy S. 
America For Sale  Jerome R. Corsi PH.D.  David M. 
Another Day Another Challenge  Marjorie Strebe  Glenda R. 
Another Day, another challenge  Marjorie Stroebe  Dana B. 
Baby Boomers-Sandwiched Between Retirement and …  Sandra W. Haymon, Ph.D.  Dana B. 
Be a Party Plan Superstar  Mary Christiansen  Beth N. 
Blessed Child  Ted Dekker & Bill Bright  Tony D. 
Conversation With God  Neale Donald Walsh  Glenda R. 
Deep Water - A Sailor's Passage  E M Kahn  Dana B. 
Descartes Secret Notebook  Amir d. Aczel  Lester R. 
Do Dogs Laugh?  Jake Page, Susanne Page   Catherine B. 
Eat Well Feel Well  Kendall Conrad  Steve W. 
Embraced by the Light  Betty Earlie  Elizabeth G. 
Emotions Can you trust them?  Dr.James Dobson  Elizabeth G. 
entor the kid & the ceo  Tom Pace with Walter Jenkns  Apryl W. 
Fatherless Generation  John Sowers  Linda B. 
Flight Plan for LIving  Patrick O'Dooley  Richard C. 
Flyover States  Grace Grant & PJ MacAllister  Dana B. 
Free Publicity  Jeff Crillry  Richard C. 
Freeway of love  Jan Latiolais-Hargrave  Richard C. 
God Came Near   Max Lucado  Catherine B. 
God's Little Devotional Book II  Various Authors compiled by W.B. …  David M. 
God's Lost Children   Sister Mary Rose McGeady  Elizabeth G. 
Healthy motivation  Andy Core  Richard C. 
Heaven is for Real  Todd Burpo  Rebecca I. 
Help Me Learn-A handbook for teaching children …  Mary F Rice & Charles H Flatter  Dana B. 
How to Get your Point Across in 30 seconds or less  Milo Frank  Beth N. 
How to win friends & Influence people  Dale Carnegie  K. 
Hugs  Ron And Lyn rose  Linda B. 
Hugs For Grandma  Chrys Howard  Glenda R. 
Hugs for Grandma  Chrys Howard  Rebecca I. 
Hugs for those in Love  Ron and Lyn Rose  Verna E. 
Hugs for Those in Love  Ron and Lyn Rose  Sheila A. 
Introduction to Test Equipment  Navy Electricity and Electronics …  Christopher V. 
IPhone users reference guide  Apple  Richard C. 
Jesus, Interrupted  Bart D. Ehrman  Roger H. 
Just Do Something  Kevin DeYoung  Timothy H. 
Lean LIfestyle Program  Mark Sisson w/ Andrew Lessman  Richard C. 
Live Like Your Blessed  Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook  Sandra B. 
Love: What Life Is All About  Leo F. Buscaglia  Catherine B. 
Make your first million in network marketing  Mary Christiansen  Beth N. 
make your own rules  wayne rogers  Tom P. 
Mentor The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace  Glenda R. 
Money management for those who don't have it  James L. Paris   Catherine B. 
My Generation  Josh James Riebock  Timothy H. 
My House of Memories  Merle Haggard with Tom Carter  David M. 
Naked & Not Ashamed  T.D. Jakes  Sandra B. 
Network Marketing for dummies  Zig Ziglar and John Hayes  Beth N. 
Nicolae  LaHaye and Jenkins  Verna E. 
No Limits The Will To Succeed  Michael Phelps with Alan Abrahamson  David M. 
onward  howard schultz  Tom P. 
Orson Welles: a critical view  AndrĂ© Bazin  Catherine B. 
Parent Power  Logan Wright Ph.D  Sandra B. 
parent teacher mentor friend  peter l benson  Tom P. 
Patient Heal Thyself  Jordan S Rubin  Steve W. 
Plague: Black Death and pestilence in Europe  Andrew Spicer  Catherine B. 
Power of Vision  Dr Myles Munroe  Steve W. 
Remember Everything You Read  Evelyn Wood  Sandra B. 
Senioritis  Sarah Minott  Dana B. 
Shoptimism  Lee Eisenberg  Mary S. 
Since Nobody's Perfect How Good Is Good Enough  Andy Stanley  Sandra B. 
Soul Harvest  T LaHaye & J Jenkins  Verna E. 
Strictly business - body language   Jan Hargrave  Richard C. 
The 10 Things You Do When Your Life Falls Apart  Daphne Rose Kingma  Sheila A. 
The Applause of Heaven  Max Lucado  David M. 
The Business School For People Who Like Helping …  Robert Kiyosaki  Beth N. 
The Celestine Vision  James Redfield  Mary S. 
The cleft effected Child  Carrie Sumuntininker  Glenda R. 
The Great Investment  T.D. Jakes  Sandra B. 
The history of rock and roll  Stewart A. Kallen  Catherine B. 
The Inner Game of Tennis  W Timothy Gallway  Richard C. 
The Janus Principle  John Mills Laing and Don Mazzella  David M. 
The Mentor  Tom Pace  Shayni B. 
The Raging Sea  Dennis M. Powers  Mary S. 
the referral of a lifetime  tim templeton  Tom P. 
The Risk-Free Entrepreneur  Don Debelak  Mary S. 
The Sign Of Your Coming  Rob E Young  Linda B. 
The Sign of Your Coming  Albert E Young  Glenda R. 
The Surgeons  Charles R, Morris  Mary S. 
The Technician's Handbook  Navy Electricity and Electronics …  Christopher V. 
The Testing Zone  Bruce Buguski  Richard C. 
Things Pondered  Beth Moore  Kathy N. 
This Incredible Century  Dr.Norman Vincent Peale  Dana B. 
Traveling Light  Max Lucado  Steve W. 
Unlimited Power  Anthony Robbins  Beth N. 
Victorious Love  John Erol Kocer  Rebecca I. 
Walking Wisely  Charles Stanley  Steve W. 
When God Whispers Your Name  Max Lucado  David M. 
Wild Animals I Have Known  Ernest Thompson Seton  Dana B. 
You Can Work Your Own Miracles  Napoleon Hill  Micah H. 
Your Government Failed You  Richard A. Clarke  Mary S. 
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